You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


excessive body hairs and receding hairlines

I WAS IN CORPORATE ATTIRE. Sleek polo, cream-colored slacks, rusty lopez, shoes, and a gelled hairdo. I was on a job interview that day; that I think didn’t go really well. The interviewer seemed to be uninterested in me but I’d rather say, she’s just bored with her freaking job. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a woman jumping from the fourteenth floor of that insular life building in Alabang. Too bad I didn’t (hehe!)

Rejected, I decided to watch “journey to the center of the earth’, in festival mall, with ate cay, who generously accompanied me to the job venue. It was a good watch but it would’ve been great in IMAX 3D. Really cool effects but I daresay, had pretty shallow storyline. it lifted my spirits a little higher though. I am just a sucker for motion pictures (hehe!).

It seemed that we were the only ones who enjoyed the movie. The people seemed apathetic, almost indifferent towards the movie playing on wide screen. I could still remember how heads turned to where we were sitting. It’s an adventure movie! Duh?! We couldn’t help to scream our lungs out. But for the rest of the audience, we seemed to have disrupted their goodnight sleep.

After the movie, we decided to go home, but ate cay needed to buy a Band-Aid. Apparently, her stilettos are having a good laugh for torturing her feet. We went to a drugstore. We decided to have a look around, talking about beauty products and stuff. And then, a demo girl approached ate cay, and gave her a pamphlet. It advertises Regrowe (I’m not sure about the spelling. Hehe!)-- a product to facilitate hair growth, to increase hair volume, and to save people from living miserable lives for having balding heads. Hope it could save me too! (huhu!)

Anyway, the demo girl, offered to have our hairs checked and how their product could help. I give the girl credit for spotting us, me especially. She spotted my receding hairlines like a predator on a prey. (hays) I was really hesitant. It’s fine, really. but at least I want it done on a more private place. I could still imagine myself in corporate attire, with a demo girl all over me, toying with my hair with a probe…in front of everyone else in the mall. The stall was near the entrance of the drugstore. (crap) I remember how customers entered the store, took a glance, and stared straight through my head…ate cay has this indestructible convincing powers (hays). Hate it.

Sitting on a high chair, I waited for what the girl’s about to do. Then, she checked my hair with a probe, which magnifies everything…I mean everything!! (waa!), and everything that the probe sees could be visualized through a small monitor on the stall’s desk. And there it was. With all it’s glory. It’s definitely one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen (human feces and vomit never left the top spots). The scalp, when, magnified looked slimy, as if it’s covered with some mucus substance. So gross. The hair strands looked like some weird, worm-like creatures covered with the same mucus (eew!). I wished with all my heart that I had no head lice. I wouldn’t stand it if one smiled back at me in the monitor…magnified with all its eight legs…

The demo girl started to explain. She told me that most of my hair is healthy…as evidenced by fat hair strands, with small spaces between them. But along the hairlines, the hair strands were a lot thinner and widely spaced from each other. (hays). I told that my condition is brought about by hereditary factors (I didn’t dare tell her I’m a chronic hair gel user. Hehe!), but she told me that their product could still be effective even in such premise. (Well, that’s unlikely. Hehe!)

I was really conscious with my hair for the fact that I’m a ‘kulot’ and it’s really hard to maintain a decent hairdo, so I use gel all the time. But when I get tired of fixing these stubborn curls, I just wear a cap. I thought I look cool with a cap, disregarding the fact that I’m killing my hair. The cap acts like a microwave oven, especially during the hot season. (hehe!)

My body seems to compensate with the significant loss of my hair. I have grown a lot of body hair in many wonderful places (ehem!) that I never failed to amuse people who notice. In high school, I was called ‘hairy potter’ for being hairy and a harry potter fanatic at the same time. I have grown quite a lot of hair especially in my legs and thighs, and to make it more dramatic, they’re curlier than the hair on my balding head (hehe!).

Until now, I don’t know whether having excessive body hair is a good thing or not. I remember the girls in my high school class grossed out at the sight of it, but still insist to have a look. Weird, I thought. They used to tease me for being ‘balbon’. What fascinates me is how girls (and some guys. Haha! Joke!) react when I let them have a look, especially the chest hairs, and the infamous ‘karug’ (the hair between the belly button and the pubic area) I have a lot of really close girl friends and I let some of them take a look and hear their comments (suggestions, or violent reactions! Haha). One said its gross, with her eyes on her hands (in the attempt to see, but just a little. Like watching horror movies huh? Hehe). The other seemed undecisive, but with a shy, malicious look on her face. and another girl, this time with a longing look. She seemed happy and a little aggressive (I actually thought she would tear my pants off with aggression! Haha!). But whatever! I still consider being a ‘balbon’ an asset!

So there are my hair dilemmas…I just wish to have a job soon so I could buy that regrowe product. 60 mL of it costs 700 mL just good for half a month because I have to use it twice a day. it depends on the severity of the hair’s condition according to the demo girl, so mines a little bit severe I guess…hehe! Ciao!


mrs.j said...


hope to c u in a formal attire :P

Turismoboi said...

curly is cute kaya!

ROneiluke said...

to mrs j: nako don't wish for it..hehe..

to turismoboi: cute nga ang hirap namang ayusin...parang gusto ko n ngang magpakalbo..pero tingin q di bagay..hehe

acey said...

do you wear caps or hats a lot? my cousin used to lose a lot of hair because of it. he was advised by a doctor to avoid wearing baseball caps especially during hot days. now his hair is back. :)

i hope you get a job soon! i just started job hunting, too. god bless to us. haha.

thanks for dropping by my blog and for adding me up to your links. :)

GUrbi said...

Haha, my hair is straight. Anyways, tnx for visitin' my blog,

ROneiluke said...

to ms. acey: thanks po ng marami...lam ko po na masama sa hair yun...i just to desperate to cover my hair to hide the hairlines! ahaha! im hoping magkawork kana din..thanks alot!

to gurbi: sure...thanks for visiting too...ciao!

Abou said...

ako me receding hairlines din. gosh. he he.

sana pag me alam kang cure buzz me up ok?

ROneiluke said...

to abou:

wag ka mag-cap at hair growers...hehe.aun.

thanks for visiting..hehe!!

odin hood said...

nakakaaliw ka magsulat... every detail kuha. i can clearly imagine yung mga friends na naeskandalo sa balbon mong katawan hahaha

ROneiluke said...

hahaha! ewan ko ba dun sa mga taong yun...hehe! slamat po ng marami...i added you up sa blogroll ko...if its cool with you...thanks again...

dabo said...

wehehe.. i missed the time im applying sa alabang (twice)all the way from bulacan, of kors, di ako natanggap..

-- --

i agree with odin.. you are creatively animated..ang saya basahin.. or it's like watching a funny scene sa mga contemporary american na series

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow...maraming maraming salamat na sa compliment...hehe!

naiiyak tuloy ako! hahaha! keep posting your comments...ciao!

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

I enjoy the reaction of people I know when they discover that I have "karug." Im not balbon so no one really expected. Then come outings or pool parties, BAM! Medyo nakakailang na nga lang pag feeling ko sobrang atensyon na.

About the receding hairline... hmmm... maybe you can try to massage your scalp when you have the chance... probabaly makes blood flow better... probably good for the hair folicles...