You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman



If you haven't seen David Fincher's critically acclaimed film, The Social Network (2010), you should (and probably see Facebook in a whole new light :P Well, I did!). It's definitely one of the best films of the year and its Oscar nomination and the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture were well-deserved. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a whooping 97% rating.

Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the role of Mark Zuckerberg in the film, gave a breakthrough performance even though the external feel of his acting didn't change. probably because of the type of the character he's playing-- the geeky, unassuming, and innately hilarious. No wonder he's always compared with Michael Cera. I like geeky characters... because they simply rock! :P

But what would happen if Mark Zuckerberg meets the REAL Mark Zuckerberg? Jesse Eisenberg's monologue in this Saturday Night Live episode is just epic!

nick's poetry

Nicholas walked along the aisle, his footsteps bouncing off the silence of the room tainted with murmurs from his classmates. He was hesitant of course to share what's he's written. They wouldn't understand. Not those idiots. But still he walked forward, faced the class and sat on the teacher's table. He took a breath and opened his mouth...

Day burns down to night,

Burns the edge of my soul

In the night I break into sparks of suns

And becomes fire and the dust of bones

Night knifes my breaths,

Swallows whole my tongue

Turn back



In the night I see the real

Concealed in the day's bright lie

Eyes stitched shut

White teeth smile

Sleep walks and talks

And feet mark time to the drumless beat.


I couldn't take much off of the movie The Invisible (2007) by David Goyer except for this haunting piece of poetry and Deathcab For Cutie's I'll Follow You Into The Dark in its soundtrack.


the open closes...

The Aussie Open closes after a fortnight of spectacular world-class tennis from top players all around the world. My eyes can now rest after two weeks of watching daily 12-hour live coverage of the grand slam event. Grand slams happen only four times a year, so as a tennis enthusiast, it's a compulsion to never miss a singles event match.

No Rafa and RFed in the Final this year (which sucks!). Rafa sustained hamstring injuries and still has the sickness he acquired from his last tournament in Doha. He was totally dominated by his fellow countryman Ferrer in the Semis but you'd be impressed on how he played that game despite everything. He's truly a fighter. Federer on other hand, was just simply outplayed by Djokovic in every aspect of the game. Too erratic semifinal for Roger as he kept on shanking the balls with his back-hand. Is he really starting to lose his touch? In the end, the Serbian Djokovic and the Scot Murray, had to set aside their friendship for a while to face off for the coveted title. Unfortunately for Murray, the Serbian found a new gear with his powerful forehand and defensive repertoire. Djokovic won the Men's Singles event in straight sets (6-4, 6-2, 6-3).

In the Women's draw, nothing could be more perfect for Kim Clijsters: No Sharapova or Justine Henin (other players dispatched them for her) but most importantly, no Williams sisters to threaten her game. Serena Williams was absent this year because of sustained injuries from her previous tournaments (This game could be really brutal!). Venus Williams also fell short of the competition for injuries she got from her match against Zahlavova. I think it's an injury on one of psoas muscles. People even booed the poor woman for retiring from her game against Petkovic just after six minutes of the game. People can be really idiotic sometimes noh?. In the end, Kim Clisters and Li Na dueled it out for the title. I was a historic event. For Li Na, she became the first Chinese to play in a grand slam final. (I am really starting to like her. She has this bright, quirky and comedic personality) But in the end, supermom Clijsters outplayed Na (3-6, 6-3, 6-3) with her masterclass ground strokes to win her first Aussie Open title.


voices worthy of a golden ticket, week 2

I just recently discovered that you can download the latest episodes of American Idol on OneDDL, in high-definition and six hours before the live telecast. It's bloody cool! I can finally watch Idol whenever I want and without those annoying technical problems with the transmission. :P

There's a lot of promising talents this week. In the Milwaukee auditions, five aspirants stood out among the thousands that came with their hopes of becoming the next music sensation:

THIA MEGIA, 15. I like the song that she chose, Chasing Pavements by Adele, and she's one of our own, so I'll be rooting for her no matter what.

NAIMA ADEDAPO, 25. She's a janitorial staff that wields a very powerful voice. She exudes strong personality too. You can tell just by looking at her.

STEVE BEGHUN, 27. He is a certified public accountant and I admit, I didn't expect that he could sound really good. The element of surprise really worked for him when he nailed, The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script.

SCOTT DANGERFIELD, 22. Anyone who can pull off an Amos Lee song (in his case, Dreamin') deserves a golden ticket in my book. He could be really dangerous if he'd continue to deliver his talent this way.

CHRIS MEDINA, 26. His story is the most heart-breaking yet. He was about to get married when her fiance got into a freak accident that caused her serious brain injury. I was literally trying to hold back tears when I saw her fiance. I'd be rooting for this guy just for the fact that he chose not to leave her in this very trying time. You're the man, Chris! He sang Breakeven by The Script, my current LSS :P

The Nashville auditions. This is one of my favorite places in searching new talents because I love country music and I love the peoples' accent :P Five aspirants soar abo
ve the rest with their beautiful voices:

ROB BOLIN, 23 AND CHELSEE OAKS, 23. They are ex-lovers and now, they meet again to fulfill their passion for music, the same thing that brought them together in the past. Chelsee currently has a boyfriend, but who wouldn't want for these two people to fall in love with each other again?! Together, they create such good music. I love Rob's tone. It has this Ray Lamontagne-Alex Lambert-thing going on. Meanwhile, I love Chelsee's take on a Brandie Carlisle classic, The Story.

ADRIENNE BEASLEY, 22. Her voice is still rough on some places but you can feel that it's coming from a very sincere place within her, giving it an unnamed quality. She's a farm girl by the way. Could she be the next Carrie Underwood?

JACKIE WILSON, 28. She also has a very powerful voice with a hint of huskiness in it. I was just as surprised as Ryan when she kissed that old man, who turned out to be his boyfriend. Haha! Apparently, love doesn't really mind age.

LAUREN ALAINA, 15. So far, she's the clear front-runner bar none. She has the talent, the likable personality, and the looks-- trifecta for a potential country-pop superstar. And she's only 15! Geez. There are so many talented 15-year olds. They made a good call for lowering the age limit this season.

So...Who caught your ears this week?


my top 3 nolan films

The nominations for this year's Oscars just got out very recently,
and I was really incredulous that Christopher Nolan got snubbed for Best Directing...again! Just to refresh your memory, Nolan is the director and screenwriter of Inception (2010) and The Dark Knight (2008) just to name a few. He is one of my favorite screenwriters/directors along with Gus Van Sant (Elephant, 2003) and Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2004). Christopher Nolan is well-known for his films' non-linear sequencing of events and fragmented storyline, which could be quite mentally demanding, but guaranteed to be intellectually satisfying and enthralling. If you're a fan of the series Lost with its flash-forwards, flashbacks, and flash-sideways as motifs, you'd know what I am talking about. It's like you're encouraged to discover the story on your own, like solving a bizaare puzzle. And everytime you watch his films, it's likely that you'd discover new things in it. He deals with the psychological and mental potential of a film, always engaging and out-of-the-box. I haven't watched all his films yet but I am starting to get the trend. He has this fascination with time-twisting, and the world he creates somehow revolves around some rules or guidelines that give the the story a cohesive structure. And very shocking twists too! Anyway, here's my top 3 films from this genius of a writer and director:

3. Following (1998)

This film is in black and white. I know what you're thinking, but trust me. This is the first black and white I've seen in the modern era and I loved every second of it. The monochromatic tone actually sharpens the mysterious feel of the whole film. This is about the story of Bill, a frustrated writer who follows random people (shadowing as he calls it) to develop his characters. But things start to unravel when he decided to follow a man, who turns out to be a burglar named Cobb. Why does that name sounds familiar? :P It got a 78% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

2. Inception (2010)

This is a mix of everything, from Freud to Occlumency to Matrix! What's mentally demanding about this film are the complex and intricate rules that govern the dream state, but they are also the ones that made this movie so fascinating. It's strength lies in the whole idea of it-- the smart, innovative concept. The stunning visual effects is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the best dystopian/sci-fi film I've seen in years. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 86% rating.

1. Memento (2000)

This film is the one that catapulted Nolan to where he is right now. The film tells the story of Leonard, a former insurance adjuster suffering from antegrade amnesia, a condition preventing him from making new memories. With the aid of a man claiming to be his friend, a barmaid, his tattoos, polaroid photos, and notes, he hunts down the man who killed his wife. So how can you find someone if you can't make new memories? What's really cool about Memento though is that the plot is divided into two parts: One is moving backwards, while the other moves forwards, both eventually meeting at the middle. So basically, the middle is the end. Pretty cool eh? And "Ditto" says Rotten Tomatoes with a whooping 96% on its Tomatometer.

I'm planning to watch Insomnia (2002), review The Prestige (2006) and try to find some of his shorts. So...who's you favorite director?


dark passenger

The dark passenger slipped from me and through the gaps of my fingers, now silently drifting to the unknown and into the crowd beyond these walls. And soon it will be on everyone's mouth, in a loop on their prejudiced thoughts. Their lips will drip of the words I didn't dare speak out loud, contorted into sinister smiles I don't wish to behold.

Fear mocks what's left of my fortitude swiftly vanishing like the stars of the fading night. The daylight in turn will shine on me and I will burn--To be tested, down to the last tear I will shed. The cracks will grow and eventually reveal the monster and the hidden truth it holds. And it will cry like a hungry child in the depths of winter, sitting on the edge, between a reality and a long lost dream. Just there. Looking up the heavens stretching out above, waiting to be transformed, waiting for an absolution that may not come.

Has it reached you? The cold whisper tickling your unguarded mind? It finally slipped from my grasp and now it's out there, stepping on every sound and gliding through every lapse of reason. There's no way to get it back. Nothing left to do but to completely expose my palms and let everything fly, relinquish control, and wait... till it find its way back to me, and receive the kiss that would make me regret everything wrong that I have done...


snow white, the prince, and the two squids

I am now really starting to like Thai cinema, especially their romantic flicks. Some storylines maybe quite simple but are very compound in terms of their emotional aspects, just like the movie I recently watched, A Crazy Little Thing Called...Love (2010) by Puttipong Pormsaka and Wadin Pokpong. I know. The title is unbearably cheesy and so sweet to the point that it could actually hurt your teeth, but the substance is really quite moving. The tender, innocent, and melancholic tone with a sprinkle of teen humor could really make you smile, laugh and cry. Well, the story is really easy to relate to. I'm sure most of you still remember the first time you fell in love, right?

The movie tells the story of Nam, an ugly junior high school student who has a huge crush on Shone, an artist and a football player in their school. High-spirited Nam is willing to do everything to win the heart of Shone-- a feat that would challenge her identity and the bonds of friendship she'd made, which in the end, all part of the process of understanding what love really means.

Needless to say, this film's nothing short of nostalgic. It really brought me back to the memory of my high school days and that feeling of falling in love for the first time. Oh, the good old torpedo days! :P I could really relate to Shone, not because of his good looks or coolness
(I had nothing of those!) but the excruciating pain of really liking someone and for some dumb reason, you can't express it. I remember the awkwardness that lingers in the air whenever I'm with her, the sick stomach, the racing pulse firing my neurons into pure, warm, unadulterated bliss tainted by confused anxiety. I kinda miss that. And what's incredible is how it clings on you. It's impervious to the disintegration of time, lasting and persistent. I guess, that's how young love really is...

A shout-out to Billy for sharing this movie. I really tried hard to scour the Internet for clearer downloads but I end up unsurprisingly in You Tube. Click here for the links :) I really do hope you enjoy it too.

UPDATE: Found a DVDrip of this film. Download it here and its English subtitle here.


voices worthy of a golden ticket, week 1

The 10th season of Idol finally commences once again and the lack of a Simon Cowell in the panel becomes really apparent. To make things worse, the two judges are falling short of the expectations. Steve Tyler is acting like a rock star which means hitting on every girl who auditions (minors included). J-Lo on the other hand, seems a little lost in all this. Well, I guess she's a newbie. But she's really nice to look at so.. :) Randy is just being the dawg he's always been. But I bet he's missing Simon and Paula. I mean who doesn't? Hehe! But my fascination with Idol is not based on who's behind the judging table, but the amazing talent waiting to be discovered.

In the New York and New Jersey auditions, there were some promising talents, especially the young ones, but they didn't really took hold of my ears. In the New Orleans auditions, however, four voices stood out.

SARAH SELLERS, 28. I was thrilled that she chose "Make You Feel My Love" and sang it with a very Adele-ish style. She has a nice, sultry, and well-controlled voice. I like her personality.

BRETT LOEWENSTERN, 16. He's one of the many casualties of high school social culture in America. What's surprising about him is that his speaking voice which was really high-pitched and unmodulated (I think his voice box failed to develop for some reason), sounds very differently from his singing voice.

JACEE BADEUX, 15. He's 15, but he looks and sounds like a 12-year old kid. But nonetheless, he has a very sweet-sounding voice. His unassuming demeanor and innocent aura make him really likable. I hope he can take all the pressure.

PARIS TASSIN, 23. She has an inspiring story to tell. When she got pregnant with her daughter, the doctors diagnosed her baby with hydrocaephalus and advised her to terminate the pregnancy. She refused. Her baby developed hearing loss as a complication, and now Paris sings for the future of her child. Who wouldn't root for someone with a story like that?


out of shape

Out of nowhere, my phone beeped. It hadn't been beeping for a long while and so I got curious. Who would be texting hermit me? It was Jeremiah. She invited me to play badminton with her and Mark and his colleagues from the community hospital. I've been bugging her about playing because I felt like my blood was starting to coagulate due to lack of exercise. I had to start pumping my system or else I'd die of a heart problem or a stroke in a decade. My last smash if memory serves me right was two years ago back in college, which feels like a lifetime ago.

A couple of hours later, I arrived at the courts and did the usual stretching... but not really. I was just so psyched about playing! I played for just a couple of hours and man, I couldn't be more out of shape! Thirty minutes in (playing Sir Carlo), I started to labor on my breathing. I was struggling to breathe in air into my lungs and I was feeling that sharp pain on the part of my abdomen where the liver is supposed to be. After that, I played doubles with Jem against Mark and Sir Carlo. As expected, I couldn't find the right timing to smash the shuttle and most of my drops fell short into the net. We won in 2 sets but I felt like I was going to collapse on the floor. I rested for a while and had a singles match against Mark. Everything was going fine at first until Mark started to send the shuttles to the baseline. I was literally dragging my feet, from the net to the back. My footwork's shot. Eventually, my hands turned clammy, which was not a good sign (I might be having a generalized vasodilation that could put me into shock). The game only lasted a set. I gave up.

I went home knowing my body would ache for days. And I was right. My hamstrings felt like they're really pulled to the limit. My forearm muscles hurt so much that I could barely bend my wrist, brush my teeth, or lift a dipper of water when taking a bath. Sitting upright from lying supine became such a labor. For some reason, my abdominal muscles felt so weak, like I'm going to develop a hernia. I even needed to splint my lower abdomen when I cough to lessen the pain (and probably to keep my intestines from from sticking out of my tummy or worse, into my balls!). But the pain is good in a way. Every night when I'm off to sleep, I feel like I just had an extremely hard full body massage. I was sleeping like a baby.

I really have to make a routine exercise but it's really hard, especially if you do not have someone to do it with. I am starting to consider doing it all in the gym, but I'm not really comfortable in such places. Is that weird? I guess it is since everyone is going in that place to buff themselves up. But me? In a gym? Gawd I'm weird!


fresh twist of the new year anthem

Katy Perry's Firework...

Yeah, right? It's a very cool, melodic and inspirational song and is very much in tune with the new year. It's been on radio, the television, internet, and in almost all media invented by modern technology, playing in an endless loop to the point that it eventually became almost intolerable to listen to. And then Tyler Ward and Alex Goot put their heads together and decided, "Let's make a laid back version of this hit and give it a fresh twist without using any firework whatsoever bursting out of our chests. You Tube will do the rest."

With 1, 398, 777 views, their rendition is I think better than the original, currently on loop in my MP3 player enjoying till I get annoyed listening to it.

Tyler Ward's facial expression in this music video is really annoying though.


lesbians, laser, and the uptight girl

The Kids Are All Right (2010) tells the story of two middle-aged women in a gay relationship and their teen-age kids they conceived through artificial insemination. Eventually, things starts to unravel when their children, out of curiosity, decided to get acquainted with their biological father, the sperm donor--an event that would change and test their family dynamics.

I've been watching a lot of dramatic ones lately and the change of mood brought by this film was quite refreshing. Well, it's a feel good movie! The story and the script was well-written. I like how it takes the audience into the lives of this fictional unconventional family and shows how it would be like to live in such household. In a way, it is reminiscent of Little Miss Sunshine (2006). Yeah. It also has this interesting assortment of characters, with their issues, and the conflicts that arise between them, and the events that lead to their resolutions.

Funny and smart, The Kids Are All Right is an exquisite reminder of significant family values; that it doesn't matter whether you belong to a conventional or non-conventional family. The fact is wherever you are, the core function of the family doesn't change.

This film by Lisa Cholodenko is the recipient of the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) and garnered a very positive review from Rotten Tomatoes.


and the golden globes go to...

And just like that, the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards finally concluded. Despite the very tight competition this year, David Fincher's The Social Network still bags a majority of the coveted globes.

The Social Network. (Very well deserved!)

The Kids Are All Right, (Haven't watched this one yet but it's already on my downloader)

David Fincher, The Social Network

Colin Firth, The King's Speech (I was really rooting for Jesse Eisenberg and James Franco, but the experience and brilliance of Colin Firth was just outstanding. Got to download this movie too)

Christian Bale, The Fighter (Haven't watched this movie yet. I'm not sure that I'd want to because of the whole boxing thing)

Paul Giamatti, Barney's Version (Glad he won. He's one of my favorite actors)

Al Pacino, You Don't Know Jack

Chris Colfer, Glee (Kurt won! Wee! I really need to start the Season 2 Marathon)

Natalie Portman, Black Swan (I knew it. Her performance in Black Swan was just a masterclass. Plus, she's hot. Really, really HOT)

Melissa Leo, The Fighter

Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon won! Geeks are celebrating right now!)

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire (Ding it! House and Dexter didn't win!)

Laura Linney, The Big C (I was hoping Nurse Jackie would win but I guess Laura's good too)

Katey Segal, Sons of Anarchy

Claire Danes, Temple Grandin (I am quite prejudiced whenever Claire Danes is involved. Her comment on how rodent-infested and dirty the Philippines is stuck in my memory)

Jane Lynch, Glee (There was no competition in this category. If there's a category Best Villain, I have no doubt she'd win it)


Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, The Social Network (I was rooting for Hanz Zimmer for his work in Inception. But these two also did a great job)

Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network (I think Christopher Nolan deserve this award more than anyone. T_T Inception got snobbed!)

Glee (Oh look at that! No surprise there.)

In A Better World, Denmark (I love foreign films! This should be a good one.)


Toy Story 3 (All right. I really need to shed my prejudicial tendency with this one)

"You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me", Burlesque (Too bad Carrie didn't win)

Boardwalk Empire (Now I'm really curious!)

To those who missed the live telecast this morning, there's a primetime replay at 9 PM (Red Carpet) and 10 PM (Awards Proper) in Star World.


i am now a ophiuchusian. damn you, 13th zodiac!

The news said there is now a 13th Zodiac sign. If that's true, then I would be an Ophiuchusian from now on. Oh wait... But I am a Sagittarian! All my life I've been one. But the news said... Oh no. What will happen to my Sagittarian identity!? Oh my! My life is now in chaos because the Earth moved! Apparently, the moon pulled it and changed its place in space. It's the moon's fault.


Today’s media hype about Ophiuchus, “the new 13th Zodiac Sign,” has sent folks spinning into an astrological identity crisis. Um, too bad the whole thing is not even true.

“Ophiuchus has nothing to do with Astrology,” said expert astrologer Rick Levine. “It’s not an Astrology issue. It has to do with the stars -- it’s not a sign, it’s a constellation.”

What?! Really?

“There are four seasons each with a beginning, middle and end," Levine continued. "That makes 12 zodiac signs, and there’s no such thing as a 13th astrological sign."

So why are people freaking out, wondering if they went to bed last night a Gemini and woke up a Taurus? No worries, friends. Here are the answers you’ve been waiting for on this cosmic controversy:

What is Ophiuchus?

Ophiuchus is a large modern constellation commonly represented as a man grasping the snake represented by the constellation Serpens.

Is Ophiuchus the 13th sign?

No. It’s just a constellation. Even the founding text for Astrology (Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy written 170 AD only mentions 12 signs.) A few astrologers who practice the controversial sidereal (consellation-based) zodiac use it as the 13th zodiacal sign – and by a few we mean about 1 percent.

How did this whole myth get started?

It began when astronomy professor Parke Kunkle of Minneapolis Community and Technical College told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the procession of stars over time. He said “Three thousand years ago the Sun was 'in' whatever it was in. Now it's about a whole constellation off from that." Kunkle’s quote went viral and was picked up by FOX News and other media outlets because people mistakenly assume that Astrology is based on constellations. But that’s not true.

So what is the truth?

Astrology is based on the four seasons, not on constellations -- and the seasons don’t change. As Levine said above, there are four seasons, each with a beginning, middle and end, which adds up to 12 zodiac signs. There is no 13th astrological sign. Period.

What does this mean for you?

Nothing! Your horoscope sign hasn’t changed. If you were a Gemini yesterday, you’re still a Gemini today – don’t worry, you’ll never wake up a Taurus. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

What can we learn from this?

Listen to the experts, and don’t believe everything you read until you check your facts. There are a lot of people out there who think they understand Astrology when they really don’t.


lady spikers sweep tigresses in straight sets

After a one-sided finals last year, the perennial rivals of UAAP Women’s Volleyball, De La Salle Lady Spikers and UST Tigresses, faces each other once again in their first match up of the season. And with a very dominant performance, the ladies in green swept the ladies of EspaƱa in straight sets (25-20, 25-19, 25-12).

This match shone light on the critical differences between the two championed teams coming into the season. In the UST side, the loss of Din Din Santiago (middle blocker) and Angeli Tabaquero (open spiker) has become more apparent. Also, the absence of steady reception from Curato (libero) strained the team’s floor defense against the serves and attacks from the opposing team. Midori Hirotsuji, the rookie in the line-up could do a little better when it comes to attacking and defense—feats mostly developed from experience. It is crystal clear, that Aiza Maizo is the heart of this team. Ortiz, Caballejo, and Banaticla should step up if they really want to win this season. Meanwhile, everything from DLSU team seemed like an upgrade. Coming into the season with the team intact, Coach Ramil found a gem—a brilliant setter in the name of Esperanza. Unlike her rookie counterpart, she plays more confident and adds more height to the team’s defense (which was a problem when they still had Martinez as the setter). Reinforcing DLSU’s arsenal is Michelle Gumabao (utility spiker). Her high percentage attacks and towering height in the net made La Salle a more dominant team than ever before.

Statistics-wise, it is apparent that La Salle has the advantage to win it all, however, this is how La Salle started the last season; entering the 2nd Round without a loss only to be squashed by UST at the end. I guess their next matches against each other will stand as the true tests for these two teams, after making all the adjustments and fine-tuning every aspect of their game. And so the questions go: How will La Salle cope up to the pressure of being undefeated, and could UST keep their composure and beat their rival to win the championship? Season 73 couldn’t be more unpredictable...


clear eyes. full hearts. can't lose.

"We will all at some time in our lives, fall. Life is so very fragile, we are all vulnerable, and we will all at some point in our lives, fall, we will all fall. We must carry this in our hearts, that what we have is special, that it can be taken from us, and that when it is taken from us, we will be tested. We will be tested to our very souls."

-Eric Taylor

Friday Night Lights is an American TV series, developed from the book of the same name authored by H.G. Bissinger, which tells the detailed events surrounding the Dillon Panthers, a high school football team based on Dillon Texas, and addresses the issues facing contemporary Middle America.

I've only watched a couple of episodes from the first season and I knew I would love it for a very, very long time. I remembered watching One Tree Hill for the first time, and yesterday, while watching the pilot of Friday Night Lights, I was brought back to that same place 5 years ago. It was quite nostalgic, really. In some ways, there a lot of similarities between the two, but the treatment of the material is quite different. FNL flows with this brooding, almost melancholic mood. And you could tell the story is weaved to satisfy in an emotional level.

There are three things that make a television series click. First, it should be founded on a unique. well-written storyline (It could be a little twisted but nonetheless outstanding). Second- There should be a diversified but clearly distinct characters (To whom the target audience can relate to). And finally, a good soundtrack and musical scoring. And FNL satisfied all these criteria, especially the third one. The series is filled with haunting music from Explosions in the Sky, an instrumental post-rock band that gained popularity through their cinematic and elaborately developed guitar work, narratively styled instrumentals, what they refer to as "cathartic mini-symphonies." I am also quite particular with the camera shots, and I'm digging the shaky camera! Needless to say, I highly recommend this series.

I think I should be going now. Live UAAP Women's Volleyball is up in minutes! Just always remember guys:

Clear eyes.

Full Hearts.

Can't Lose.



A promise hardened and eventually crumbled, its ashes carried by the wind that came from a mouth choking with lies. There was nothing I could do but to watch as the beauty I was holding disintegrate into non-being, and with it, the person I once was. I was the artist. It was my art. While you—You were the one thing where all the imitations came to life. And soon I was recreating a world that was made out of you—with that pristine smile, the smell of fresh flowers, the warmth of your body, the songs you sing hovering in the air we both once breathed. I sang with you till the end. And when the music finally ended, I still found myself singing.

The palette lay empty next to me. Stains permanently stuck on my skin, on the ground where I stood, on the walls where happiness used to hang. I was still living in this fake world, trying to expand it and make it as real as possible. But every attempt was futile because you… you were no different compared to these things, this world. I have forged everything from a beautiful imitation. And in the end nothing came out real. Behind it all, between the canvas and thick paint, there is nothing but an empty space. And that is where I am now. Looking at it, I feel hollow because no truth came out of what I did, except for the love I willed to accomplish my task. Looking at it all now, I feel ashamed. What an ugly world I have created…


i thought of you and let the world spin madly on

"I hope that people will watch it and do have some sort of a moving experience. I am hoping that it just causes them to be introspective. And then whatever comes off that, comes off that..."

-Ryan Woodward

I was doing some backreads of The Creative Dork authored by the very talented Robbie, when I stumbled upon a post about this animation by Ryan Woodward. In this animated short, he creatively fused his passion for figurative works, 2D animation, EFX animation, and contemporary dance. Playing to the tune of one of my favorite songs, World Spins Madly On by The Weepies, Woodward conjured a simple yet beautifully crafted art piece that captures the bittersweet complexities of love.

As a fan of contemporary dance and folk music, I couldn't help but rave about this. The piece is just moving as it is subtle and pure. And it affected me in a very personal way. :)

Anyway, you can watch the video below and have a sneak peek of how Thought Of You was born...

inspirational saw

I was having second thoughts if I'm going to watch 127 Hours (2010) but its certified fresh critics'review on Rotten Tomatoes couldn't be ignored and so I had no choice but to watch it. I call this my Pathologic Movie Buff Compulsion Disorder. :P

The first 30 minutes were a bit dragging upto the point when I actually thought, How stupid could this guy get? But as the film rolls on, Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 2008) wittingly takes the audience into the mind of Aaron Ralston, a mountain climber who became trapped by a boulder in Robers Roost, Utah. The film mainly excels in its emotional aspect in its attempt to portray what goes on in the mind of a man in deep desperation and what he is willing to do to satiate his drive to survive; the way he dealt with regrets, sadness and flickering hope. The displaced humor, hopelessness and hope were concocted beautifully through the use of flashbacks and hopeful thinking, music and scoring (I was smiling when Sigur Ros' Festival started playing in the background. That scene was perfect!). James Franco gave a masterclass performance with this film--undoubtedly worthy of an Oscar or a Golden Globe. It's going to be a tight award season this year :)

This adaptation of the book Between A Rock and Hard Place is emotionally satisfying. It is a brilliant reminder of the strength of human spirit and the immeasurable depths of the heart that yearns for love and to live a life that's full of it...


qi deficient

So I have this symptom medically termed as scalloped tongue, and ever since I've first noticed it almost two years ago, I never had the guts to review possible diagnoses for it. I knew there must be a problem. I remember hearing the word from one of the lectures back in college but I couldn't remember which. The fact that I couldn't remember what disease or disorder it is associated made me quite anxious. I am not very good with dealing with the unknown, and I think it's because I am relying too much on what I already know. And so I became quite apprehensive thinking that out of thousands of lectures, I might've encountered it from our Cancer lectures and that some subtle symptoms could be caused by some very serious illnesses. Paranoid!

Yesterday, I finally got the balls to Google it. And it turned out, scalloped tongue could be caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency and hypothyroidism. That's a relief and way better than cancer! That could a problem with my blood formation. But it's no biggie. Vitamin B12 deficiency could be corrected through diet unless I have intrinsic factor problems. Hypothyroidism, however, could be maintained mainly through medication. But the interesting thing is when I stumbled upon an alternative medicine page, scalloped tongue means qi deficiency and lack of yang in the body. It says, that the qi/yang is responsible for the smooth movements and functioning of internal organs, and the tongue is the mirror of the internal state of the body. Apparently, it's the only internal organ that could be readily visualized. It could also mean water retention and that one is physically or mentally stressed. This deficiency in general suggests that I am lacking over-all energy or life force in my body. I am not sure about their pathophysiology (the main reason why I am quite a skeptic about alternative techniques) but for some reason, this lack causes the tongue to relax and bulge, which makes it easier for the teeth to leave indentations on the tongue's edges.

To make things worse, I woke yesterday morning with a dry mouth and a terrible itch up in my throat. It was hard for me to swallow and my head was pounding everytime I sniff watery rhinorrhea back into my nose. The symptoms are very classic of pharyngitis and upper respiratory tract infection. Noting I am the only one sick in the house probably means my immune system is shot. The cold temperature didn't help my condition either.

Anyways, I feel better now. Strepsils got rid off my sore throat. My congested nasal cavity is the one bothering me right now. Although, I still need to get some of my qi back...


choose love

I had been itching to download and watch Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go (2010) starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), Carey Mulligan (An Education), and Keira Knightly (Atonement). I was taken aback by the incredibly cheesy title at first but the cast is just undeniably superb and the movie got a fair Rotten Tomatoes review. That's why I opted to watch it.

I think Never Let Me Go is one of those movies you will like not because of the actual content but because of the stunning photography (same thing goes with The Girl With A Pearl Earring, 2003, by Peter Weber). The locations were so dream-like and fit into the general serene and melancholic mood of the film supported by great musical scoring. I am not a fan of dystopian films, but I like the way they treated the material. They did not make it futuristic (I guess that's the way Ishiguro's book, from which it was adapted, delivered it) but clings to a setting to that of Atonement. I do not particularly liked the central idea to which the film revolves but the acting really carried the whole thing through.

In a life with very few choices, choose love- very simple, yet very powerful. I think that's what this film's all about.


happiness is a mood, not a destination

I am not really excited about the new year coming. I know there's a lot of things that has got to change and I feel like unless I get the motivation and inspiration I needed to sort these things out, the new year would be just another stretch of unpredictable time.

What I was really looking forward to though was the New Year celebration. And as always, it was really fun. We welcomed the New Year with a bang. Fireworks here and there, cheering for the amazing displays from our very well-off neighbors. :P My brothers and I are geeky enough to play wizards duel using our 'lusis' wands! That's how Potter freaks celebrate the new year! Haha!


After the media noche (with the Filipino style spaghetti as the main attraction as always), Kuya Mac and I did a Chuck marathon, while the others immediately went to bed.

I only had a couple hours of sleep before we headed for Quezon City. We usually spend our annual new year celebration at our grandparents' place. We spent the whole day eating, even indulged ourselves with some hard liquor. The parlor games was really fun (I particularly liked the LOL game. I am once again reminded of how poor my joking skills are and my embarrassing hypersentivity to the conriest of jokes). But I think the highlight of the day was the videoke singing competition. Mechanics-- The one who would be able to get a score off 99 would win a 500 pesos cash prize. Surprisingly enough, my younger brother won...twice! Ding it! I earned 150 pesos though with my take on The Fray's How To Save A Life (97) and Close (95) by Paolo Santos. :)

We finally said our goodbyes and soon we were homeward bound by 10 PM. and while everyone was asleep, a quote from Julian Baker came into mind. It was about happiness and how it should be perceived as a mood and not as a destination. He mused that happiness comes and goes like the tides of the ocean. And that day, we were happy without a care of what will happen next. I think that's the way everyone should do it. Take every chance to be happy and be happy, and extend the moment for more than just a moment as much as you can; to linger in the moment and setting aside the possibility of sadness.

I looked at my family, asleep and obviously tired and as euphoria crashed on me in waves. It was really nice to be with a family to greet the new year. The van finally stopped and we arrived at our destination. We were home.