You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


love potions, eargasms, freud, and suddenly i miss everyone

UMMER IS COMING TO AN END and everyone is bracing themselves for the rainy days ahead. I love the rainy days primarily because of the promise of a cooler weather. The summer heat was almost unbearable these past days. The other day, when the atmospheric temperature soared a couple of degrees over, I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. My brain was pounding inside my skull. End of summer also means the start of classes. I realized how much I miss school, not the toxic days nor waking up early in the morning, but my friends. After college, it’s very hard to find time to hang out with them given tha
t we’re now busy finally living our individual lives.

This is the group I spent most of my college days with. We were stuck with each other during our affiliations in different hospitals and everything academic-related.

[Retreat 2008]

I was the leader of the pack and handling such wacky group imposed a great challenge to me. It was always full of never-ending drama. But I have learned loads from them. I had the opportunity to hone my leadership skills and to see my capabilities for myself.

[Community Outreach 2008]

As the college years rolled over, we ended up being great friends. They were the ones who really helped me picked up the pieces when I had my first heartbreak. Enough said. :P

[Community Outreach 2008]

I just miss them. By the way, to Richard and other nurse aspirants who would take the National Licensure Examinations this June, I wish you well.

I’m so hooked downloading torrent audio files! The past two weeks, my flash drive was teeming with soundtracks and albums. I now have the full discographies of Gavin Degraw, James Morrison, James Blunt, John Mayer and The Frey. I’m really fascinated by musical scores. So I also downloaded soundtracks from movies August Rush, The Lady in the Water, Atonement, and Angels and Demons. I had to transfer my files to our PC but the hard drive is literally running out of available disk space. I guess I had to transfer some files into data disks. It’s really nice to do a sound tripping over coffee, late in the afternoon or past midnight. I hope it rains tonight.

Have you read my previous post, lost and found? The story of a guy who vandalized a bus and met a girl who was soaking wet and was missing a shoe? Well I asked Angelo, a doctor: If he were to psychoanalyze me, what would that post say about me? And this was his reply:

hahahaha, dude, don't get me started! Psychoanalysis will probably lead to the revelation of some repressed sexual tension as it usually does.... I mean c'mon you find a wet girl with a missing shoe?... let's break it down:

"wet girl" - nuff said...

"a shoe" - may be construed as a sheath of some form meant to ensheath another object vis-à-vis a foot. In Latin, the root word for sheath is "VAGIN", hence the word "vagina" = a sheath for a phallus. A cellphone may be construed as phallic... not only did she ring your cell, you proceeded to give her the white handkerchief from your cell....

dude, you need to find the shoe!

Sorry if that w
as too Freudian for you hehehe....

I was laughing out loud when I read it. It was very interesting, wasn’t it? :P It makes me wonder what my other posts would mean. He probably got it right. I really need to get laid find the missing shoe. Hahaha!

It’s now less than two months until The Half-Blood Prince. Time runs really fast! I saw this clip from the upcoming movie.

This first aired in The Ellen Degeneres Show. Luckily, I found an extended version in YouTube. Ron was hilarious in here! Hehe! Peace out! :P


Allen Yuarata said...

I can't wait for the opening of classes. Di talaga ako taong-bahay e. Namimiss ko na yung pressure. haha.

Di na rin ako makapaghintay sa HP6. wooooooo!

ShatterShards said...

Nostalgic Ron, talking about hilarious Ron from HBP. Hehe.

Ako rin, I can't wait for the movie to be shown, lalo pa't napanood ko na naman yung preview niya.

It's inevitable, pero magkakaroon talaga ng drifting ng magkaka-klase after graduation. Hindi na kasi naka-sentro sa school ang mga buhay niyo. Ako rin, napaka-kaunti na lang ng college friends ko na madalas kong makita, karamihan din kasi, nag-abroad na. Kaya kadalasan, sa egroup na lang kami nakukumustahan.

You really need to find that shoe! Ako rin, parang kailangan ko. hahahaha!

Yung ulan lateley, hindi na bitin, pero bumabaha na naman dito sa amin. Hahahaha!

Magpatingin ka na ng mata, mahirap ang eye problems, lalo na sa taong mahilig magbasa.

Thanks, Ron.


gentle said...

ay, puro group pickshurs! i can easily target you from here, though; you with that easy smile and flirty eyes. [ahaha, feeling stalker] i'm gonna be on blog holiday for an indefinite period[idol kita eh], not for rehab purposes though..hehehe.

just droppin by. thanks ron. :)

lucas said...

gentle: blog holiday? anong meron? thanks for dropping by :)

peace out!

allen: Sa Monday na pasukan niyo right? Nakakamiss tuloy lalo. I miss the pressure too, but most especially the moments right after the toxic moments..very fulfilling.

i can't wait either. balak ko ngang panoorin sa IMax eh.hehe!


shatts: oo nga eh. kaya kapag may get-together talaga, pinipilit kong makapunta kahit hapit. hehe!

ahh...nag-abroad na pala sila. kaw? no plans of going abroad?


nako bumabaha na nga rin dito eh. buhos kung buhos! hehehe! iniisip ko nga na mag-eyeglasses kaya lang nagmumukha akong lolo. ayoko naman mag-contacts. hehe!

Thanks, again...Cheers to us finding that shoe! hahaha!

jason said...

wow namimiss ko tuloy ang pagpasok sa eskwelahan..

at ang nanginginig kong kamay na bumili ng agong school supplies-ngayon office supplies na. hehe

Aabangan ko yang hari pater na yan.

Salamat at napadpad ka sa aking site.

Exchange links parekoy. haha

Angelo said...

hahaha, I probably need to find a shoe too! Seeing too much sexual innuendo around me, like in your angry make-up sex poem with all the stabbing, burying, and drinking of sweat... now that "ripe" song too.... haha... don't psychoanalyze yourself, it's a waste of time... just write freely...

Your post made me suddenly feel nostalgic for the old college days...

You're getting me intrigued with all this Harry Potter stuff. I should probably watch from the beginning to get up to speed.

payce yo!

kalansaycollector said...

i just miss school. huhu

eliment said...

oo nga pasukan nanaman!

aba at may collection ka ng class pictures nyo. hehe nakakamiss sa totoo lang ang mga dating kaibigan.

Anonymous said...


Uhm, you really need to get lai.. okay.. Take a hike!!!

Awww, nostalgic it is. Kahit halos nanay ang mga kasama ko sa group noon masaya pa rin.. Dami ko natututunan sa kanila.. Lalo na pag nagkkwentuhan sila ng mga, hayz, lam mo na.. Kaya I always remind them na may kagrupo kayong walang asawa parang awa!
Yung mga kagrupo kong lalaki deadma lang.

Chyng said...

2008 ka grad? you are young! In time, magkikita ulit kayo at masarap na kwentuhan yun! :D

Denis said...

hey ron!!!

naku, na miss ko tuloy bigla mag school.hay work has been to routinize and scaled.

uy, someone needs some labing labing hahah. i-quezon ave na yan hahahah


weekends great, nakarami ng snooze. weather is nice.

kaw, kmusta? as if i havent extracted much yet haha

Rcyan M. said...

I'm looking for the other pair of my slippers. Mind helping me find it? (--,)

lucas said...

jason: at talagang nanginginig ka pa sa pamimili ng school supplies! hehe! slamat din at naligaw ka sa site ko. peace out, parekoy!

angelo: yeah..i guess you're right. no need for psychoanalysis but i always find myself curious, especially when i write something without any founded inspiration, because most of the time i write because of impulse.

you should watch it and kindle the kid in you. hehe!

Cheers to finding that shoe! Hehehe!

kalansay: nakakamiss ang schooling pero ayoko nang bumalik sa pagiging estudyante. nakakapagod maxado. hehehe!

eli: my friends are the main reasons why i miss school, pero ayoko na maging estudyante ulit! hehehe!

dylan: hahaha! sige i'll take a hike kaya lang wala akong kasama. hehe!

ahh mga second coursers pala ang mga kasama mo. they're fun to be with kasi kahit papano may mature mag-isip sa klase namin. hehehe!

kakamiss! :)

chyng: 2008 nga ako graduate pero i'm no longer young! hehehe! nakakalbo na nga ako eh...ahehe!

denis: [uy, someone needs some labing labing hahah. i-quezon ave na yan hahahah]

hindi ko maxadong gets...anong meron sa Quezon Ave? hehehe!

ang sarap nga matulog lately! wohooo! ok lang naman ako. Prison Break Marathon ako ngayon. please no spoilers!!! hehehe

rcyan: nadyan lang yan sa tabi-tabi... baka naman tingay na ng daga! hehe! kidding!

REDLAN said...

Kelangan ko na magdouble time sa pagbasa ng entries mo kaya i printed out the previous one. The main reason is sumasakit na ang mata ko lalo na sa black background. Kelangan ko na magkasalamin.

I missed my high school and college classmates and friends too. huhuhu

HOMER said...

ALam ko kung san ung background ng pics... :)

lucas said...

homer: yeah? yung first pic sa retreat house. i forgot kung saan. malapit yata sa tagaytay? the next photos sa tapat ng school namin--perps binan.

red: nako pareho tayong kelangan ng magsalamin. ahehe. kaya hindi bagay sakin mag-eyeglasses. nagmumukha akong lolo. ahehe!

Thanks red :)

jei said...

Yikes! I love Ron! And look at those arms, ba't biglang lumaki? Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

Cute pics! Na miss ko tuloy mga barkada ko 'nung high school. Wala na, watak-watak na kami. May mga sariling buhay na kasi.

I miss you Lucas! I've been busy that's why it took me so long to visit you again.

is said...

ohh...for me it's a long times ago, i felt like that, friend.....Cheers...

I'm Indonesian,Can we get to link exchange...?

jonathan said...

I really need to get laid find the missing shoe. Hahaha! It’s now less than two months...

I intentionally deleted the remaining words for the second sentence to make it more believable. There might be someone out there willing to...

(love you)

Life after graduation goes on but it is best to walk the path with friends.

PUSANG-gala said...

hmmm--leader ka pala ng gang mate ha---very unlikely based sa pagkakakilala ko su sa blogosphere---I thought you are this cerebral person who would prefer to stay in one corner and do his thing---hehe.

are these pictures new? have you grown your hair again mate? I think I still prefer the skinny thing-haha.peace


RON! I will be back soon....

lucas said...

jei: bakit lumaki yung braso ni ron? hehehe! baka sa potion! kidding :P have you watched "driving lessons"?siya bida dun eh...

bihira na rin kami nagkikita but still we make sure we find time.

salamat for taking time to visit :)

is: sure, but unfortunately, i couldn't find your address...hmmm...

jon: i wish that, mate. i wish that :D hehe!

antonio: you're quite right, mate. It was quite great challenge for me coz i usually prefer to work alone...and then when i became the leader, i had to make some adjustments.

no. those were taken last year. i have no plans of growing my hair back. i hated my hair! hehehe!

kj: thanks for the drop!

fufu said...

the half-blood prince is coming to town?? wow...cant wait to watch the movie :)

Angelo said...

hmmm, don't worry if I analyze something interesting in your writing, I'll let you know hahaha... those spur of the moment impulses probably reveal more about you psyche... haha damn shoes, can't live with them, can't live w/out them!

Myk2ts said...

ron: nice to hear from you mate, yeah, im uber excited to see newmoon. sana lang eh hindi masyadong iniba yung movie. newmoon kasi yung pinaka magandang part ng saga. :) transformers, then hp6 pa. haaaaay cant wait :p

Mon said...

love potion diba gayuma yun! teka, nandito na ko nung isang araw pa kaso diko matapos tapos basahin kasi kakapagod galing sa work.

wow! good to know we have something in common, mate. hehe. i agree nobody is perfect but i believe there is a certain someone that's perfect for each of us. i mean, yung hindi perpek peru swak para sa'tin. hehe. i hope i make sense. tulog muna ako.

.pOot! said...

ang bilis nga lumipas ng oras. simula pa lang ng bakasyon ko, eh pasukan na naman. hehe. ADIK!

pero buti na rin yun. miss ko na kasi room ko sa dorm. ano na kaya hitsura nun? uhmmm...

lucas said...

Thanks to you guys! balik ako bukas para sa matinong reply. ahehe! Got to go back to my marathon!

istepf said...

nald, aku din,, namiss ko ng pumasok,, lalo n nung ngstart n din classes ni em.. inggit ako,, i missed studying as well,, kya alm mo ngbabasa ko ulit ng mga notes natin,, wala lng.. hehe.. ;]

xcited n din ako s HP,, basahin ko n pla ulit.. hehe.. :D

well, ayako ng mgcomment dun s mga psychoanalysis chorva mo, hahaha.. =)

miss yah!♥

lucas said...

steph: bakit ayaw mo magcomment? hehehe!

nagbabasa ka pala ulit ng HP. ako hindi ko matapos yung "Cholera". parang naninibago ako. walang chapters at ang liit ng font???

kamiss talagang pumasok!

kokoi said...

had a hard time spotting you in the pictures. hehe. i cant wait for HP!

kcatwoman said...

naaalala ko yung mga nursing memories from your pics, .kahit sobrang hirap ng college, hindi mo talaga makakalimutan yung mga friends.

anyway, bakit naman ganun ang freudian interpretation non. anyways, talaga naman pag freud.ang synonym ay bastos. just saying.. ahaha

Rcyan M. said...

asan ka po pala dito? (^^,) just wondering...