You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


angels, demons, and pizza


AT LAST, I was able to watch Angels and Demons on the big screen—twice in one sitting. Hales was not with me though. It’s been awhile since the last time I enjoyed a blockbuster in a movie house alone. She already watched it and blatantly gave a warning, telling me not to waste time watching it (which I think could be categorized as a mild form of a spoiler). But how could I not? I’ve anticipated for it for so long. I’ll not get disappointed till I see it for myself.

After more than four hours on my favorite seat along the aisle, occasionally taking a bite of a regular asado siopao (the only decent snack I could afford due to my dire financial status) without taking my eyes off the screen, I can say that it was a good watch, at
least way better than its predecessor—The Da Vinci Code. It even toppled Star Trek in the box-office. While watching, I was trying desperately to detach the book purist in me so as to keep myself from whining about:

1. Leonardo Vetra becoming the Silvano guy.

2. Maximillian Kohler being erased from the script.
3. Trashing the legend of the Illuminati Diamond.

Aside from these, I consider the changes forgivable and woven in a way that even non-readers could connect to. I like how they twisted the story by sparing Cardinal Baggia, one of the preferiti. It gave an element of surprise to the readers and non-readers alike.

I think the movie did well on the technical aspect. I love the visual effects and cinematography. The St. Peter’s Square shots were amazing especially when the antimatter finally annihilated at the climax of the film. The musical scoring was superb. It’s obvious that they adapted it from the Da Vinci Code soundtrack but it still set the mystical and ominous tone of film. The movie w
as fast paced and exhilarating—the way it should be. The cast did their part very well. Ewan McGreggor who played the role of the Camerlengo was superb. The woman who played Vittoria was gorgeous even though her performance lacked a little personality. Tom Hanks played it cool this time adding the right amount of humor to the chaotic plot.

When the movie ended, I observed the crowd’s reactions. They don’t look satisfied. It made me wonder if I liked the movie just because of my insatiable fanaticism for the book. But anyway, I went home with a smile thinking I didn’t waste a hundred pesos. I concluded the night watching a Korean comedy flick, 100 days with Mr. Arrogant, while binging on tons of pizza left-overs from the fridge. It was a fun-fun-fun day!
Peace out! :D


ShatterShards said...

I rather enjoyed the movie as well. It did good, considering they weren't able to film most of the scenes on location. There are times, though, that the blue screen effect was obvious, especially the scene where they were surveying the Pantheon, but all is good.

I, too, was disappointed that they took out the Illuminati Diamond. I was rather hoping to see that on-screen. But then, again, the inverted cross plot point made it easier for all concerned to find out where the anti-matter device was located.

So you watch movies alone as well? Cool! Akala ko ako lang ang nag e-enjoy sa ganoon. hehe

kalansay said...

cool. sana mapanood ko.

Anonymous said...

i haven't seen it yet, even though it's showing na here. but i heard bad reviews about it, especially coming from those who really read the book.

a while ago, i was shocked after seeing a poster of harry potter 6 on one of the buildings. it's showing soon! waaahhhh!

RJ said...

Huh! I was really expecting to see Maximillian Kohler and his wheelchair in the movie. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

4.5 out of 5 tickets for Angels and Demons- the movie, though I still like the original plot of Dan Brown about the Pope and the Camerlango. Like you, I love how the film writers saved Cardinal Baggia from drowning. Akala ko pa naman si Cardinal Mortati na ang magiging Pope.

Nakanganga nga ako sa dulo dahil ang daming changes, hindi ko binantayan ang ibang part, mahalaga pala 'yon. Huhmn...

I'm planning to watch it again tomorrow night! Huh, isang full show lang kasi ang pwedeng mapanood ng isang movie ticket dito.

Chyng said...

I must say I forget all the details, pero naaalala kong the 4 cardinals died. Sana ginawa nilang significant pano pinatay.

Nwey, ok to saken. Mabilis ang phasing. ;)

HOMER said...

I watched it yesterday. Parehas tayu, watched it ALONE! haha!! Hindi ko na naintay yung labas sa office ng mga friends ko haha!!

Anyway, as you said ok ang cinematography, pero may mga deviations nga from the book. I must admit I wasnt that satisfied with the film, I dont know if I expected too much, since it's a second Dan Brown film, or the movie's just not that great. :D

jei said...

man, i think i like this site. because i still don't have the time to read as of the moment, i'm gonna splurge on these posts later. i'll add you up. i hope it's just okay with you.

Rcyan M. said...

YEHEY!!! I'm the first one to comment on your blog entry! Hahaha! I've read the book. It's really nice.

Personally, I am not against having books translated onscreen for as long as the movie producers do not destroy the essence of the story.

Thanks for leaving a comment. Anyway, I think you won't mind me following your blog, right? (^^,)

Eyprille said...

haha.. same feeling dude! I loved the book and that's one thing that made me so excited to watch it despite the issues and "nega" critics.. however, I opened my mind that certain changes would really be evident... Some lines from the book were also used interchangeably.. For some1 who havent read the book, the movie's superb...for those readers who compared the movie adaptation, well, it was quite a mess.. and that's one bad thing about those who read a book and watch its movie... for me.. though I've read the book, I enjoyed the movie without stressing myself that some parts were altered.. just cant help it.. reading from a book and the book itself is incomparable.. :) Kudos to Dan Brown And Ron Howard :D (I also watched the movie twice... with different groups of frends at different time slots.. nyahahaa)

vanvan said...

oohhh...may mga changes pala..
i also love the book and maybe if i happen to watch it, magiging satisfied din ako because of my fascination of the book..

maganda nman daw sabi ng mga friends ko..

ay, im excited to watch na tuloy...ggrrr...

lucas said...

shatts: yeah...the art direction really pulled off. the scenes inside the basilica was in CG too right? hindi maxado halata kasi madilim ang kuha.

it's disappointing but the twist with the inverted cross made sense.

yeah...especially blockbusters. hehe! ayoko kasi ng istorbo minsan. hehe!

kalansay: you should watch it :)

pao: the book was really good so i'm not surprised if their high expectations disappoint them...

nako less than 2 months na lang HP^ na! waaaaaaa!

RJ: me too! i was expecting Kohler. i thought his character could reinforce the clash between science and religion in the movie.

4.5? may butal pa? hehe! natuwa nga ako nung nabuhay si baggia. it was a nice surprise.

uulitin mo ulit? astig. ako nga rin parang gusto ko ulitin! haha!

homer: astig manood kapag mag-isa noh? haha! except kapag romantic at comdey ang palabas. hahaha!

nako, i'm not surprised na hindi mo maxado nagustuhan. hehe! i was trying desperately not to be book purist while watching it or else sayang lang panonood ko. hehe! peace out!

chyng: yeah...the apat nga yung namatay sa book. they spared the 4th one in the movie... nako mas magugustuhan yun ni kris jasper kapag pinakita pa yung pagpatay. hehe! i agree.the pace of the movie was fluid and thrilling.

jei: thanks for adding me, jei :) and for dropping by...:)

cool. the book has really set the bar so high that it's almost pointless to match it with a movie adaptation. the book draws the readers to expect so much of the movie...but like i said. it was a good watch. hehe!

can't wait for Dan's next book. Solomon's Key, is it?

van: you should watch na! tamang-tama birthday ni banana. hehehe!

rcyan: me too. as long as they remain true to the books. and i think the 'angels and demons' movie stuck to what dan offered in the book despite the changes...

thanks :) sure, i won't mind...

Reyn said...

WTH is that 'autograph'?! haha..

Did I text you that I already watched this film? Loved it!

jericho said...

i liked the film as well. they managed to deliver the essentials despite the limitations of big screen adaptation. there were departures from the book but it was still seamless. of course, the book was more riveting. hehe


nyak. hindi ko pa napapanood... :(

jonathan said...

Read the book. Will try to watch the movie. Thanks for the reviews and the blog visit as always.

lucas said...

reyn: yeah! i did. it's cool that you loved it. hehe! peace out!

jericho: the book had set the bar so high that comparing it to the movie adaptation is almost pointless. hehe! but i agree. the changes still complimented the essence of the story.

josh: then watch it already! hehe! :)

jon: you're always welcome, my friend.

keep safe! :)

cpsanti said...

tsk. i still haven't seen this one ron ;-) i too am a book purist so i have to tamp down the urge to point out the differences ;-)

odin hood said...

hahaha kulit ng title :D

Denis said...

i wont watch the movie and so i wont read this post. hahah

honest, first post mo na di ko babasahin since i started reading this blog. sorry hehe


yeah november na yung new moon. exciting ang cast

walongbote said...

No I haven't watched the movie yet.. buT I love reading spoiler so I will have an idea.. lile the mickey mouse watched of TOM HANKS. lol.

electropunk said...

don't wanna read this post because I haven't seen the movie yet, hehe

Allen Yuarata said...

Cardinal Mortati's name was changed too. And the Hassasin. At hindi nakasama si Langdon sa helicopter. haha.

I watched the movie twice alone. I also enjoy watching movies on my own.


leslie said...

our sentiments about the film are the same. it's kinda disappointing since i specially scheduled my may 15 for the event...well, i guess it also boils down to the market and the limitations of the filmmakers :D

lucas said...

cpsanti: then you should watch it. if you loved the book there's no point of not watching it. hehe! thanks for dropping by :)

odin: thanks for dropping by, odin... been awhile since the last time i've been to your blog.

denis: you won't watch it? why? hehe! di mo rin naman pala papanoorin hindi mo pa binasa! hahaha! peace ou!

mukhang interesting nga ang new moon na to. sana medyo malalim yung story. ang babaw kasi ng twilight. hehe!

walongbote: wow...kakaiba ka rin, mate ah. baliktad tayo. i hate reading spoilers...hehe! i LOATHE them actually. hehe! thanks for dropping by...

electropunk: buti hindi mo binasa! hehe! i didn't check the application. baka mahimatay ako d2. haha

allen: oo nga eh. the Hassasin was very far from what i pictured from reading the book. Geeky yung sa movie eh no? with eyeglasses and laptop? hehe!

cool! pareho nga tayo...hehe!

leslie: thanks for sharing your sentiments, leslie :)

REDLAN said...

iba talaga ang feeling kapag excited ka na mapanood ang isang pelikula. Maganda ang aura paglabas ng sinehan. Kelan ipapalabas ang HP?

issshhh said...

Hindi ko na binasa yung buon blog kase di ko pa napapanood yung movie. Ayoko ng spoilers. :P

I am expecting so much on this film. Sana the movie can live up to the book's awesomeness!

Looking For The Source said...

waaah! spoilers! season endings [kape't yosi's post about prison break..]

syempre di ko babasahin, hahaha. di ko pa napapanood..

comment mode lang! hahah

Anonymous said...

I was never really interested into some sort of movies.. wala lang, di ko type.. hehe. My kanya kanyang taste naman tayo eh.Di ko masabing d ko type anf fiction kasi marami na kong napanood at sinubaybayan like HP. ;) but pizza! oh yeah.. kaya pala tumataba ka!

ShatterShards said...

Wow, serious player... Rare breed ka pala. hehe

Yep, Art Direction for Angels & Demons was really good, and the GCI composite of the various locations, forgivable.

Next sa list ng movies: Terminator: Salvation. I might watch alone again. hehe

.pOot! said...

i want to see the film straight from the big screen.

lucas said...

red: sa July 15 alam ko. hehe! can't wait! :)

issshhh: buti na lang di mo binasa. hehe! i'll say no more baka mabigyan pa kita ng spoiler..hehe! thanks for dropping by...

the source: oo nga eh. hindi ko rin binasa yun! hehe!

dylan: tama. kanya-kanyang trip lang yan. ano ba trip mong mga movies?

fave ko ang pasta at pizza. hays..oo nga eh. di bale na. solb na solb naman eh. hehe!

shatts: rare breed ba? hehe! oo kaya mahirap makahanap ng seryoso din. pero okay lang... fates will have their say. soon i hope...

CGI din pala yung mga aerial shots...galing.

hindi ako fan ng terminator. baka HP6 na sunod kong panonoorin sa sinehan. hehe! peace out!

poot: enjoy the movie!

lunarhemizphere said...

So nabasa mo rin pala ang as for me, mas maganda nman ang pgkakagawa nito kaysa sa da vinci code na movie. Nakakadisappoint talaga kapag ginagawang movie ang isang novel. It's better na basahin na lang kaysa panoorin. Nagiging shit lang eh. yeah. lalo na yung Twilight. darn.

lucas said...

i'm learning to not compare books and adapted movies para maenjoy kopareho. hehe! the book was just great but i still had to see it on film para naman magmaterialize yung mga na-imagine ko while reading it. hehe! peace out!

istepf said...

hay naku buti n lng tlga, d ko to nbsa bgo ko napanood ung movie.. haha.. super spoiler! hehe..=)

well, unlike you, i watched the movie with my two siblings (yup, mom wasnt with us,, too bad, she knows how excited i am with the movie..)

and because im the only one who read the book, pinagitna ako ng dlwa kong kapatid.. hehe.. hirap kya, they keep asking questions & i try my very best to explain and at the same time sundan ang mga ngyayari s malaking screen s harap ko.. hehe..=)

the movie was ok, though i must say im quite disappointed, what with some characters missing.. hehe.. (i wouldnt narrate, ill leave that pg ngkita tyo! ^^, ) pero astig p rin! i still love it- overall! =)

naku naku,, dami ko gusto ishare.. hehe.. ang haba n.. hihi..=) so xcited to see you again.. psensya n, nphaba, hehe..=) miss yah!♥

lucas said...

nako bui na lang talaga! hehe!

huh? bakit hindi sumama si tita oya? nako eh di hapit ka sa panonood. pero okay rin yun at least may kakwentuhan ka. ako wala, but still enjoyed it. :)

nabalitaan mo ba? nanakawan si joy ng cellphone...hays...

nako kelan ba tayo ulit magkikita? marami tayong pagkukwentuhan...naiipon na nman eh. hehehe!

miss you steph! mwah! :)

Ely said...

Just like the Da Vinci Code, i'm one of the few who didn't get to appreciate this. Not something that would land on my favorite-movies list.

lucas said...

ely: yeah... i'm not surprised. it just shows sa iba-iba ang mga trip natin. hehehe! so have you read the book?

istepf said...

mhabang istorya kung bkit d nksama ang mama..Ü

sayo ko lng nlaman ng nwalan pla ng phone c ate,, kala ko ngpalit lng tlga sya ng number.. pero ngktxt n rin kmi bout dun,, naisip ko nga ung pictures natin s phone nya.. waaahhh! haha..

naku,, kelan nga kaya? free k b tom? we could meet.. txt k h..Ü

lucas said...

ay ganun? can'y leave anytime crisis to the highest level. hehehe!

txt kita kung kelan ako pwede.