You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


one hundred and one

WAS NEVER THIS INTIMATE WITH WORDS until I decided to make this online diary. I knew I could write but not like this—wherein I can express myself, in a very subtle way and with virtually no known limits. I realized I could write anything that whirls inside my head as long as there’s a spark of inspiration. No piece of paper will remain blank with a free mind and an ounce of inspiration.

I have a personal connection with this blog. Sometimes, I feel like I am actually more honest with what I write here than what I share with my friends. There’s a different kind of satisfaction in expressing your thoughts, feelings through written words than those that are spoken, or perhaps it’s just the introverted me taking over. Well, this is my other side and I’m kindling it.

Usually when I’m inspired to write something, I would just sit by our couch, turn on some music, and start scribbling words, having no idea where they came from nor what they really stood for. It’s amazing how words find you and not the other way around. That is why I get so excited when readers psychoanalyze me through my works. Whenever I write, it’s almost always an opportunity to dwell on my thoughts, becoming fully aware of what I think and feel. I get to reflect and to learn about myself. And it’s really surprising how my words sometimes connect to those who read them. And it’s pretty flattering that certain people here really do care of what goes on inside my convoluted brain. Writing brings about surprises even to the author and I think that is one factor why I am drawn to this. I am a lover of surprises.

A year has passed and the Coffin Rock has finally reached a milestone. I am really proud of what I have accomplished here. (Yes. It’s an accomplishment, keeping this blog afloat despite all the chaotic stuff happening.) Sometimes, I’d browse through my archives and I couldn’t help but feel strangely happy, remembering the times I have spent to write each post (mostly on editing and re-editing), the inspirations and stories behind them and that familiar feeling of satisfaction I get from finishing one. You will not believe me if I tell you how long it usually takes me to write a decent entry. :P

I can say I have somehow improved on my writing skills. I sometimes compare my older posts to my recent ones. But there are still a lot rooms for improvement of course. I’m still struggling with my sentence constructions and tenses and I can go on and on). Anyway, that is one reason why I decided to blog—to enhance my creative writing skills. Good thing there are loads of brilliant writers here I am learning from. I get to broaden my horizon on different writing styles and they are gazillions of them here. It’s nice to have a glimpse of how the minds of other people work through their words, how they choose to express them in so many artistic ways, and relates to the circumstances happening in your my life. Indeed, a story doesn’t exist in itself. My story might be your story too.

To you readers who gave me words of encouragements, shared their views, and gave pieces of yourselves; to Haley and Steph, who supported me with this endeavor, and finally to Ton, who introduced me to this virtual sphere—Thank you.

So what’s next for the Coffin Rock? I guess I’m just going to keep writing in an attempt to deconstruct the reality of things. Life. Love. Myself. I will continue scribbling these chronicles in the hope that someone would get lost in here and find himself.

This is Lucas and you’re reading my 100th post.


Ely said...

Wow! Congrats! I on the other hand, wasn't keeping track with the number of entries I've been posting in my blog, so my 100th post is still unknown. LOL.

I could relate to what you've said. Blogging is indeed therapeutic, not to mention a good way to practice one's writing skills.

Toilet Thoughts said...

Nice! Congrats on your 100th post!

Keep on writing! :P

ShatterShards said...

Congratulations on your 100th.

AS with me, keeping my blog is a writing exercise where I get to expound on my skills. Having people read and comment on them is an added bonus I didn't expect I would get to enjoy.

Keep on writnig, keep ion blogging. Cheers!

ordinary_guy1234 said...

naks ang dami n palang naisulat ni kuya lucas. congrats, sana ako din umabot jan. hehehe

chico said...

happy 100th post ron! ano ? wala pang pa berger? hehehe o kaya jhonny walker? toinks, keeo on walking. este blogging pala.

Chyng said...

ohh, 100 meaningful posts! keep them coming.

know what, i started One Tree Hill last week. and Lucas reminded me of you! ;D

jonathan said...

Learning comes in many form and reading your entries had become a habit. True, your story could also be my story and by sharing them, it reminds us that we are never alone with our happiness and loneliness. Cheers to a 100th posts and more!

leslie said...

congratulations! 100 posts na pala...naks :D
sowee i have been super busy deez deyz...i have forgotten about blogging kea ni-post ko nlng a few detective conan and bleach vids...
congrats uli!

duke said...

wahaw!! one year na!

golly, i cringe everytime i read my past entries. really. i'm like 'what the F was i thinking?' or like, "duh! trying hard!". there are about 2 that i like and about a million entries i wished i never wrote. lol.

anyway, here's to many more years of experiences, to many more sad stories that somewhat squeeze the mind's writing prowess, to more happiness that no amount of words can express, and to life, which....naubusan na ako ng sasabihin.

tagay na lang.

jei said...

Nice Ron! Very nice! Congratulations dude! By the way, I so like your 100th post.

I also love blogging because I'm a kind of person who isn't keen of sharing my thoughts through spoken words. I can express myself better in writing. I'm also not a blabber, in fact, they say I'm the silent type. Mas gusto ko kasi yung sinusulat. That's the reason why I started my blogsite.

Let's keep on blogging and let's not lose our connection to all our friends from the blogshere.

fufu said...

yeah... i will keep reading your posts... so keep writing ok?? i love blogging

fyi : i am just back from china...was away from home since 2mths ago =p

hideandseek said...

congratulations on your 100th post. I agree with you that blogging gives a certain therapeutic effect. I love every post you have and I have always looked forward on your new entry by checking the blogroll on my old blog. Without even asking your permission i just added you again on my new one...i hope you don't mind. thanks po.. :)

bulitas said...

you do write great!

and i know i haven't thanked you for your constant comments on my blog. big thanks, man.


keep on writing!

jayvie said...

eeeeh! congrats!

we'll keep reading Ü

mark said...

Wow! Congrats! you made it... Indeed an accompliShment...

and wanan Say.. i do love the way u Write..

Hope i do have that talent .


Season 2. Sadyang kaabang-abang!

As for me, isang bahagi lang ng pagkatao ko ang bumubuhay sa blog ko.

Congrats dude! i am proud!

REDLAN said...

Am late but I wanna greet you pa rin happy 100th post! Galing mo nga. Palagi akong nosebleed pati utak ko dumudugo rin.

I am more excited to read every post na mapublish mo. Patuloy ko pa rin itonbg babasahin kahit late na minsan.

The Itinerant said...

Hi Lucas, congratulations!

It takes courage to share our life to others just like with this personal blog. Keep blogging :)

The Leaves of Tarkong said...

true enough. words would really come out where we sometimes don't expect they would...

keep writing; blogging is indeed a great mentor. you will soon eventually find yourself into the chaos of lovely words, but surely loving and mastering the mystery of it all.

thank you for commenting and appreciating my son's unique name. hehehe. and congrats to your 100th post!

here's my writing journal -

ELAY said...

ako din, im really connected with my posts lalong lalo na sa escapades. congrats master!

Denis said...

Kudos brother.

This site only gets better.

haleyjames said...


happy 100th. can you believe that i got tears in my eyes? i miss you so much, and that coffin rock really meant a lot.

keep strong, keep you writing and keep the faith.

i love you dearly.

...your haley.Ü

the spool artist said...

Big reason to celebrate, ron... it's your 100th post!!! Let's open a bottle of champagne!

Seriously, I'll be in Manila next week for a couple of days... treat kita for a bottle of Moet Chandon or Taittinger!

PUSANG-gala said...

buti kapa mate---nadiscover mo talent mo sa pagsususlat--ako mahigit 1 year na blog pero feeling ko wlng nag-improve sa pagsususlat ko--lalo pa atang lumalala kamo dahil sa katamaran most of the time. hehe---maybe wl talaga akong talent----but you are a different story----you are good at it. so keep it up

Allen Yuarata said...

That's just why people aim to improve. Because it surprises them.

Para siyang gift pag birthday, you never know what you get. Kaya as time goes by, di mo napapansin you've improved a lot na. Ang masarap ang pakiramdam diba? hehe.

Congratulations with the hundredth post! Sana umabot pa ng thousandth!

Abaniko said...

Keep on finding yourself, keep on blogging, Lucas! Happy blogiversary!

kokoi said...

print each entry tapos icompile mo na parang libro. :)

Congratuleyshens! (said ala-Eugene Domingo)

Here's to a Hundred more! CHeeRS!

Anonymous said...

late na, pero hahabol ako sa pagbati. Congratulations on your 100th! :)

and just to echo what everyone has said, you do really write well kaya naman kaabang-abang ang bawat post. we look forward to more and more of these wonderful entries!

rowjie said...

hello ron! it's been a while. busy ako recently. anyway, congrats sa ika-100 blog entry. keep blogging! :)

Catch said...

congratulations. i must say i just accidentaly stumbled on your blog and sure indeed i was captured. i hope you dont mind me putting you on my blog list. keep it up!

eli said...

congrats ron,

just continue this journey and learn from it.

keep on writing!

kcatwoman said...

wow congratulations.its an honor reading your 100th post. im sure youre aware of this but you are one of the most gifted bloggers around. love to one of your readers.

youre great!

bena said...

Congrats on your 100th post Ron! Keep this blog alive! Cheers!

I'm glad to be back here again.. =)