You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


past the edges

Remember me

As a time of day

You play on a loop in your head;

On your bed the silky calm;

A prayer sweet, a haunting psalm.

In your dream I will hide

Push aside doubt-driven shadows

That grows on your fear-drunken soul—

A bright cloud-covered sun.

Remember me

As the last light of dusk,

Basked in your reverie

Which beauty defies the dawn;

Think first of me

As the first light of day touches you,

Paints a smile on your face;

Hurts erased from the night before.

Wake up, sleepy head!

Stay awake and stay forevermore.

Remember me

As the last thought in your pocket;

Under toothless smiles, a dark secret.

From oblivion rescue me

This lone sailor lost at sea.

Put arms around my name

After it slips from your tongue.

Hold it tight before I depart

And break into an exaltation of larks

Nesting past the edges of the skies.

From your eyes let not grief flow,

The wilting images of now and ago.

In your heart hide my voice—

The soft whispers in the dark

A choice to a path to tread

Before I crumble to dust and you—

A closed book I once read.


Redlan said...

Remember me....naalala ko tuloy yung movie ni mr. vampire.

Chyng said...

hey Ron.
im really intrigued by you Impurities of a circle entry.
check mo,. hindi nagloload fully. wala din comment section sa ilalim.

Lance said...

perfect piece..
loved it..

jonathan said...

basked in your reverie...
exaltation of larks...

excellent images, great writings!