You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman



AT THE MOMENT, our television has no cable connection because we were being delinquent in paying the bills. we have no decent internet connection either. we could have actually, if you consider smartbro a smart way to have one. and to save myself from dying due to chronic boredom, i’d do dvd marathon or if i’m a little desperate, i’d read the whole twilight saga on my computer. so, imagine my delight when i finally got my new video city card!

i consider myself a cinephile. i may not have watched a lot of movies compared to other people but i love watching movies, but not to the level of being a movie geek. i am a little choosy of the movies i want to see but i am easy to please. just don’t give me those that involve flying saucers and green-skinned monsters from other planets.

i usually rent the movies i watch because i want them to be as clear as possible on when i watch them on television. i don’t buy pirated movies either, unless they’re clear dvd copies. haha! harry potter movies are exempted. i’d buy them original or not. i remember leaving the movie house after watching harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban and grabbed the first pirated copy i laid my eyes on and watched it again in the cinemas the next day. haha!

i'm done with this following batch. can't wait to rent more! hehe!

len-len lent me a copy of the korean version three years ago. being made to remember this romantic story makes it a nostalgic entertainment. you may think i am naïve (i think i am) but it gets me every time i watch it.

WANTED. this is the best action movie since the italian job. i love the car chase with the viper. bloody cool! and how about angelina jolie? is she hot or what? i just love her. i loved the concept of the weavers and the “loom of fate”.

DARK KNIGHT. for the first time, i found myself rooting for the villain. heath (bless his soul) gave justice to joker’s role. i am not a fan of batman but i’ll stick to him with this one compared to that guy who got bitten by a radioactive spider and the red-caped hero.

KUNG-FU PANDA. this is one of the funniest animated movies ever! i love pandas and po is so cute. the fight scenes were so awesome. i almost got blind because of pure awesomeness! haha!

it’s about a woman who got married but eventually fell in love with another woman. so i guess it’s safe to assume they’re lesbians, right? it stars the girl from cayote ugly. i was a little uncomfortable watching her kissing that woman from 300.

THE INVISIBLE. very predictable plot but i got intrigued because of the concept of being invisible. i sometimes wish i could be, at my own will though; not to die and be an invisible ghost in limbo. i love the guy’s character and his poetry. the ending was crappy though.

CLOVERFIELD. i knew it. aliens. hays. one word for this one—headache.

SWEENEY TODD. Very artistically done! I applaud the art direction. However, it was a little disturbing. How's dead people for meat pies? Yummy! Ingeniously twisted eh? I guess it’s how Tim Burton wanted it to be.

i love watching movies at home especially with a cold weather like this; with a mug of coffee and high-carb food i could munch—just perfect. ;)


PUSANG-gala said...

nalala ko tuloy years back---me habit din ako na ganyan na kapag movie marathon---movie marathon talaga----and i will never forget SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION--nadiscover ko sya sa kaka-movie marathon ko and it is by far the best movie for me~~~

REDLAN said...

tamang tama ngayon dahil malamig ang panahon. great list of movies to watch. ako sobrang busy mgayon, hindi na makapanood ng movie.

Anonymous said...

halo mister lucas! sarap movie marathon neh? :D ill give you some movies too na maganda rin for me...
one is: windstruck -- supposed sequel nya ang sassy girl... korean version ha. and another: benjamin button -- wala akong masabi.. ang ganda...

kakatuwa naman mahilig ka magbasa ng books! wehehehe.. :D

Ely said...

mahilig din ako sa movies, pero ung SWEENEY TODD, parang musical? ndi ko na pinanood. hehe.

Natry ko na mag-marathon, pero series, PRISON BREAK. Tinapos ko buong isang season the whole day, katabi ko isang family size na pizza, mga tsitsirya at sopdrinks. walang tulugan, ni hindi ako tumayo except pag cr break. LOL.

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


same goes to me!

sometimes I watched movies too, but not as addicted as others..

I love some of the movies that u watch there!

Mugen said...

You wouldn't believe how I enjoyed watching Cloverfield all because of the perspective the director used to render the story.

Sweeney Todd is wonderful! All hail to Burton.

Denis said...

cloverfield made me puke, nahilo ako seryoso haha it was such a big screen i thought like ive never seen theater screen ewan ang gulo di ko ma explain... haha

Skron said...

Actually, the weavers and loom concept stunk in Wanted. But you'll only understand why it stunk if you've read the comics -where the Wesley and the Fraternity are even more hardcore.

The movie's not bad though. It's just a diluted version of the comics. Plus, I just don't like why they need to completely change the whole concept and replace it with the loom and weaver thing.

Ishna Probinsyana said...

Aahhh. We don't have cable at home at the mo too. Illegal connection kase kami. unfortunately eh nahuli ulet kami. HAHAH

And I agree, Kung Fu Panda is really funnnyyyy!!! =)) Yung Sweeney Todd lang hindi ko pa napapanood sa mga nabanggit mong movies. :) Try ko nga panoorin one of these days. :)

Toilet Thoughts said...

Uy uy uy uy uy!!!! ako din mahilig manuod ng movies.

Kung mahahanap mo... panuorin mo...

I am david
The Hiding Place
The Cure

Ilan sa mga paborito ko ding mga movies.

hehe. :)

eli said... ngayon bihira akong makapanuod ng movie. kapag ako ang nagkaroon ng time mel gibson movies ang babanatan ko. hehe

lucas said...

pusang-gala: wow...shawshank redemption? hmm...ngayon ko lang narinig yan... at dahil nirecommend mo, i'll watch it. sana meron sa video city..hehe!

redlan: sobra! para akong nasa sinehan lagi..hehe! oo nga maxado ka nga pa lang busy...keep safe :)

cuter pilar: yeah. i remember that windstruck movie. sequel ba yun? hmmm. but i loved it. mahilig ako sa mga tragedies eh..hehe! my sister even cried after watching it.

meron ako ditong benjamin batch na yun..sakit na ng mga ko eh..hehe! i love to read books. mostly novels :)

ely: i love prison break! san ka na? season 4 na ako eh..hehe! pero in some way, paborito ko pa rin yung season one. samahan mo pa ng pizza at coke! astig. 5 am na yata ako nakakatulog nung mga panong yun. hehe!

zara: try to watch some if you have's really entertaining :)

mugen: hays...i think it's because of the prejudice i have developed towards aliens...

i get the idea where the director is coming from. bakit ba kasi kailangang alien? hehehe!

denis: nakakasakit talaga ng ulo! waaa! and the protaginists died in the end. what more could i ask for?! hahaha!

skron: REALLY? i didn't know it was an adaptation from a comic series. cool! i don't read comics much. thanks for info :)

ishna: ang brutal ng sweenet todd. hehe! baka madepress ka lalo..hehe!

dati ganun din kami! tamang nakaw lang ang linya ng cable! haha! nahuli din pero buti na lang hindi kami binigyan ng punishment or penalty..hehe!

jepoy: interesting! ngayon ko lang narinig tong mga movie titles na to. sana meron sa video city..hehe! thanks, mate :)

eli: gibson films? yung mga dinirect niya or yung kung saan xa gumanap? astig ang apocalypto noh?

Ely said...

Da best nga ung season 1. Naghahanap ako ng Season 4, meron na pala?

eli said...

sa akin pareho, astig siyang magdirect at sobrang astig ding ang pagganap nya. gusto ko yong movies niyang brave heart, patriot at ibapa!

apocalypto, ilang beses kong napanuod yan, sa bahay at sa bus. one time lumuwas ako ng manila at yan ang palabas sa bus. and alam mo pag-uwi ko, apocalypto uli! pero kahit ganun, enjoy parin ako. ang galeng kase ng movie

PUSANG-gala said...

lucas ---talaga? cge panuurin u and give me a feedback soon okay. hope you like it.....meron yun. kasi don din ako rent nung nagvivideo marathon ako.

gravity said...

my sassy girl for me is one of best love stories ever told. so heartwrenching and heartwarming. =)

Dhianz said...

...sassy girl! luv it... isang pinaka-fave koh... english version?... korean version atah napanood koh... w/ subtitle pah tlgahh... yeahh.... korean nga 'un devah?... eniweiz... and Kung Fu Panda... oh my gosh!... luv it... itz so funny.... haha.. kakatawa sobrah... ang galing galing... kahit ilang beses koh paulit ulitin panoorin... yeah... nde nah akoh gano familiar sa ibang movies mo... actually nde naman akoh gano updated sa movies lately... haven't watch movie in theatre den... siguro nakakapanood lang akoh nang movies kapag dino-downlodan kme nang bf nang friend koh... so 'unz... so yeah.... ingatz kah... have a nice day... Godbless! -di

p.s. btw... napanood koh lang lately... bunny house... yeah kakatuwa... ewan koh kung mahilig kah sa mga ganong kind nang movie.. oh yeah... eagle eyes was dat?... ganda ren... ano pa bah?... parang madagascar 2... kakatuwa... marami pah... 'un lang muna for now... antokz nah ren... laterz...

lucas said...

ely: yep yep! pero dahil atat ako, i let my brother download the episodes sa net..hehe!

eli: really? hindi ako maxadong nakakapanood ng movies na xa ang bida eh..hehe. yung braveheart lang yata. napakahaba nun! hehe!

wow! adik ka pala. dapat pala "jaguar paw" na ang tawag ko sayo! haha!

dhianz: wow. cinephile ka rin pala eh! hehe!

yep. korean yun ginawan lang ng english version. maganda rin kasi maganda naman talaga ang story.

kung fu panda was so hilarious. lahat ng inarkila ko yun lang ang inulit ko. hehehe!

wow.may tagadownload ka pala..hehe! maganda yun kasi madalas mas malinaw kesa sa mga VCD yung copy.

bunny house? hmmm.. ano yun? sige try ko panoorin. sana meron sa vct :) thanks! pahinga ka na :)

gravity: i agree. it's one of those stories that lingers in your heart's memory. a true classic lalo na sakin na medyo hopeless romantic. hahaha!

pusang gala: ahehe! hindi ko pa napapanood. tignan ko agad pagkabalik ko ng mga Cd's bukas :) bigay ko yung review ko asap.. hehe!

Anonymous said...

couldnt agree more kay pusang-gala.. nagawan ko pa nga ng review yan nung on leave ka sa blogworld kasi last month ko lang din napanood.

one of the very best movies. one of the greatest by Stephen King.

if you have time to check on my post about it, my pleasure...
here's the link.

hope you'll enjoy the movie as much as we do..cheers!

as for your lists, i enjoyed Wanted, hehe. adik ako sa mga assassin movies eh. and of course Kung-Fu Panda! very funny...

the spool artist said...

geesh, i watched most of them except sassy girl! sweeney todd is indeed twisted, macabre and dark... but it was just beautifully and artistically done! love it love it!

here are some movie recommendations that i'm sure YOU will love:

stranger than fiction, bullets over broadway, small time crooks... just try them out!

alex said...

ugh! i hate smartbro too, i long kissed goodbye to it

... hey watch "slumdog millionaire" it's sooo good!


hmmm my comment section is ok naman

kalansaycollector said...

i love sweeney todd.

masayang libangan ang panonood ng pelikula. kay sarap tumakas. ;)


I made a review of that Cloverfield thingy... and haaayssss.... second the motion.

also I still have to watch that sweeny todd film. I bought the dvd last year.. and haaayssss again.

Lance said...

I'm actually using smartbro unlimited 999 on my laptop and i am broadcasting the signal on a wireless router so I can go unwired.. don't get the smartbro with that usb dongle thingy, it's only fast if there is HSDPA signal in your area...
I love watching movies too..right now I am keeping up with watching all the US series like lost, prison break and heroes...I am just downloading all of them on torrent using my smartbro connnection, so yeah it's actually pretty fast..
mabuti ka pa kahit walang internet, nakakapag-update ng blog every now and then, eh ako always connected pero hindi makapag-update..hehehe tsk tsk tsk im getting lazy na talaga...kasi busy this week kasi Sinulog dito sa Cebu..hehehe
Anyway, your hair really fits you.. i don't know if semikal will be ok for me too..hahah

overjoyed21 said...

gusto ko yung sassy girl pero try mo yung "the classic" malupet yun. salamt sa pagisitA, sana maplay mo na video ko hehe

Abou said...

2 thumbs up for kung fu panda

eliment said...

adik? dina uy, nagparehab na ako..hahaha

lucas said...

dylan: wow...mukhang maganda nga tong shawhawk redemption ha? hehe! sige kapag napanood ko na i'll make a review on it :) wala sa video city eh... nagtanong nako.

spool artist: i love sweeney todd. i thought i was gonna get bored but i guess no gory movie is boring. hehe!

okay, thanks! i'll checkem out!

alex: oo nga. maganda nga daw yun. wala pa yata nun sa VCD. DVD's. meron na ba?

nako baka yung computer na ginamit ko ang may topak. hindi kasi maregister yung account name ko sa blog mo eh...

kalansay: i couldn't agree more. eto madalas ang ginagawa ko kapag depressed. hehe!

KJ: hahaha! you're an alien right? you should worship that film! hahaha!

hindi ka siguro mahilig sa mga musicals..hehe! akala ko nga mabobored ako dun sa sweeney but i liked it :)

lance: wala naman kasi akong maxadong ginagawa eh. hehehe!

hindi na nga ako magpapatubo ng bukok kahit kailan! hahaha!

USB yung gamit ko kaya siguro mabagal.

overjoyed: the Classic? ngayon ko lang narinig... sige i'll keep this in mind :)

ahh..yung videoke! unavailble xa kasi siguro mabagal connection dito. try ko ulet.

abou: yeah! it's so awesome!

eli: hahaha! so ex-addict ka! hahaha!

dabo said...

huhuhu... mukhang di muna ako manonood ng movie sa sinehan for a while..

hey may street fighter the movie at si chun li lang ang bida.. and guess what it would be played by kristen kreuk (sana tama mga spelling ko)

lucas said...

nako magastos manood ng sine. hehe! meron bang sinehan sa palau? hhahaha!

yeah! excited na nga ako eh. hihi! it's kristin, actually :) thanks for the drop :)

Dylan Dimaubusan said...

malamang wala na kasi 1994 pa yun.. i discover it in a DVD, pirated, (ssshhh!)movie collections ni Morgan Freeman.. sana nga makakita ka.

eli said...

haha.. o2 ex-addict na ako. pero may bago nanamang kinalululungan! lol

Anonymous said...

my two cents worth: i like the original sassy girl (korean version). what made it cool was,the girl's name was never mentioned.

can't get enuf of the song.i's kinda relaxing and creepy at the same time.siguro naiisip ko lang kasi yung coffin rock.haha.

btw,add kita sa blogroll ko ha.astig kasi page mo.salamat. :p

lucas said...

falmindevil: yeah...unlike in the english version sinabi.hehe!

very haunting. nakakalma nga xa pero creepy? hehe! creepy nga yung coffin rock gawa nung blair witch project. do you still remember the myth behind the coffin rock?

you're on my roll too :) thanks, flamin' devil.

istepf said...

WANTED - able to watch this on bigscreen.. astig tlga to! hehe..=)

sama ko next tym s movie marathon,, miss ko n din.. used to do that long long time ago.. hehehe..=)

lucas said...

steph! nako sinabi mo's just too bad sa CD ko lang napanood...hehe!

istepf said...

maliwanag nman b ang kopya? hope so.. minsan kc khit s video city, patoyo-toyo din db? hehe..=)

nabisita ko ang iyong mga blogger friend redlan and ely.. hehe.. u shud watch rin on the rox ni ely.. hehe..=) astig!=)

istepf said...

pinanood ko ulit ang wanted.. haha..
wala lng..

mgreply k! haha.. pasaway n bata tlga..Ü