You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


american idol season 9: top 16

AI’s TOP 16 delivered their performances and America has spoken. Apparently, they didn’t much like Alex Lambert, Lily Scott, Katelyn Epperly, and Todrick Hall. For Katelyn, it was all about bad song choice. Todrick went Glee-ish and wow-ed the judges but he lacked charisma I thought. As expected, America is not yet ready for Lily’s unique music. But what I’m really disappointed about the results was that Alex got cut. Well, he probably deserved to go home, but Tim Urban should’ve been the one on the chopping board this week. I just couldn’t stand his cutesy performance! Anyway it was a sorry loss for Alex because I like the Ray Lamontagne vibe in him. I mean he got the tone and the potential to be a good folk artist but the lack of experience really got the good of him. But then again, the folk artists, I believe won’t win the competition. American Idol is about mainstream-popular music.

I think the guys really stepped up this week, because there was no “complete and utter mess’’ heard from Simon. Lee’s rendition of Fireflies was good but a little off with some notes. Tim Urban did well on performing Hallelujah but still corny and annoying for me. I love Andrew Garcia’s Genie in a Bottle. I really think he’s one of the genuine artists in the competition. I really hope the judges could move on from that Paula song he did on Hollywood. I think it maybe clouding their judgement a little. Aaron Kelly—I still couldn’t stop comparing him to David Archuleta. He’s charismatic but he lacked the technique unlike Archie. It’s really obvious that he’d do well with country. His phrasing with songs practically screams Rascal Flatts. Honesty is what made Casey James’ performance this week but he’s becoming a little bit predictable in my opinion. I’d like to hear him sing some Jack Savoretti. Big Mike’s obviously a crowd favourite. He’s good but I’m not really into RnB lately. Hehe!

Based on the girls’ performance this week, I’d say Paige Miles gave the weakest if not the most tragic. Everything was just wrong; the arrangement, the notes, her stage presence. It’s really uncomfortable when you watch someone and know that they’re losing it on the spot. Katie Steven on the other hand is really talented and very commercial but, just like the judges have been saying for 3 weeks in a row, she’s confused as to what kind of artist she wanted herself to be. The two contestants that are starting to grow on me are Lacey Brown and Didi Benami. They could be potential folk artists with the way they’re singing. They utilize the same technique and I could see them doing some Michelle Featherstone. Crystal Bowersox is the one to beat. Give her a guitar, a harmonica and a Tracy Chapman song—Tsk. She’d nail it. She’s a pure talent.

The Final 12 performances start next week featuring songs from the Rolling Stones. (I don’t know any of them. Hehe!) Ciao!


fufu said...

i am not a fan of ai >< but the final :)

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Napanood ko ito...

Medyo may napansin lang ako... Para silang naglalaban to become a Karaoke Idol...


aka Procne said...

Loved Lily Scott, too bad the show's more on mainstream pop. surely, there's an audience for her.

So far.. I like Crystal, Didi, Andrew and Casey.

Manech said...

I really, really like Alex too. I'm into Ray Lamontagne and Paolo Nutini so I dig his vibe. Plus, I like his voice. I also find his internal struggle, his awkwardness endearing.

I cried when he got cut, even more so when he sang for the last time. I felt he really, really wanted to stay in the competition. Sigh. I believe there's an ongoing petition to get him back. I hope that works. I sure like to see him grow in the competition.

Gabriel said...

hindi ako masyado nanonood ng ai pero tingin ko kailangan ko na manood namiss ko kasi yun sagutan ni ryan at simon.. hehehe