You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


pillow talks

Fake a smile

Swallow the moans

Seal your mouth with memories

And shared vows known.

Dance if you can

But dry first the floor

Slippery with tears—

Knocks of goodbye on your door.

Change the sheets

Wash away my smell

But keep me as your pillow

Where your head goes I will follow.

Turn your gaze up

And catch a falling star

Close the hand, open the heart

Wish for it to never smart.

Whisper my name

Wish for time’s demise

In its ashes I’ll come back

To you where bliss does not lack.

Catch your breath

And bury deep your roots

Stand firm on the ground

Yet as free as the wind—

A speeding sound.

Drink down a purple pill

To stay asleep if you must

Through a song take flight

Towards me and away from the night.

Let me dwell in your dreams

Soft and sweet—a happy taste

Candy clouds on sticks we’ll chew

Then I will be just a breath away

Far but closer to you.


istepf said...

Dance if you can

But dry first the floor

Slippery with tears—

-- so emo nald.. but i liked it! :D

musta k n?
d k n ngbabalita..
i missed you!♥


Sana ganito rin sasabihin ng unan ko... hehehe

Theo Martin said...

sabayan ba namang ng kanta ng fray habang binabasa ang entry mo. at umaambon ambon pa sa labas, at ang lamig at gusto mo ng kayakap.

BUWISET. pero ok na tong unan na pangyakap. at least di ka sasaktan. :)

Elay said...

haaay.. now im inspired to write a poem.

HOMER said...

You do poems din pala! nice I think i need to hit the sack guess my pillows miss me already.. hehe!!

Thanks for voting today hope u VOTE AGAIN TOM.Go to this site to vote Tnx!

Toilet Thoughts said...

hmmmm. malagyan nga ng scent ko lahat ng pillows ng mga kaibigan ko... mapaniginipan kaya nila ako? hehe. :P

fufu said...

wow... so nice written!! i enjoy reading this pillow talks very much... so true!!

ka bute said...

so close... yet so far.

Denis said...

So, this is how a your bedroom speaks.

Parang story half full half empty naman, wala bang sleaze????

lucas said...

steph: hahaha! ay! sinabi mo pa! ang lakas kasi ng ulan! ahehe!

okay lang nman ako. PS marathon trip ko. nakapagpasa na ako ng requirements sa AFP. hintay ko na lang yung tawag. kaw? musta ka na? miss you so much!

acrylique: ahehe! malay mo magsalita unan mo mamyang gabi...ahehe!

theo: ang sarap nga ng may kayakap lately..hehe! i love that song by the fray btw... i'm loving their latest album...

thanks for dropping by :)

elay: then i'll wait for that poetry :) thanks for dropping by.

homer: yeah. i do write poetry once in awhile. o xa tulog na! hehe!

i'm voting for you... mukhang highly acclaimed talaga ang site na to ah? Cheers!

jepoy: hehe! try mo yun...malay mo. sana lang hindi sila bangungutin...KIDDING! ahehe! thanks for the drop :)

fufu: thanks for dropping by again, fufu :P Cool name by the way. sounds like a cartoon character.

kabute: thanks, for dropping by :)

denis: senxa na, wla eh..hehe!

eli said...

ahahaaayy..ang lamig ng pnahon ngayon...sarap ng may kayakap.

well written, astig ka lataga pagdating sa mga ganito.

kokoi said...

i kinda died after reading this poem. hehe. if my pillow could speak, im sure mumurahin ako nun. hehe.

jonathan said...

There is always a longing in your posts, written in many styles and very creative. Our posts are like windows of what we see, we feel and of what we desire.

Najua Scribbles said...

portrayed a genuine sense of melancholy.. fits the weather well.. haha

nice nice :)

jei said...

I felt like crying. I could never imagine being alone in my bed and missing a loved-one who have gone far away ahead of me.

That was how I interpret your poem. You remind me so much of Nicholas Sparks. So full of bittersweet memories.

Rcyan M. said...

literary emo. we're soulmates! haha! Sorry if it took me long before I got to visit you again. I got busy with my pub works.

Nice poem. Watch out! I'll be posting some of my works, too.

lucas said...

eli: thanks, eli :) ang lamig nga! ang sayaaaaaaa!

kokoi: bakit ka naman mumurahin ng unan mo? ahahaha!

seriously? tatlo na nga lang kaming lalaki dun eh! hehe! peace out! :P

jon: thanks, jon!

[Our posts are like windows of what we see, we feel and of what we desire.]

i agree...both consciously and unconsciously i guess.

najua: thanks, najua :) is that your name?

jei: so you read nicholas sparks? hmmm. interesting. i haven't read any of his novels yet, but i love the movie adaptations esp, A Walk to Remember...soooo tragic! and i love tragedies!

rcyan: literary emo ka rin ba? hehe! parang wala pa akong nabasang poem from you. anyway, i'll keep watch na lang. :P

jei said...

I'm super 100% fan of Nicholas Sparks even though most of his works had tragic and bittersweet endings. Maybe because I like the way his writing style...parang si lucas eh.

REDLAN said...

Poem ba 'to o kanta? maganda siya. Napangiti lang ako ng mabasa ko ang whisper na word. :-)


ka level mo na si Robert Frost (tama ba yung name?)

50 years from now, pipilitin ng mga teachers na e-memorize ng mga grade school pupils ang poems mo. Tulad nung "all things bright and beautiful" or yung "a ring a ring of roses"

ShatterShards said...

This is such a sad piece you've written, more tragic than your last posted poem for sure. I feel the longing and the helplessnes to fill that void created by one's departure. Ewan ko ba, I'm finding it hard to comment on this... it feels too tragic for me.

That, or something to do with the weather. I get depressed when it rains, I don't know why...

Nagsawa na kasi ako roon sa standard layout, kaya naisipan kong magpalit. Syepmre, pinagpilitan pa ring black ang primary color ng theme na ipinalit. Maganda nga ang yellow and black, basta hindi gaanong matingkad ang yellow. Baka magmukhang pedestrian lane. haha!

I was able to fix the date problem, by the way. Cheers!

flamindevil said...

Change the sheets

Wash away my smell

But keep me as your pillow

Where your head goes I will follow.

...awwww ang sweeetttt..miss ko na ma in love.nyahaha

lucas said...

jei: ano ng books niya ang nabasa mo? sana may mahiraman ako. can't afford to buy books sa ngayon..hehehe! thanks for the visit :)

red: it's a poem actually. i'm no songwriter. i can write the lyrics pero hindi ako marunong maglapat ng melody..ahehe! ay ganun ba? (whisper) :P

KJ: thanks, amigo! hahaha! yun e kung emo na lahat ng mga bata sa future! hehe! peace out!

shatts: disorder daw yun eh. i forgot the exact medical term. i read it from kalansay collector's blog. you get depressed whenever it rains and you feel down and crave for sweets and food and in turn you gain weight. masaya ako kapag naulan kasi hindi mainit! hehe!

flamindevil: bakit wala ba tayong love life ngayon? ahehe! intrigador-dor-DOR! HAHA!

RJ said...

Limang beses ko nang binasa, paulit-ulit... Sino ba ang PILLOW na 'to, Ron?!

ShatterShards said...

wow, pathological disease ba ang condition ko? hehe

Yeah, too bad about the French Filmfest. Sana lang may maabutan pa ako next week. Hanggang June 14 pa naman e. Ikaw, baka gusto mong manood, check mo na lang sa net yung schedules. hehehe

fufu said...

fufu is my childhood name btw... fu is my give name ;)

JoShMaRie said...

kelangan mo na talagang ipublish ang mga post mo. hehe. gawin ng libro yan!

Chyng said...

Do you also write songs? I think you do! mahusay!

jei said...

You are not alone, no budget to buy books na. Hmmm..lemme see. "Dear John", "A Walk To Remember", "Nights at Rodanthe" and "Message in the Bottle".

.pOot! said...

pare, maxado ak talagang emo. hehe.

pero da best ang mga works mo. it has sense!

ikaw ang english counterpart ni bob ong sa pinas. hehe. (oh tumawa yan)

ingat na lang lagi!

Theo Martin said...

yesh busy nga...sigh. haymsofagod. :(

Allen Yuarata said...

Nice poem!

Ako gabi gabi may pillow talks din ako. actually nilalawayan ko pa nga sila e. wahahahaha!

yhen1027 said...

gee emo... nevertheless, it was nice! ;-)

Nobe said...

how cute is this?


ordinary_guy1234 said...

nice poem
i can feel the pain,
tagos oh,
astig. can wait to read more of your poems

lucas said...

Gosh guys... i was blown away by your comments... i apologize if hadn't been around. i'm quite busy taking care of my sick lolo...

i'll catch up with you guys soon. i promise, thanks again :)