You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman



HALF OF THE MOON HANGS LOW ON THE HORIZON; it’s golden light waging war against the deep purple and black colors of the evening sky. The great slab of rock floats in space as it sends ripples of mystique and melancholy unto anything its borrowed light touches. You can sense the nameless mood stirring, and churning, and spreading like a disease in the cold calm air, moving in stealth without a cure into unguarded and broken citadels of hearts.

Shadow come out to play hide-and-seek, gathering on the empty street’s stretch of concrete, occasionally retreating away from passing vehicles’ headlights that slices the dark. The haunting majesty of the moment is adorned by a faint smell of fresh flowers hovering in the soft wind. The tranquil silence is sporadically broken by the sounds of cats moaning like infants deprived of milk, provoking angry barks from dogs denied of sleep. Lizards with their feet on the ceilings performed their throaty songs in an attempt to outstand the crickets’ monotonous version of Ave Maria. It is a serene night.

Somewhere along the sidewalk, a boy sits alone with his guitar, beholding the beauty and sadness perfectly painted before his eyes which reflected the misty glow of the moon and the stars peeking through the clouds. Skilled fingers start to pluck the strings of the instrument he is hugging like an old friend or perhaps a lost lover found. Each vibrating string sends out a note. The notes finally choose to freely fly from his pockets, to his guitar, and towards the invisible musical measures stretching out into the dark, amplifying the magnificence of the night that it already has.

Sounds escaped the boy’s lips, unintelligible and trembling at first, but slowly transforms into melodic words. He begins to sing the song he wrote on a piece of tissue paper five days ago over a mug of creamed coffee. He speaks the lyrics with care and gentleness as if reading a firsthand poetry to the girl of his dreams. It is a happy song that defies the miserable mood; a bright light in a world of eternal shade, sending blissful and lonely entities into collision; crashing into each other and plunging the night into a chaotic symphony—strange but nonetheless a beautiful blend.

Tonight, half of the moon smiles to the world in a deep slumber as the boy bathed in its light, uttering the verses of a prayer written on a tissue paper crumpled somewhere in his side pocket. With eyes to the star-spangled heavens, he strikes every chord, ever wondering where in the world the other half of his heart might be. It’s there somewhere, lost but finding its way back. Like the dark side of the moon, the answer still masks itself, mysterious until fate decides to unveil itself to him—the other side where the vital piece lies; the chorus of his song; the missing half that would finally make his heart complete and his existence whole.


issshhh said...

Bigla kong naalala si August Rush dito sa entry na to. :P

No one is meant to be alone naman diba? We will all find the other half that we're looking for. :)

I love this one.

Theo Martin said...

again, i love this piece. always a masterpiece. :)i can't say anything new.

ShatterShards said...

Half of the moon shines with borrowed luster, while the other half hides in the shadows. Even in darkness, there is hope coming from the dark side of the moon.

Keep on singing about your lost love. Somehow, your words will find her, and lead her back to you.


Parang Penguin. "What's your heart's song?"

Kahit gaano pa katagal. Kahit gaano pa kalayo. Kahit maliliit lang ang hakbang ng mga penguin. Hahanapin nila yung "the one". Once na nakita na. Forever na yun. Til eternity. :)

ADRIAN said...

What books do you read???

Chyng said...

Those who believe in love, will find love. Wait + Believe. ;D

(nirefer ko pala tong blog mo sa ofcmate ko, nagustuhan nya, mahilig din kasi yun sa ganitogn writing.)

RJ said...

(For me, this is Roneiluke's version of the vampire story.)

...another Edward Cullen waiting for another Bella Swan! Huh! (O si Bok ito na hinihintay si Poknat?)

Aside from the gift of speed, vampires really have that very sharp eyesight! ...just imagine this boy in the story strumming his guitar while, under the moonlight, reading the lyrics and the chords written on a piece of crumpled tissue paper inside his pocket!

Indeed, a song written from the heart and from the soul really possesses a magical power—it just flows freely from the love-infected vocal cords!

Hinihintay ko ang kwento mo, Ron, na ‘yong daytime naman. Parang palagi nalang kasing madilim at umuulan o umaambon. o”,)

Lance said...

sweet, ron..
I can imagine standing right behind a pillar, peeping through it to see the boy as he plays his guitar beneath the moon..lolz

ZARA 札拉 said...

Just love it!

Half Moon - remind me to Twilight saga~

ELAY said...

wooooo nosebleed.. panalo talaga!!

Mon said...

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Please visit my site for more info.

bagay sana tong entry na to. actually bagay lahat ng posts mo sa theme ng T-shirt na ipamimigay ko.

lucas said...

thanks you guys :) dalaw ako sa inyo maya-maya..hehe!

ShatterShards said...

What's keeping you busy these days? You're not as prolific as before.

Thanks, Ron! Sana nga manalo ako. hehe. Astig yung shirt no? Sali ka na rin! You don't need a new post, just edit one of your posts to include the shirt's picture and the sponsors list.

Any of your posts can easily win in this contest (and give me a run for my money). hehe

Dali na, may slots available pa!

ShatterShards said...

And its a good thing that they have a nurse in the family to take care of her.

At buti naman at may wifi riyan sa hospital, para makapag-blog ka tonight. hehe

Go for an entry na! Si Rcyan may entry na rin. hehe

Anonymous said...

whenever this hamster
takes a peek outside,
and when the night makes the moon
as his pendant, i cant explain.
especially if its a gibbous moon
there's a pinch to my heart.

Rcyan M. said...

Ouch... So sad. bakit mag-isa lang siyang kumakanta sa ilalim ng buwan? sana makita na nga niya ang kanyang 'other half.' pero, kahit ako, hindi ko pa rin siya nakikita, eh. pwedeng bang ako na lang 'yung girl? heheheh... (^-^) joke lang yun!

lucas said...

shatts, jason, and rcyan: thanks for the drop... i'll visit later, ayt? hehe! peace out!

jonathan said...

Half of the moon, hidden in darkness
half of the heart, hoping for happiness.
A writer like you is so ever admired
your talent, your thoughts, oh so desired.

lucas said...

thanks for the beautiful comment! i really appreciate the effort! writing a comment is one, but writing a comment with rhyming lines is a whole different story! :)

Abaniko said...

Who knows when the moon becomes full, the lonely guy will find the other half of his heart and make it whole just like the moon. Hehe. Joke. Your prose evokes profound emotion of longing and desire. Nice one.

Angelo said...

A very melancholic picture you've painted in prose Luke. It's dark and moody, with an air of hopeful optimism.

For those of us who are ruled by the moon, it's easy to relate to her waxing and waning nature.... one night she may be smiling on the world, but give her a few weeks and she'll be frowning.... every month she goes from shining brightly to completly hiding in "the shadow".... such is life I guess....

One thing I've learned, you don't need anybody else to complete your existence. But when you meet someone that completments your own soul, then it can be a masterful melody that cuts through the night.

Cheers and keep looking up!

lucas said...

abaniko: thanks, abaniko :)

angelo: yeah... i know. i just can't imagine meself getting old---alone. yikes.. thanks, doc :)

Anonymous said...

not a moment too soon, not a moment too late. :) darating din yang mga inaantay natin.

ShatterShards said...

Oh, I know you love the rain! haha! Dito tayo nagkaka-iba, mahilig ka sa basa at madulas. hahaha!

.pOot! said...

photoshopped ba yung moon, kuya ron?

Aris said...

ikaw ang "boy" na na-imagine ko sa sinulat mong ito. ikaw nga ba si "boy"? :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Another great post, Lucas. You are wonderful. :)

lucas said...

aris: nope... i'm not that boy. it was the boy whom i share the same aspiration. peace out!

grace: thanks ms. grace :)

poot: nope. got it directly from

shatts: lolz! yeah you can say that. we're talking about the rain right? lolz! just want to make things clear... hehe :P

moonsparks: yeah... if the fates permit :)

ShatterShards said...

Oo naman, ulan ang pinag-uusapan natin. Bakit, ano bang nasa isip mo? hehe

leslie said...

after reading this, napaisip tuloy ako...kc i think i already found my other half...but i'm still struggling to pretend to be whole...hahaha, pride goes before the fall :D

Anonymous said...

what i really love about your posts pareng ron? you have a superb way of playing with words.

naiimagine ko yung boy with his guitar and how he sings while reading your entry. galing. :p

Anonymous said...

ang ganda naman. :) bravo!

lucas said...

leslie: nakita mo na pla yung other half mo eh... so okay na yun. wag na mag-isip isip ng kung anu-ano!aheheh!

flamindevil: salamat din :)

thingkingfil: thanks for the drop :)

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

It’s there somewhere, lost but finding its way back.

yeah, it must be really somewhere..getting nearer and nearer to find you