You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


'idol' comes back

THE LONG WAIT IS FINALLY OVER. the new season of american idol premiered last week and i was so excited and devastated at the same time. we have no cable tv! but good thing my brother saved me from the frustration of missing it by downloading the episodes on his hard drive. whew.

there’s a new judge added to the threesome of paula, randy, and simon—kara dioguardi. it’s a cool twist. let’s see how she will cope up with the show’s craziness. hehe! i think the producers decided to add another female judge to compensate for paula’s looping comments. hehe!

i have a feeling this season will be an interesting one. only two cities down and yet there’s a lot of promising talents already. these are some of my favorites from last week’s auditions:


EMILY WYNNE-HUGHES. beautiful girls who kick-ass with their voice are really appealing. she somehow resembled keira knightly (with pink hair) at some angles. it requires a really good instrument to sing ‘barracuda’ and she sang it really good. i have my eyes on this one.

he looked like a filipino at first glance. i hope he is. i love how he sang “flying without wings”. very soulful.

ARIANA AFSAR. I just love her sweet voice. She seems very simple and very down-to-earth. I hope she makes it.

MICHAEL SARVER. the oil-rig guy. he sings really well. it’s really rare to see buffed men to sing like he did.

CODY SHELDON. he reminds me of the noriega guy from the previous season. however, i am more curious of his fondness for making horror movies than his voice. haha! he looks like michelle branch (emo version).

ALEX WAGNER-TRUGMAN. i am rooting for the geek! woohoo!

SCOTT MACINTYRE. i love his story as much as i love his voice. he’s the first ‘blind’ aspirant to win a ticket to hollywood. i really hope he makes it. i can’t wait to see him perform with a piano and win people’s hearts.


ASHLEY ANDERSON. she’s really cool and beautiful. make her sing and you’ll fall in love. i almost did. hehe!

CASEY CARLSON. i love her sweet voice. i am more drawn to her looks though. she's a bikini model by the way. hehe! she reminds me of summer from ‘the oc’.

MICHAEL CASTRO. he’s way cooler and sounds better than his brother jason from the previous season. i love how he made justice to the song “i’m in love with a girl” by gavin degraw, who happens to be one of my favorite recording artists.

DANNY GOKEY. great vocals and full of soul. he’s one of the front-runners so far in my opinion.

LIL ROUNDS. really cool name eh? but wait till she open her mouth to sing. she sounds like beyonce but as she was singing, melinda dolittle popped in my head.

that’s all for now. i can’t wait for this weeks auditions! woohooo!


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


it seems that u love this kind of reality show so much!


i watched some of the seasons before..yeah, its interesting and I found that some criticism can make some people more bright in the show!

Dhianz said...

uy! american idol bah yan... babalik akoh para makinood kc dehinz akoh nakakapanood ngaun... pero last season.. nanood akoh cuz of david archuleta... yeah... graveh... it was sad he didn't win... pero sabi koh nga probably God has a better plan for him... eniweiz david cook is good as well... i like him too... pero syempre between them... david archuleta akoh... ayonz... hehe... babalik laterz at makikinood... have a nice day ron! ... GODBLESS! -di

Anonymous said...


matagal din akong di nakapunta sa teritoryo mo. :) pampawala ko ng stress ang american idol lalo na yung part na yung audition part. haha. comedy kung comedy!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Hi Lucas!
Thanks for dropped by.
Actually, my new post is

The CNY wishes is a sticky note mode.

lucas said...

zara: you got it right! :) i so love this show... :) i hope my bet for this year wins this time. hehe! thanks for dropping by :)

dhianz: i was disappointed when cook got the title. maka-archie din ako. i love his new album by the way. can't wait for how this season will unfold :)


theCHAOSPILOT said...

cody sheldon is a darling! FTW!!
let's just wish he isnt gay. lol

gentle said...

i can live without idol... in fact i can live without tv. hehehe. not a tv person. i'd rather watch a movie or listen to mp3. kj ba? :) peace, ron. hehehe.

lucas said...

chaospilot: are you kidding me? he's so gay! hahaha!

gentle: it's alright. i'm no tv person either especially now that we have no tv. haha!

Skron said...

I don't watch American Idol, or any TV series at all, because we have no cable. Although I was at work all weeknights last week and caught two episode while eating dinner.

I like Casey Carlson a lot. I knew her way before Idol because she posed on Campus Girls (a maxim sort of site that features college girls). I liked that guy Anoop as well because he was just so laid back and unexpected. And the stunt Katrina Darrell and Kara pulled off was also a gem.

gravity said...

yey! i love kara dioguardi. she's just sooo beautiful.

galing ni ariana! she almost sounded like corrine bailey rae.

cody was great! i love that song he sang, wonderful world by james morrison.


I too had followed it last week. Unfortunately, I fell asleep on the second episode when it was like 3 hours long.

dabo said...

hehhe i like michael castro

dabo said...

grabe ka naman.. North Korea.. payag na ako sa Palau hahaha.

Anonymous said...

i haven't watched an episode of season 8 yet, but i hope i can very soon.

you're right, this season looks interesting because of some changes they made to the show. :)

eliment said...

another american idol.

mas gusto kong panoorin yong audition, yong hindi pa sila nasasala. masaya at makikita mo talaga yong 'fighting spirit' ng mga nag-a-audition.

madjik said...

haven't been to the tube lately but i sure do want to catch AI.

i agree with most people that the audition part where they show those all guts/no voice contenders are hilarious... and my most awaited part of the show.:p

lucas said...

skron: yeah...i was not surprised when i learned that she was a bikini model. she sounds cute :) hehe!

i remember that 'anoop dawg' hehe! he sounds good too. hope he makes it.

that cat fight was indeed hilarious. darell did hit a nerve. hehe!

gravity: i agree. she's beautiful and very talented. she's a breath of fresh air for the show.

ariana is really a gem. she sounds sweet seems like a very nice girl.

cody has issues. haha! making horror movies?! hahaha! reminds me of the cartoon series "yamato"

KJ:'s a 2-hour special without the commercials. hehe! who's your bet so far?

dabo: he sounds great. he'll make it to the semi's. he's way better than his brother in my opinion...
palau?! hahaha! bakit hindi. kung kelangan talaga eh..hehe! good luck :)

rowjie: busy still? i hope you can watch.

eliment: i like watching the auditions. i don't want to miss their humble beginnings..hehe!

madjik: ang lalakas nga ng mga loob nila eh. sobrang bilib nila sa sarili nila to the point na parang hindi na nila naririnig yung boses nila. at least they have the proper self-esteem. :) hehe!

Denis said...

dany gokey is promising

uglykidjoey said...

Looking forward to this new season... :)

the spool artist said...

aahhh, american idol... the show that everybody loves to hate and hates to love.

i'll definitely be watching every episode!

Ishna Probinsyana said...

Ng hirap ng walang cable, no? Hahahah!!! Nakakainis kase gusto ko din manood, kaso nga yun. Wala kaming cable ngayon. Kaya magdadownload na lang ako. I'll start DLing prolly this weekend! :)

Sana yung new female judge eh hindi puro pacute ang comments. LOLOLOL

PUSANG-gala said...

hu huh hu----wl ako time manuod nito---not so much into tv these days---ewan ko ba. but I surely miss AI---I should drag myself one of these days---sana me Pinoy uli na makapasok---and this time around sana yung magaling~~

lucas said...

denis: i agree. danny is very soulful.

uglykidjoey: me too! i am so psyched right now! hehe!

spool artist: hehe! i love american idol! can;t wait for the hollywood week to come! hehe!

ishna: nako ang hirap talaga! buti na lang talaga meron akong video city card ngayon! wahaha! pinadadownload ko na nga yung kuya for this week's episodes eh..hehe! adik nako! hehe!

oo nga. para naman may sumalo kay paula kapag wala na siyang masabi! hehe!

kalansaycollector said...

i love casey!

Ely said...

I love the show too. Enough to complete my day...

REDLAN said...

bagong iidolo. sino kaya ang next david cook. uy family singers pala ang castro brothers

alex said...

di ko pa napapanood yung premiere ng season 8, download ko na lang din

magaling yung joanna pacitti ah

lucas said...

kalansay: yeah! i love her too. she's really pretty but i'm not really sure she has the chops to make it through the finals.

ely: adik na nga ako eh..hehe! idol ulit mamya. wohooo!

red: hehe! medyo nga. pero sabi ni michael natuto lang daw xa 20 days before the auditions. hehe! he's cooler i think than jason.

alex: san ka nga pala nagdadownload. meron kasi sa rapidshare. ahehe!

istepf said...

my bets so far:
scott macintyre
casey carlson
michael castro
danny gokey


istepf said...

nald hndi ko npanood ung episode khpon,, asar! hehe.. wla lng..

lucas said...

steph! si scott ang talagang aabangan ko. i just love his story. i really do hope he makes it to the finals...

hindi ko rin napanood yung ngayon. pinapadownload ko na lang kay kuya..hehe!

istepf said...

well, inspiring nmn tlga ang story nya.. hope he could make it! we're his fans!=)

as usual, nklimutan ko n nman, pgcheck ko ng tym: 6:47! waaaahhh! nahook kc kong mgbbasa ng mga blogs nyo.. hehe.. anyway, il wait for the replay n lng at 8:30pm.. ;)

hndi ka OL?Ü

istepf said...

nald, npanood mo n b ang american idol n dala ng kuya mo? hehe..

umpisa n ng laban! kasama c danny s ist set.. yipee!