You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


the bridge

I WATCHED IT AGAIN, this time the version i have not yet seen until tonight. but every time i dwell on every scene and every word spoken, the emotion after seeing it never left me. my heart wonders what makes it feel this way: is it the story or the person who shared the story with me? but for someone who had crossed the line between a romantic fantasy and delusion, i somehow wish our story would end like theirs.

i remembered when she shared me this story about love letters buried under a tree to which dreams were made, about how love unites two different souls, and how we could mold destiny to seek the love of our lives. it was three years ago and i could still remember the way she smiled-one of the most beautiful things i had ever witnessed in this lifetime.

there was this guy carrying a single red rose, slowly going down the stairs. eyes were upon him and yet he didn’t care. everything was a blur except for the face of the girl sitting by the piano, playing pachelbel. it is true that a girl is most beautiful when she plays with the keys of the piano. i would sometimes imagine being that guy, carrying a pink rose instead of red. i would give it to her after striking the last note of her piece. and then i would imagine her smile, and freeze the frame in my head; the same smile she wore the day she shared me this love story.

i miss writing love letters. i miss writing corny poems. i miss painting. i miss being with someone and yet feel completely free; free to love and express love the way i know how and in the way wanted it to be expressed. i am missing a lot of things when i am brought to the emotion of being in-love when i can’t be in-love. i am not sure how my heart reasons out, but before i finally give that rose to someone, i’d want to make sure i have already cut away its thorns… write a love story, live in it, hopefully with a beautiful end i would wish to see…

. . .

"Destiny is making a bridge of chance for your love..."


RJ said...

Don't worry, while waiting for that perfect timing to fall in love again the empty pages of On the Coffin Rock are always there- ready to be filled with your lovely and expressive words!

dabo said...

a beautiful end i wish to see...

hmmnn hala sagad na ang pagka-hopeless romantic mo ron...:) but why only see it, try to taste it, feel it and smell.. don't just stand witness to farmers and fishermen

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Its so lovely...but I always wonder, why life and love is not easy as we read in the book...

is it hard to find the happy ending?


Abou said...

a rose will never be complete without its thorns...

REDLAN said...

this post is so romantic. nakaka in love naman. hehe

alex said...

i think it's time to mingle single!

who knows you might bump into someone na hit sayo ^^

cheer up ron ^^


musta buhay?? i need a life! haha

Anonymous said...

wow. i loved that post. left me speechless. true words from a true man.

the spool artist said...

You are such a hopeless romantic, Ron. Whoever steals your heart next time would be lucky to have you churn out beautiful words and awe-inspiring musings!

Jake said...

This post made me see what a gentleman you are!

I sure would like to have a brother-in-law just like you.

Can I arrange a date between you and my sister? Hahaha! She's a banker, deep in work and doesn't have time for dates. I hope she doesn't read this comment or I'll be damned. :)

acey said...

well-written, ron! :)

it's making me miss love, too. haha.

Denis said...

missing some things makes it more interesting.

waiting for your Person is always the sweetest agony

lucas said...

RJ: yeah...buti na lang unlimited ang pwedeng ilagay dito..mukhang matatagalan pa yun eh..hehe!

dabo: good to see you here again, mate :)

i'll keep that in mind :)

zara: some say fiction imitates life like those in books we read... somehow i think it's a way for us to live a little easier reality than what we live right now... :)

abou: i agree... but in some way getting rid of it would somehow make things less complicated... :)

red: hehe! thanks! let's be in-love!

alex: hehe! sa ngayon wala pang nakakabunggo o wala pa akong nabubunngo..hehe!

i need a life too. i'm a little bored. hehe!

cutter pilar: thanks, mate :) thanks for the drop :)

spool artist: hehe! kinakabahan nga ako baka nandun nako maubusan na ako ng beautiful words... haha!

jake: hahaha! that's so flattering.

i guess she's a little workaholic? tell her to loosen up a bit, ayt? a banker? wow...

acey: why? aren't you in-love at the moment. it's kinda hard to believe that :)

denis: i agree... i'd like to believe something good comes to those who wait :)

PUSANG-gala said...

why did you say you can't be in love?

don't hold back:

Rom---remember that.

eli said...

very romantic naman ng pagkasulat mo.

everything has its own perfect time.

gravity said...

reminds me of my sassy girl! =)

i wish you happiness..genuine happiness =)

eli said...

feel na feel ko ang bawat sinasabi mo. galing ng words mo.

basta po, laging mayroon right place at right time

lucas said...

pusang-gala: yeah..i know..i can't be in the moment at least :) thanks for the advice :)

eli: yeah... pero minsan naiisip ko is it us that could make a perfect timing. hehe!

gravity: actually sassy girl nga yung napanood ko..hehe! yung english version starring elisha cuthbert at jesse bradford..hehe!

Aris said...

hello ron, err, lucas. nice, romantic post. welcome back. just added you to my links. :)

Mugen said...

I cannot fathom your romanticism. How I wish my brand of romance could be as powerful and evocative as yours.

Ely said...

boy romantico! hehehe. Your posts are just impressive. you seem to be really inspired.

Chyng said...

A beautiful journey is enough...

Another inspiration lang kelangan to write a beautiful poem again.. ;)

Anyway, the lady in purple is real!

ponCHONG said...


what's the difference between red and pink rose.

i like the last part. "...remove it's thorns..."

nice one again ron.

Dhianz said...

...ang sweet... graveh.. kung sino man syah na magiging "the one" moh.. eh she would be a one lucky blessed girl to have u... and of course kaw den to have her... yeah dat feeling of bein' inluv eh nakakamiss... but enjoy moh lang ang moment moh habang nde pa sya dumarating... it'll be worth d' wait... darating den syah in His perfect timing... you can still write love letters for her... ipunin moh... and then pag nagkita kayo... then ibigay moh... remain faithful to her habang walah pa syah... sendali... i quote koh 'ung some part nang book na binabasa koh... he was single before... pero he trusted God na darating 'ung babaeng mamahalin nyah... habang walah pa itoh.... he was writing a love letter to her... itz a true story... itoh 'ung some part nung love story nilah...


"See all these letters" he said, flipping through page after page of notebook paper. "I wrote these to you years before we ever met. I've been saving them for our honeymoon!"

For hours, I poured through the letters, fascinated by this man I had married. I was intrigued by his amazing journey as a single person, before I had known him.

"Tonight I am on a mission trip in Bulgaria" wrote one, "and I long for you to be with me in the joy of ministering God's truth."

"I am gazing at a gorgeous sunset," said another, "and it's not the same without you here to share it. I don't know where you are tonight, but I'm praying for you, I love you."


... natuwa lang akoh ishare sau... oh yeah.. luv dat story "the sassy girl" devah... yeah kapag minsan nakakita ren akoh nang puno.. eh 'un 'ung naalala koh... luv dat love story... graveh... they were really meant for each other... napanood koh 'ung story nah 'un sa loob nang isang araw... madmeng oras ang inispend koh sa computer non.. it was recommended to me by a friend.. i only watched it online... as in subtitle pah... pero wow... ganda.. luv it... so yeah.. mahaba nah toh... wehe.. aabangan koh luv story moh kung sakaling nanditoh ka pah sa blogsphere sa panahon na mameet moh syah... ingatz kah...

Godbless! -di

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart (NIV)

- jUbeRtjOhN - said...

kuya ron,

when it comes to writing, your really the best. keep it up!

:| jUb.

Richard the Lionheart said...

Very lovable story...

Sana ganyan din sakin... Para may thrill!

I wish!

kalansaycollector said...

huwag akong tanungin sa love love na iyan... haha.

hay pagibig nga naman...

lucas said...

aris: thanks :) you're on my roll for ages now...

mugen: each of us has a different brand of romanticism... because somehow we have different perspective of love :)

ely: yeah...i wish i am. thanks, ely :)

chyng: really? hays... it was a tragedy. do you know her personally?

ponchong: gusto niya kasi ng pink eh..hehe! thanks, mate :)

dhianz: at dahil sa mga sinabi mo nainspire tuloy lalo akong magsulat... hehe!

naisip ko na rin yan minsan...write love letters for that someone kahit hindi ko pa xa nakikita...sana lang matanggap niya ang kakornihang gagawin ko! hehe! thanks for sharing this story..very inspiring, really. :)

ang ganda nung story noh? i wonder if destiny is a predetermined course of events that brings us to the love of our lives :)

God bless you, di :)

Jubert john: thanks! ang tagal mong di nagparamdam dito ah... hehe!

richard: hehe! lahat naman tayo ngahahanap ng thrill eh..hehe! darating din yang sayo...

kalansay: hehe! bakit naman? hehe! thanks for the drop :)

gentle said...

matalinghaga ka na naman. i love the image of you cutting the thorns before giving the rose to someone.

lucas said...

gentle: it's just the way it should be right? :)

tinay patadyong said...

oho. somewhere out there, i was thinking about these things. i miss being in-love and being loved like mad. but it seems that such state is coming soon and it's going to be the sweetest (i hope, not expect) :)

all the best ron. andyan lang yan. upo upo ka kaysa malapit sa gutter.

lucas said...

tinay: coming soon???!!! really? then good for you! :)