You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


somethings to look forward to...

O-NINE HAD PASSED AWAY and here comes the fresh New Year. And like everything that ends and has to begin again, this year brings a new perspective of things to come. That’s the beauty of endings and beginnings. They give people the feeling of having a clean slate. No wonder New Year’s resolution has become a viral ideology. The ironic part is, most people fall short of them. (Even Oprah!) I wonder why.I gave up on making New Year’s resolutions due to the fact that

I lost my belief in them or rather on my belief in myself to carry out the deeds I promised to do.I think it all boils down to what your heart really wants plus a proper mind set. Thousand New Years will come and go, but unless you grow a willing heart to change, you’ll end up failing yourself. Enough of this New Year’s resolution crap. I say there’s a lot to look forward to especially on television. Since I started taking care of my Lola, I have grown to love th etelevision again. And even morning and primetime news suddenly became a part of my everyday routine. Before then, I was contented to watch series and movies on DVD’s to the point that I even started to miss those long annoying commercial breaks between shows.

Australian Open

The firstgrandslam tournament to start the year is here. If you’re a tennis fanatic, you know what I’m talking about. It’s time for another week-long tennis action from the best players in the world. My bet is still on Roger. I wonder if he could beat the defending champion, Rafael Nadal, this year. However, exciting parts of these events includes the upsets and the rising of new tennis stars. I was blown away when Del Potro brought Federer to his knees on last year’s US Open and how Kim Clijsters, a wild card entry, regained her title, despite coming from a two-year retirement; a Cinderella story indeed. I heard Henin Hardene is coming back. Shocking!

UAAP Volleyball Season 72

Round 1 will resume on January 9th. You can catch them live on Studio 23 and Balls. Too bad they’re not featuring the Men’s Volleyball. But I like watching Women’s Volleyball morebecause of longer rallies. Men’s Volleyball is all about power. Here’s my new favourite player of the season, Charleen Cruz. Isn’t she cute? :P

American Idol Season 9

I have always been a fan of this show and since I am an Ellen fan, I bet this year’s going to be blast. Hehe! I think Ellen’s one of the funniest and lovable TV personalities out there and it would be interesting to know what she could bring to the table to fill Paula’s place (I sure gonna miss her looping comments T_T)

I hope Emily Wynne Hughes would return this season. It broke my heart when she was cut off in Hollywood week. There were rumours that this season is going to be the last due to some allegation that Simon is leaving Idol for good. Hmm. Idol premieres via satellite on January 13 at 6 PM on QTV and StarWorld.


The final season will air early next month. The Lost series has gained its reputation for being weird or bizarre. No wonder some people don’t watch it. Even a magazine called it the worst television series. I say they just don’t have the intelligence to watch it. Ha-ha! But I don’t blame them. I was cynical of this before. I mean, yeah, it’s about commercial plane that crashed on an island but there’s more to it than entertainment. Brain fuck--Haley use to call this stuff; books, movies, anything that could tease your mind and blow your head off eventually. And because of the nature of this series it’s very hard to talk to someone about it apart from my best friend of course.

Enjoy the New Year everyone!


Andrei said...

i'm now thinking of having lost as my next tv series addiction. i don't know. maybe i will be hooked as well. i love intelligent plots.

ShatterShards said...

Will they be using the swirl balls in this season of the UAAP? Nakaka-hilo siyang gamitin sa simula, pero after a while, masasanay ka rin. Mas maganda pati ang ball handling with those swirl balls, not as painful when receiving hard balls. Haay... I miss playing the sport...

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Happy New Year Ron! :)

Ang dami ngang aabangan this 2010!

Dori and Auj said...

Is Steven Fishers still included in the latest episodes of Lost? fave ko yung mamang yun.. haha

PUSANG-kalye said...

really a lot of things to look forward to this year....I can't also wait for the 1st grand slam of Asia pacific and AI of coarse. I hope there will be more Filipino contenders this time....

Mon said...

this is a nice list of things to look forward to. i used to watch lost season 1 but when i missed 2-4 episodes i got lost already.. hehe

fjordz said...

Ahoy! happy New year ron!

anyways, sa lahat ng mga binanggit mo, tanging ang AI lang ang pinapanood ko hehehe.. hindi ako fan ng volleyball at ng Lost at ng tennis (though naglalaro rin naman ako nun paminsan-minsan..)

God bless sa atin this 2010! APir!

Ely said...

Hmmmm... parang gusto ko manood ng American Idol kahit wala si Paula ah!

ELAY said...

whoa it's been months since the last time I visited here. Anyway, yea i'm looking forward to american idol just like you.. hehe i'm a fan.

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Bakit ng apala si Ellen Degeneres ang nadagdag?

Basta ang inaabangan ko this 2010 ang balitang hindi na Tober Maguire ang Spider Man!

Douglas said...

yes to american idol.

been waiting for ellen degeneres since day 1. ang dami pang guest judge bago sya.

happy new year :D

the spool artist said...

wow, surely you have a handful to look forward to for 2010.

Happy New Year Ron!