You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


a normal post

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN PRETTY DEPRESSING and I am bored out of my skull. No TV. No internet connection. Nothing new to watch. I am broke. And just to keep my sanity intact, I resolved into watching movies I already watched and write stories that didn’t really happen. Having said that I think I just lost it. I mean what kind of sane person does that, right? Hays. Imagine my delight when I learned that the results of the November 2008 Nursing Licensure Examinations came out today! : P

As expected, my Haley James nailed the examinations. There was no doubt in my head that she would make it. I just smiled when I saw her name on the roster (But before that, my heart was pounding out of my chest!). It had been tough on her given that she was working and studying at the same time. But you see? She’s definitely one of the smartest and independent people I know. She might appear small but she’s really big in so many ways.

Len-len made it too. I am really glad that she came through. No one deserves this more than her considering the tribulations she had gone through. Of all her beautiful attributes it’s her spirit that I admire the most. It is indeed inspiring to see it slowly being realized.

A lot of my batch mates who took the boards passed too. I was so thrilled when I saw their names posted on the online inquirer. Since most of them survived the grueling 2-day exams answering 500 questions, this calls for a lot of thanksgiving parties! Woohoo! And parties mean food! A lot of food! And late-night drinking sessions and of course---a lot of singing! Hehe!

I think the videoke machine is one of the most ingenious inventions ever made. This is a glimpse of what happens when you let me hold a microphone. Haha!

See that guy with the arrow? He looked depressed didn’t he? That fate awaits those who hear me sing. It’s as if their souls get sucked out of them though their ears. Haha! My LSS nowadays is Kundiman by Silent Sanctuary.

I was on you tube the other day and I saw these:

I can’t wait to see kristin kreuk do that helicopter kick! I just love her. Too bad she’s no longer in Smallville anymore.

May 15 is the day when the Illuminati will resurface again and destroy the very core of the Christian faith. This trailer gave me goose bumps!

And later this year, the Half-Blood Prince will premiere to rule the box-office for sure. Enough said.

I am so happy I get to write a ‘normal’ post again. My life is pretty boring lately you see, so forgive me if I scarcely write anything related to what happens to me in real life. : P Peace out!


Skron said...

My cousin passed the NLE too.

RJ said...

Wow! Congratulations to Haley and Len-len! Mas lalo silang gumanda ngayon ah, ...tingin mo Ron? U

Inaabangan ko rin ang Angels and Demons, at ang ...the Half-bLood Prince.

Hahaha! Ganyan pala mukha mo kapag (lasing at) kumakanta?! Ayos ah!

Mugen said...

Congratulations Lucas

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


So good!!

make yourself happy dear!!

lucas said...

skron: congratulations to your cousin! :)

RJ: i agree! hehe!

hindi na nga ako mkapaghintay eh. :P hindi pa ako lasing niyan! hehe!

mugen: nyak! pasado nako nung june pa last year! hehe :P

zara: thanks, zara!

Roland said...

normal but still its a good post, as usual!!! ...videoke king ka rin pala, hehehe... uy magiging military nurse kna pala, ndi ka man lang nag-aabiso... inuman at kantahan na naman yan!!!


my new entry is there... pinagtaguan ka ba? :P

Mon said...

Wow! Hangcute naman ng mga nakapasa! Congrats! WheoW! Excited na'ko panoorin yung Street Fighter!!

gravity said...

congrats to your friends! you seem like a very nice friend. and a very good singer, too.

i find this post refreshing. i wish you happiness =)

Allen Yuarata said...


Two of my friends, however, didn't make it. Better luck next time sila.

I can't wait for Half-Blood Prince as well.

Nice blog you got here.



Anw, is this the change you were talking about last time?

And hey LUKE, I have just posted my 3rd Childrens book. I hope you like it.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

aaaah... the feeling of finally passing the boards.

it's just sublime.

congratulations and welcome to the professional world of nursing.


eli said...

congratulations for your friends. pang pinoy idol ang dating nung kumakanta ah. hehe

believe naman ako kay haley..sipat at matalino. ganun yta kaming mga dating working students. hehe

lucas said...

roland: hays sana nga natuloy, mate :) oo e. pagpunta ko sa site mo yung ym lang ang nalabas? hmmm...thanks :P

mon: they are more beyond how their looks, trust me :)excited na nga rin ako! hehe!ewan ko lang kung kelan showing d2 sa pinas

thanks, mate!

a good singer? you should hear me sing! hahaha!

allen: i like your blog, mate :)

i;m so sorry they didn't make it. my sister-in-law failed too. and last november was her 3rd try. hays

KJ: thanks, mate!

nope. i was planning to be a military nurse.

ruff: yeah...i remeber how passing those exams felt like...

as if i was in vacuum for 5 minutes. hehehe!

goodluck on your love life :)

eli:ipapasulat? yeah, naalala ko may request ka nga..nakaka-pressure naman! kelangan ba maganda? hahahaha!

pang-TAGAY IDOL pwede pa! hehe!

astig talaga yung si hales. 11 uwi nun lagi tapos sa umaga xa nagaaral, tapos pasok ng 9 am. :)

Anonymous said...

this is a nice post. kudos to the board passers. you should post light entries more often lucas. hehehe...

i lost faith in harry potter since it has been postponed for showing. parang ang tagal tagal na kasi...

Leoj said...

extend my congratulations to them :)

videoke adik din ako kaso sa bahay lang. haha

angels and demons! inaabangan ko din yan! :)

lucas said...

pao: i think you're right :) i should write more cheerful posts! hehe

rekindle the faith, man! hehe! it's harry!

thanks for the comment :)

leoj: sure thing, mate.

videoke adik ka din pala! haha! sayang wala kaming videoke sa bahay eh.

can't wait for A and D. i'm rereading Digital Fortress. have you read it?

onatdonuts said...

nakapasa rin ang pinsan ko. yahoo!

hangkyut naman ni hailey at lenlen. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow,I think Haley is really a smart girl.. Congratz to your friends..

Astang rocker ah.. Ang galing nga ng invention na yan, sayang nga lang iba ang nag declare ng totoong naka-invent nun..Amf!

Hmm, tama ba basa ko? Atonement ba yung pinapanood mo? Was that Keira Knightley And the one in Wanted Ajmes McAvoy?.. I think it's a good movie, not quite but I like the story.. Yun nga lang sad ending..

Okay lang ang ma-bore sometimes, just find ways to cheer yourself up..
Goodluck and Godbless Lucas!


Ishna Probinsyana said...

Wow, congratulations sa kanila! :)

zomg! Kristin Kreuk. Isa sya sa mga lesbo crushes ko. hahaha tapos sya pa si Chun Li. Kinikilig ako. lol.

Myk2ts said...

congrats kila haley at lenlen :) love the song too? they are the best!, i can listen to that song forever! ingat lucas :)

REDLAN said...

uy congrats sa dalwang importanten babae sa iyong buhay! Kanino pa ba sila magmana. hehehe.

Mapakinggan nga yang kundiman na yan. Hindi kasi ako expert sa mga song title eh. Pero am sure narinig ko na yan. Galing ng mga movies na nakaline up na panoorin mo. swerte nila. hehehe

Chyng said...

wow, congrats to your pretty girls! bravo!

haleyjames said...

...thank you, luke.Ü and, thanks sa lahat ng nakisaya.Ü congrats din sa lahat pa ng nakapasa. hahaha! ansaya-saya tlga.Ü

...dame natin papanuorin, yipee. can't wait.Ü

...muaah, kwentuhan mu ako ng QC trip nio ni ishtephi ha. i love you.Ü

madjik said...

grats haley and all other new nurses!!!

welcome sa nursing world!

Denis said...

apir tayo for Kundiman!

song ko yan for "the person" hahah (drama uy)

congrats sa mga pumasa!

especially to "your" haley

(man, she's cute)

gravity said...

haha! tara redbox tayo =)

_ice_ said...


yong cousin ko nakapasa na sya.. kakagrad isang beses lang sya nag take pero yong hausmate ko at friend ko tatlo sila till now di pa rin naka pasa... 3x na sila nag take bagsak lagi.. bakit kaya?


haleyjames said...

...nga pala luke, can you use another one of my pictures kung sakaling may bago kang post concerning me? (hahahah! assuming at choosy!)Ü

...penge ako AI episodes ha, saka kung anu pang mapapagkasya mo sa cd's (music, videos, pix, etc.) thank you.Ü


~Kinesics said...

CONGRATS, my friend!

And Yes-- I have been waiting for those movies to come out, too!



Anonymous said...

Congrats sa mga passers especially to the first girl among the pictures! :D

alex said...

congrats sa passers!!!!

job hunting naman ang next....

wow this is quite cool reading a normal blog post, tagal ko na to di nagagawa bka one of these days hehe

Anonymous said...

congrats sa mga board passers.

yung first girl sa pic,kamukha ni nadine samonte.pretty.

vanvan said...

congratz to haley james and to lenlen and to the rest of them..

ang sayang videoke nyan ha..


lucas said...

onat: congrats din sa pinsan mo :) yeah. so cute! they should read this comment! haha!

dylan: yeah. she's really smart! :)

oo nga eh. balita ko japan daw ang ang-invent?

nagustuhan ko xa siguro gawa nung ending. i love tragic stories remember? hahaha! i love the cinematography and the music too! woohoo!

i'm cheering myself right now reading. i have 3 novels to read. hehe!

thanks, dylan.

ishna: indeed, we should learn to adapt to survive :) i also i attended my hs and college years in the same insttution kaya medyo nakakasawa. hehe!

thanks for sharing your favorite topic, ishna.

mykt2s: thanks, mykt2s :) i love silent how silent sanctuary sounds. may violin kasi. hehehe! and the lyrics are just so simple yet evry meaningful.

keep safe :P

red: nyak. i bet they would do just fine without me. hehehe!

sige pakinggan mo. napakanostalgic kasi ning message. parang huling el bimbo yung message niya in a way..hehe!

oo nga eh. can't wait to watch'em all!

chyng: thanks chyng :) i'm so happy they made it..

kepp safe, ayt? :)

hales: nako nkakapagod ang trip naming yun! hays..bangag nga ako pag-uwi tapos may handaan pa si kiko. pero ang saya! hehehe!

sige, palitan ko na lang. ang cute mo kasi dito eh..hehehe! nabasa mo ba? kamukha mo saw si nadine samonte? hahaha! and they think you're pretty. i think so too :)

sige sa weekend ko dalhin lahat. mwah! i love you!

madjik: thanks, for the drop madjik :P

denis: ang ganda ng kundi man noh? for the "person" mo ba yun dito sa site mo? hmmm...

yeah. hales is really something :)

thanks, denis :P

gravity: hehe! sige ba!

ice: congrats to your cousin.

nako yung sister-in-law ko din hindi pa rin nakakapasa. 3 times na din yun eh..hays.. hindi ko alam kung bakit.

kinesics: i can no longer wait! waaa!

orangemonkey: thanks, mate :)it's been awhile eh?

alex: oo! job hunting na naman at marami na naman akong kaagaw T_T

flamindevil: really kamukha ni nadine? hahaha! she should read this comment. hehehe!i'm not sure how will she react to this. :P

vanvan: ang saya talaga! hehehe! hindi pa ako lasing nun. :P

Anonymous said...

Nyek! Tragic stories huh. Well, di nga naman lahat ng love story eh happy ending. You should watch Flyboys then.. Lead actor ata si James Franco.. Ti's really good.:)

Ahaha, oo, Japan nga.

3 novels... (Ako rin nagbabasa ng novels, ni Anne Rice, John Grisham, Stephen King, pero sa TV, toinks!) and good movies to watch, you ain't that bored I can tell. Ahaha..

bulitas said...

Congrats to all the board passers!

Ms Kreuk has been back to smallville for a couple of episodes.
=) said...

wow! they passed.. good for them! whahhaha! ang gaganda ng mga chix mo.. hehe..

pasensya, matagal na nakadalaw. di na nakakabloghop.. busy kasi sa duty.. loko kasi sched ko..

duke said...


kalansaycollector said...

congrats sa mga batchmates! hehe

go enjoy life! ;)

Toilet Thoughts said...

weee! Congrats sa kanila!

Uyyyy!!! Shucks! Chun Li!!! Tapos Kristin kreuk pa! astig!

lucas said...

dylan: sige try ko panoorin yung movie ni james franco :)

i'm currently reading dan brown, lee, at yung isa ang hirap i-pronounce. hehe!

hindi nako maxadong bored kasi may tv na kami ulit! :P

bulitas: REALLY???!!! is she back for good or just a guest star? hmmm...

richard: oo nga eh. sobrang naging busy ka siguro kasi may boards! malamang! hehe! are you planning to take the boards this june?

duke: thanks, dude!

toilet thoughts: hindi na nga ako makapaghintay na mapanood yung chun-li na yun eh.hehe!


kalansay: thanks :) enjoy ka rin! :P

istepf said...

wala pla ko comment dito, nakuu..

congrats ky haley at lenlen!
hahaha.. better late than never!

xcited n ko s mga upcoming movies! yipee!Ü