You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman



Mind scrambles air

As soft as nothing

Stifling eager joints of fingers

Leaving wasted ink on blank paper

Empty but desperately longs to be filled.

Periods turned into questions

Resounding noises in my head

That turned into blots

That turned into myself—

An insignificant stain.


kcatwoman said...

wow,even if you say you have writer's block,it's still poetic. you're no insignificant stain though.

PUSANG-gala said...

one very curious question mate---

you see---I think this blog of your and all it's content---not just the write-ups but everything in it---and the pictures are perfect for every article---(not to mention the music on the background) , going back to the question, where do you get all those pictures?

they are just perfect....they all add up.

REDLAN said...

omg. i thought there's a continue to read button.

Aris said...

but what you just wrote is beautiful! :)

Allan said...

was just browsing through blogs, not keen on leaving comments. but i just had to here. wala akong masabi bro! ang galing mo!

Chyng said...

..but marks forever! Isignifican yet powerful..

Denis said...

an insignificant stain...

i love the line dude. =)

eli said...

ang lalim..pero maganda ang sinisimbolo ng tula mo.
hmm..balik ako. namnamin ko lang muna ang wordings.

leslie said...

hmmm...frustrated yet you were able to come up with something as good as this... :)

lucas said...

flor: ei, thanks for the comment. my frustration turned out be an inspiration..weird noh? hehe!

antonio: they're all from flickr...parang photo databank...parang deviant art but it's exclusive for photos...dun ko din kinukuha yung ibang pics for banner..hehe!

thanks :P

red: eto na yata pinakamaikli kong post...i'm on a writer's block i think...waaa!

aris: thanks, aris :P

allan: thanks, allan...welcome to the blogosphere!

chyng: permanent, indeed :)

denis: ei, denis...thanks for dropping by...i thought you are on a blog leave? hmmm...

blog back soon, ayt? :)

eli: salamat, eli :) balik ka anytime... have a blessed holy week!

leslie: yeah! the frustration becomes the inspiration...hehe!

Reyn said...

Ron, why???

Uhm, wanna go to iblog5?

Anonymous said...

that's natural. no need to be hard on yourself. we cannot always be in the blogosphere every time. :)

maybe a video blog or a picture story instead? ;)

gravity said...

never will you be an insignificant stain to a fan like me =)

_ice_ said...

hey galing..

kaya hindi ako pwede na di dumaan sa blog mo..


jonathan said...

Since you had all of us glued to your literary form of writing, whatever insignificant stain seemed completely oblivious for the sheer beauty of its style and content.

karmi said...

i hate you.
writer's block na yan? :P hehehe.

kapag may writer's block kasi ako, di talaga ako nagu-update! hehe. :)

Desert Aquaforce said...

Wow... you call this a product of one who's having a writer's block?

Gee! This is just amazing! That is even an understatement. I've seen your posts that manifest your writing prowess... it's one of the best.

Be blessed this Lenten season!

Anonymous said...

may topic ka ba na hindi kayang gawan ng tula?

astig ka talaga parekoy.

Allen Yuarata said...

Hehe. magtatanong yung makulit na bata.

ano yung writer's block? hihi

tinay patadyong said...

the beauty of brevity <3

lucas said...

ton: nakp, can't go..hehe!

pao: nako, i'm not being hard on myself. medyo nakakafrustrate lang...hehe!

gravity: thanks! i'm a fan of yours too! :D

ice: salamat, ice :D

jon: thanks for the comment, jon. i really appreciate it :)

karmi: i just have to squeeze that poem out of me, kasi nararamdaman ko it would take awhile before i could post something again..hehe!

desert aquaforce: hays...that is so nice of you to say. and it torments me because i couldn't leave comments on your site..waaaa! thank you so much.

flamindevil: thanks for your comment :D

by the way, how's your lenten season there?

peace out, parekoy!

allen: hindi ko sure eh..pero alam ko kapag walang maisulat??? hahaha! and yet my post ako..hahaha!

tinay: thanks tinay! :P said...

hey mr.poet.. the best..

and you're n a writer's block in that situation huh...


Rhaingel said...

I Love the line, "soft as nothing", very poetic! :D

Richard the Lionheart said...

Nice naman...

There's more pa naman e... Hehe :)

Happy Easter!

I am back!

lucas said...

lucas: richard, thanks :P

rhaingel: thanks, rhaingel :)

rixhard: welcome back :)

ShatterShards said...

Mahirap ang writer's block. Ako rin, long-time sufferer ng ganiyan. What you need are stimuli that would make you want to write again. I hope you get to obtain that, kasi sayang naman pag hindi ka na magsulat.

eli said...

eto na uli ako. hehe

stain..para sa akin, hindi laging negative ang marka ng stain. sa isang artist, pwde kasing lumikha ng isang obra maestra out of stain na yan!

happy Easter po.

lucas said...

shatts: yeah...sometimes tayo ang kailangang maghanap ng inspiration that wait for it to come to us...

eli: belated easter eli!

i agree. to the artist, like yourself, a stain could be a start of masterful artwork. :)


Never mind Mr. Lucas.... It'll spark again.

Happy Easter Monday!

RJ said...

Writer's block... ayos naman ang naisulat. Matagal-tagal ka na ring hindi nakapag-post, 6 days na. [Ako matatagalan pa. Sumilip lang.]

Happy Easter, Roneiluke! o",)

Jake said...

Know what, i'm not really a fan of poetry. Pero kapag binabasa ko mga tula mo, tumatagal mata ko. Incredible but true.

Curious lang ako, ano or sino 'yung "insignificant stain"?

Pwede bang mahiram yung term pan-tawag sa mga ex? Harharhar.

Galeng-galeng mo naman dude. :p

ShatterShards said...

Inspiration comes to us unexpectedly, yung stimulus din, minsan may pagka-random ang effect. It's upto the writer kung saan patutungo yung gawa niya.

Vaccum ang katapat niyan, para matanggal kaagad ang agiw. hehe.

Yeah, ang dami na naming pets. Yung pusa kasi, madaling magbuntis, ayun, buntis na nga yata ulit. Mahirap talagang mag-alaga, pero mas mahirap ma-attach sa pets.

lucas said...

KJ: and it did...ahehe! Belated Easter, Mr. Kris Jasper :P

RJ: pansin ko nga matagal ka na din hindi nakakapadpost...i guess your busy??? hmmm...

anyway, i hope you had a blasting holy week :)

jake: hahaha! oo nga no? hindi ko naisip na pwede pala xang tawag sa mga ex's! ahehehe! then, sure!

thanks for dropping by :D

Shatts: oo nga eh...napakaunexpected nga minsan. minsan sabay-sabay silang magmamaterialize cramming your brain cells. ahehehe!

hala buntis pa yung isa? nako baka mapuno na bahay niyo ng pusa! hehe! we have a cat pero inampon na namin kahit hindi sa amin. haha! we have a lot dogs (not puppies). we have 3 pairs or love birds, a parrot and a pool full of karpas. hehe!

i promise to clean my room this weekend! hehe! manyana habit working...:P

Mon said...

You are definitely not just an insignificant stain. andami mo kayang fan. isa nako dun. ;p

medyo marami pala akong na-miss na post dito.. haha