You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


measuring love

WONDER IF THERE’S A WAY TO MEASURE LOVE. there has to be right? a love scale of some sort. of all human emotions love is the most celebrated one or otherwise. and to be able to measure such amazing and abstract entity would be truly ground-breaking. if love could be measured it would make neil armstrong’s stroll on the moon look like discovering how stupid it is to pick your nose and eat anything that sticks to your finger.

is love really measurable? i wonder if it could be measured by the width of one’s smile. perhaps by the number of love letters one could receive in a week? the number of grand gestures one makes? by the number of roses in a bouquet or by the size of chocolates? the number of times one thinks of someone in a day? could it be measured by the number of kisses or hugs or love makings? could it be measured by the length of time butterflies could keep fluttering in one’s stomach? is it by counting the total number of i love you’s said or sweet nothings sent via sms? could love be measured by measuring happiness? how i wish there’s a way to measure happiness too.

however, love is not all about sunshine and butterflies, is it? i wonder if love could be measured by the number of glasses one could fill with tears in a day. could it be measured by how loud a person cries or by how ugly a grimace looks on one’s face? is it by the number of tissue papers stained with rhinorrhea or number of tear marks on a pillow? could it be measured by the number of diversional activities or failed attempts to smile? could love be really be measured by measuring sadness, and pain, and suffering or by the length of time one succumbs himself to darkness due to a broken heart? i have learned that love is the most difficult thing to measure because it doesn’t exist in itself. it encompasses almost everything.

a friend once pondered about the duality of pain and pleasure; that there’s a possibility that one could not exist with its opposite, just like one of newton’s law of motion says. i am not even sure that pain and pleasure are opposites. however, i wish the law could be applied to complex human emotions too such as love, happiness, and sadness. but the law is found proven and applicable only when dealing with physical entities: to concrete and tangible things that occupy space and have mass--matter. but emotions like love aren’t. love is an abstract in its purest form. there’s no way newton could’ve measured it, but if he did, i’ll bet my harry potter books that he was the happiest person in the world in his time. i wish he knew how and made a law about it instead. who would have thought that a mathematical equation could shed some light to one of the famous questions generated by the human mind?

somehow, love is equated to happiness and pleasure. but some equates love in terms of sadness and pain. following the basic laws of algebra, could love be equated with both happiness and sadness at the same time? but the more curious question is could happiness and sadness exist together? could it be possible to be completely happy and completely sad at the same time? i guess not. like a friend had said, it’s a cycle. love is neither in black nor white and anyone who sees the world in this perspective has intelligence comparable to that of a dog.

is love really measurable? many people ask this question. these are those who frequently ask their partners the question, “how much do you love me?” people like to ask questions starting with ‘how much’ especially when dealing with the concept of love and yet they forget to ask the more basic yet the most significant question their lips can utter. love is not a question of how much but a question of how true. i am not sure if love could be measured by asking how much, but i am sure that if a love is true, there’s definitely no means to measure its immensity. people who try to measure the immensity of true love fail to have the answer but those who deny that such magnitude exists and are scared of it, are the ones who usually play around, no idea that they’re already lost...

. . .

i am no love expert. just a hopeless romantic single. crap.


dabo said...

nice.. im still editing my post about love as a chemical model

Lance said...

almost made me cry..
the music made me even more emotional...
i am happy i have someone now..I hope we could keep each other for long or even forever...
don't worry mate. you'll soon find your better half.. patience lang.. hehehe
love is comes in unexpected ways.. just prepare yourself for a surprise..hehe
thanks for giving me this day's emo doze... hehehehe

no post pa ako... tinatamad eh..hehehe
but i'm still editing the pics we had during our photoshoot last night.. i'll feature my take on photography and graphics enhancing..hehehehe

Fjordan Allego said...

sobrang nag mamatch yung background song sa entry na to hehehe.. hindi naman siya madrama (yung post), pero matanong...

hndi nasusukat ang pagmamahal.. kahit gaano ka pa nasaktan.. kahit gaano kapa nagmahal.. hindi nakikita yun sa mga oras na inilaan mo sa kanya.. mahirap sukatin ang damdaming ito... sobra! dahil kahit alam mong nasasaktan ka na, ibinibigay mo pa rin ang lahat lahat..

Abou said...

i dont know how to measure love. maybe it is how it keeps my sanity when everything seems it isn't so.

RONeiluke, RN said...

dabo: mukhang familiar ako dyan sa chemical model na yan... hmmm... i'll just wait for your post, thanks :)

lance: just hold on to her and love her :) nako mukhang malabo yun ngayon. wala sa priorities ko ngayon yang mga ganyan...hahaha! but i love will knock when it knocks :)

cool! post mo agad..let's have a look of'em :)

peace out!

Anonymous said...

i love you so much ron for this very nice post! hahah! sana huwag mabasa ni dingdong itong comment ko. magseselos yun. hahaha.

dahil wala namang mass at weight ang love katulad ng ballpen, mahirap talaga i-measure yan. yaan mo, kelangan makaimbento ako ng pansukat ng love. hehe. sa'yo ko unang ibebenta pag nakagawa ako. hehe!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. mukha ngang tinamaan talaga ako. lagi akong lutang these past few days eh. hehe.

Anonymous said...

nakita ko comment mo ke kuya onat. naipalabas na namin yun a couple of months ago pa. :)hehehe.


senysa ginawa kong chatbox ang comments section mo. ganito talaga ang nagagawa ng taong laging kulang sa tulog. hehe.

Anonymous said...

nice ron..
oo something personal nga dapat.. thought about that already.

uhm, anung drama ng sound effects mo? lolz

--hindi naman ako pwedeng magpakalbo eh...baket kamo?


Nebz said...

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."

That, for me, is a love's true measure. Holy words pa yan. From the bible.

gentle said...

i daresay measure love by the thickness of your eyebags, nyehehehe! ;)

"... until you greet each dawn with sleepless eyes, you don't know what love is."

--from the song "you dont know what love is", performed by john martyn.

RJ said...

Could love be measured by the number of child/children being born? We usually call it "bunga ng pagmamahalan/pag-ibig."

You are in love, aren't you?

dabo said...

napost ko na heehhe

Mugen said...

True love is immeasurable. Though I admit that there is chemistry involved, like my friend dabo have revealed, I think the deeper it is, the more it becomes sublime.

Have you seen the movie Wall-E? There was a scene there that perfectly describes what love really means.

And what's so wonderful about it is that it was expressed not with word, but by mere gestures.

ika said...

if you think we can measure love in metric terms, then we cannot.

just last week, we were walking by greenbelt, I heard a song that can be heard there frequently and I said, that's a good measure of love.

"I love you more today than yesterday,
but not as much as tomorrow."

wanderingcommuter said...

tingin ko hindi dapat siya minemeasure. dahil kapag ang tao sinimulan na niyang gawin ito, andun na ang pagsumbat at mula roon hindi na siya pag ibig!

Myk2ts said...

for me, loving without herting is not loving at all. and pain is the exact measurement of love. :)

i miss this blog. been very busy lately. sigh

REDLAN said...

Naalala ko tuloy ang ang bestfriend ko nang mabasa ko ang line na pati unan basa. Kaya binigyan ko siya ng pillow case noong birthday niya. She is happily married now.

Naku ang mga tanong na nagsisimula s how much na yan, nakakasuka. everyday yan ang ginagawa ko. nakakasuka ang numero. pero pagdating sa pag ibig, walang sukatan. kapag may sukatan na, iba na yun. lol.

hindi talaga masusukat ang kaligayahan at kalungkutan dulot ng pag ibig. good mix pa rin. parang hot and spicy. sweet and sour. lalo mo yung ma-appreciate.

gravity said...

i only thought that love can be measured by who gives more love between two people in a relationship. your post is extensive and has seen the different facets of love and life. nice. =)

salingPUSA said...

I still believe that LOVE MEANS EQUAL AMOUNT of assistance given to each yes, up to a certain extent , there should be a measure but not to the point of labeling it and having specific units.

When we start becoming too conscious about measuring love, that's the time when people will start doing things more on the porpuse of getting more than giving more. human nature.

Chyng said...

when you love, you love. there's no much, or no less.

siguro nga it can be measured, but you shouldnt. what for dba? (--,)

GreenMangoes said...

napaka timing ng blog post mo brother. hehe!

heto rin ang ipopost ko sana. :)

but you have done it so well. ;)


i asked 'her' this line last week:

"Guess how much i love you?"

i waited for a reply.

after a minute or two.. she said..

"beyond words."

natunaw ako. that night, hindi ako nakatulog agad. :)


i have a friend, and he told me he had a thesis about love and mathematics. he gave me an equation on how to solve the problem about love through numbers. i'll try to find these equations on our fourm. ;)

he also named himself "calculus", by the way. hehe!

professional question:

how can we teach a blind child the eight basic colors?


I hope I could measure love... Then I'll weigh who loves me more and I'll stick with that loser for life. lol.

Im a paranoid cow... I always ask A if A really loves me,

I feel like A is only after my body (lol).

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, we can't really measure love...

well love is not all about happiness. just like what people say, if you love, prepare to be hurt.

love is painful. but just a little happiness can erase all the sadness and pains.

jamadi9 said...

kumusta naman yan?! grabe, ang bigat! hahaha! ron, your post reminded me of Anthony Hopkins' lines as William Parrish in one of my all-time favorite films, Meet Joe Black:

William to daughter, Susan:

"Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with? Fall head over heels. I say find someone you can love like crazy and who'll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart. I'm not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you'll come back. Because, the truth is there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love - well, you haven't lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived."

William to Joe Black:

"How perfect for you - to take whatever you want because it pleases you. That's not love. Some aimless infatuation which, for the moment, you feel like indulging - it's missing everything that matters--Trust, responsibility, taking the weight for your choices and feelings, and spending the rest of your life living up to them. And above all, not hurting the object of your love."

so...can love be measured?

"Multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depth of forever, and you will still have barely a glimpse of what I'm talking about."

damn, i am going to watch that film again :P


Toni said...

I sooo love this post of yours Ron...grabe...tagos sa puso!

Gusto ko ulit ma-inlove...hehehe!

kalansaycollector said...

naniniwala akong hindi nasusukat ang pagmamahal. sabi nga sa love of siam, walang too much love.

ewan. feeling ko kung gaano kalakas ang feeling. kung hangga't kaya pang kumapit.

dazedblu* said...

Haham this an errr, love is xoo unconditional.. I guess every word has it to compare what actually love is?

But the difference is..., each person who endure what love is, has his own definition within.


Just a hopeless romantic crap? Hindi kaya may limitations ka? or maybe ayaw mo lumingon sa paligid, haha xD

Just miss reading this blog, Oh btw anu ba yang natapat na word verificatio nsaken... constipation?!?! watta.

buzzing flowerpecker said...

biological process daw yung love...isang set ng chemical signals na nagtri-trigger ng characteristic response ng katawan.

kahit ano pa yan, magma-matter ba if imemeasure mo yan? Maliligtas ba ang mundo pag nameasure yan? Ano yun. Pag nameasure na "sobra-sobra" ang pagmamahal nung tao, ipagpapatayo natin ng monumento? Kung kulang naman ito-torture natin at pilitin natin magmahal sya ng sobra?

hehe. :P wala lang. nakakatuwa lang isipin na may nag-iisip i-measure yang love na yan. Para saan naman kaya?

Roland said...

love cant be measured! ...pag sinukat mo, hindi na pagmamahal ang tawag dun.

love conquers all... no rules... and no boundaries.

FerBert said...

madalas itanong sakin yan ng ex ko. kung gaano ko daw sya kamahal. sabi ko naman hindi ako magsasalita tungkol dyan hayaan mo na lang akong ipakita sayo. dumating ang panahon na nagsawa na sya kakatanong at ayun nagsawa na din sya sakin. *sigh*

parepareho lang tayong tumitibok ang puso, parepareho ng marunong magmahal. siguro iba't ibng lebel pero hindi mo pa rin masusukat yun.

~Kinesics said...

Love should not be measured.

Have you seen the movie Wall-E? If not...see it :) There are a number of important messages contained in WALL-E, but fundamentally it's a touching sci-fi love story. Yes, you can take from it the lesson of protecting our environment. And it's definitely a cautionary tale about our reliance on technology to do everyday tasks for us. But above all, WALL-E is simply one of the most romantic tales ever put on film. And yes yes yes...I cried watching that movie! Shhhhhhhh...

I have these thoughts in my head though:

I know that love isn't violence, but what about possessiveness? Is that the same as love?

Say one person insists that Love means 'you should never desire to be without my company' while another is adamant that Love means being secure enough to separate at times.

One exclaims "I would give up everything for you!" While the other says "I would never ask you to."

What makes one or the other right? And why?

Is the secret to find in the finding the one other person who defines Love the same as we do ourselves?

What do you think there, Mister Shaved Head Hotness? :):):)


Anonymous said...

di pala pumasok yung comment ko.


sabi ko kanina, I had this arguement with my girlfriends (the oprah kind). When they broke up with their guys sabi nila sila daw ang mas nagmahal!

well my opinion is you really cant measure or gauge the amount of love na binibigay mo sa partner mo! perhaps, di lang demonstrative tayong mga guys and minsan we tend not to make an effort but it doesnt mean na less ang love na binibigay naten! db?! db?! pahamak yang mga girls na yan eh! hahahaha

RONeiluke, RN said...

Fjords: wow..ang bigat nito, mate! Hehehe! Sounds like you’re talking from experience ha? Hmmm… at mukhang mabenta sayo yung music ko. Kakalungkot nga T_T

Abou: so you mean mababaliw ka na kapag na-measure mo? Hehe! Good thing love is immeasureable then 

Josh marie: sino si ding-dong? Hahaha! Kaw bay an karylle? Ahehe!

Waa! Sige bentahan mo agad ako! Haha! nako! You need some decent sleep then!

Ahh… I see… ok lang yun 

Dylan: “walang trabaho ito, personalan lang” --- I like it! hehe!

Emo ako ngayon kaya pagbigyan mo nako sa music kong nagdadrama! Hahaha!

Nebs: this was from the book of 2nd Corinthians right?

Gentle: that’s a cool way to answer it! hahaha! Nako ang laki ng mga eyebags ko pano bay an? Hahaha!

RJ: Nope T_T

Dabo: sige. I’ll check it out later 

Mugen: I like that post of dabo… I totally agree. The more we try to deconstruct love, the more we realize its immensity.

Nope. Hindi ko pa napapanood eh. hehe! Truly, love is beyond words.

Ika: hays… loving someone more and more each day… interesting point 

Ewik: I agree. People should stop asking their partners ‘how much do you love me?’

Mykt2s: another interesting input… “ pain is the exact measurement of love”… hmmm…

Red: wow! Regaluhan mo din ako ng pillow case! I hate numbers..hehehe! so your work involves a lot of numbers? Ekkk!

Wow! I love sweet and sour! Kaya siguro tulad nun, masarap magmahal.

Gravity: ahh…I get your point…in a relationship, they say, that one loves more than the other loves him back… thanks!

Saling pusa: very interesting answer from a chemistry professor! Wohoo! No units for love because love is not measurable.

Chyng: I agree! Ang lupit ng sagot mo chyng! Simple lang pero tumbok!

Green mangoes: ay, xenxa naman… post mo na rin para masaya 

Wow..mukhang blooming ang love life mo mate! Kung may magsasabi sakin ng ganun nako mangyayari ang mangyayari! Hahaha!

Waaa! Interesting! Mathematical formula talaga?!! I-feature mo yun sa blog mo PLEASE! Hehehe!

Uhmm…bulag na ba xa mula pagkabata? Hehe! Mahirap talaga kasi kapag hindi pa xa nakakakita ng kulay kahit kelan… pero nanaginip ang mga bulag, di you know?

KJ: Hahaha! Ang titino ng mga comments until I read this comment! Lolz… what would you do if A is only after your body??? Hahaha!

Rowjielogy: indeed, the happiness that a true love brings is very influential to our every thoughts and feelings.

Maam jane! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!! I am so psyched maam! Nagcomment ka sa blog ko! Hehehe!

I watched meet joe black 2 days ago kaya lang hindi ko po natapos! I need to watch it again, I guess 

Yung sagot niyo maam, ang bigat! Waaaaaa!

Thanks! 

Toni: sino ba ang ayaw mainlove? Hehe! Thanks!

Kalansay kolektor: I love that movie…hays… I agree that there’s no such thing as too much love or a lesser love…

Dazedblu: baka it foresees the future! Hahaha! Baka daw titigas ang dumi mo. Hahaha! Thanks!

Buzzing flowerpecker: very emphatic comment! Applause! At dahil dyan tatayuan kita ng monumento! Hehehe!

RONeiluke, RN said...

roland: ahehe! pareho ng sinabi ni ewik..hehehe!

ferbert: very well said, ferbert. so iniwan ka niya dahil hindi mo sinagot yung tanong? hmmm... people who asks this question have predetermined answers to their heads...

kinesics: i totally agree. i wasn't able to watch WALL-E but mugen said the same thing about it :) i have outgrown my fascination with animated movies T_T... but anyway, i think i'll watch this one :)

i think love is not a the same as possessiveness. as MYMP said in their song: "loving is not owning, so we can let go.." hahaha!

i think the latter speaks more or should not be 'forced'...a person can be in a relationship and still feek free but love makes one wants to stay :)

hahaha! i don't know if i satisfied your question but i like my new title! MR. SHAVED HEAD HOTNESS! hahaha!

peace out!

bry: hahaha! i think girls expects a lot of action from us...

dahil yan sa mga romantic movies! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Emo ako ngayon kaya pagbigyan mo na ko sa music kong nagdadrama! Hahaha!

---sa lahat ng Emo na nakita ko, ikaw ang kakaiba, KALBO! (peace!)
ehehe, di ako fan ng Secondhand S. pero i like their "A twist in my story" and Fall for you". O ha!!!

Hmmm, love is in the air.. di ako maka-relate. LOLZ

tinaggal ko na yung blog title ko, isip uli ng bago.. makati utak ko eh, paki kamot nga muna.. ehe.


rehabman said...

Isang napakasalimuot na paksa ang pag-big sa anumang usapan. Lahat tayo nagtatanong kung ano nga ba ang tunay o tamang paraan at pamantayan sa pagsukat ng pag-ibig. Can we REALLY measure it?

Sa palagay ko,oo. Yun nga lang may iba-iba tayong pamantayan at basehan pagdating sa larangan na yun. Mahirap kc na magkaroon ng NAG-IISANG pamantayan kc may iba't-iba tayong pinaniniwalaan. May iba'-ibang mga pananaw at ideya.

Love can be measured, we just ran out of words or maybe cannot find the right words/numbers on how to do it. :-D

RONeiluke, RN said...

dylan: hahaha! being emo is not only about fashion, it's more of an expression! haha! more in lit, music and visual arts nga lang ang paggiging emo ko. ahaha!

maganda yung una nilang album..."awake" yung paborito ko na kanta nila...

nakita ko nga nagpalit ka na naman! hahaha! baka may kuto na magsuyod ka! haha!

wala pang nakakapagsabi sakin nyan..hahaha!besides licensed nako! haha

peace out!

salingPUSA said...

you know what----had a breakup after almost 8 years in the relationship----but I am still optimistics about love----

.......yeah, I still believe in love and the beauty it brings to our lives.

GreenMangoes said...

Yah! they are capable of dreaming.

But interpretation of their dreams, that alone i have no knowledge.

Sige, example: The child has been blind when she's 19 months old. So here she comes now, school age, how can we teach her the colors then?


Blooming ang aking love life? naku.. wait for my blog post, bro. I am sure, i might end up one of your characters in your emo kwento mo next year. ehehehe!


nahanap ko na yung love formula topic. hmm.. mahaba e.. send ko na lang sa email mo. send me an email with your name and blog name here:

Myk2ts said...

salingpusa, turuan mo kami. coping mechanisms ko kasi bagsak! :'(

the spool artist said...

for love, measuring is it is not how much but actually... how far.

RONeiluke, RN said...

Rehabman: Wow astig! Kaw lang ang naiibang sagot (bukod kay KJ)! Ahehe! Iba xa but I got the point. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this one…

Saling pusa: good for you, mate… most people have their hearts broken, lose the love along with hope… but you, you had you’re heart broken but the hope remained intact and pristine…

Peace out!

green mangoes: waaa! wala nakong lusot sa tanong mo! hehe! hmmm..pano nga kaya...try ko i-research ah? hehe!


ahh ganun ba? ahehe! kasi may 'beyond wrods' ka pa kasing sinasabi! hehe!


send mo na lang dito sa e-mail ko. :)

mykt2s: nako hindi yata ako qualified para magturo about coping mechanisms...i know most of them pero hirap i-apply sa tunay na buhay... ahehe...

spool artist: i couldn't agree more, kuya loven :)

Dhianz said...

wow! 'la akong ma-say... galing nang pagkasulat...ur such a great writer... i wish i'm a great writer like u... pero siguro i'm not even 1/4 as good as u... baka nga 1/8 pa nga eh... or less...hehe... nag-measure pah tlgah oo....

hey really luv wat u wrote... print koh nga to... i'll make sure nandon name moh kc kaw ang author... =)

they were right... nabasa koh lang isang comment sau... puwede kang magsulat nang book...

u got talent!... use it wisely... naks... ur such a good writer... ba't nde palah 'un ang napili mong field? pero hey RN malufet pa ren 'un...

galing moh... hay... LOVE!... basta LOVE ang topic nakaka-catch nang attention...hehe....

take care! i'm a fan =)


Anonymous said...

ang daming fan ng RN na may future din for being a writer..

oh di ba? you can create a book, i'm telling you.. pwede mo kong kuning editor if ever.. hehe. (seriously)

ah basta wala pa kong nakitang kalbong emo! haha.. ok wag mo nang pahabain... wag ka lang masyadong mag-indulge in expressing it,, you know emos are like in a depressing kind of state.. di ka naman naglalaslas? lolz.. i know u're not, if i cud still remember u said u're born again, ayt...

yeh, i like some of their songs, yung younger brother ko may copy nung album na yan.

way to go, ron!

GreenMangoes said...

sige send ko sa email mo bro! ;)



hehe! oo nga e, i asked her that question a night prior to the full blast heart ache.. hayyy...

well, good thing i did asked her that before anything else.

yoshke said...

"love is not a question of how much but a question of how true. i am not sure if love could be measured by asking how much, but i am sure that if a love is true, there’s definitely no means to measure its immensity. people who try to measure the immensity of true love fail to have the answer but those who deny that such magnitude exists and are scared of it, are the ones who usually play around, no idea that they’re already lost..."


How true. Well-said.

Kaso parang ako, nagmemeasure din. hahaha. I love quantifying things, ideas and emotions. haha

RONeiluke, RN said...

Dhianz: wow…I really appreciate your compliments…muntik nakong maiyak lolz! Actually second choice ko ang communication arts pero mas in demand ang nursing dib a???...yata…hahaha!

Uhmm…I linked you up 

Dylan: sige kapag ako nagging write ikaw ang editor ko..ok nay un? Hehehe! Ok..i’ll take your advice. Yep born po ako at wala (pa) akong balak magpakamatay..hahaha!

Peace out!
Green mangoes: ouch….ok na nga yun… sige hintayin ko yung e-mail mo..peace out!

yoshke: ganun naman yata ang tao...somehow quantifying things makes things definite...wala na kasing sigurado sa mundo...

eli said...

how about love meter for sale! just contact

istepf said...

bsta LOVE ang topic, daming ngrereact..=)

ang galing, astig comment ni mam jane, kkpanood ko lng din kc ng meet joe black cguro last week lng.. prang gusto ko ulit tuloy panoodin..=)

at nacurious ako ng bonggang-bongga s wall-e,, d ko kc npanood, kelngan mkhanap ng bala! o kya dito n lng s net no, hehehe..=)

hopeless romantic single pla h,, hehe.. parehas pla tyo ng status. crap. (hahaha)

mishu nald..♥

RONeiluke, RN said...

eli: pabili ako! seryoso! hahaha!

RONeiluke, RN said...

steph: nako mabenta nga sa blog ang usapang pag-ibig..hehe! ibig sabihin maraming in love or otherwise...hehehe!

kelangan ko mapanood yung meet joe black at wall-e...hehe! nakakaenganyo yung mga sinasabi nila noh?

i second that! CRAP to the highest level! ahahaha!

ingat sa work! :)

istepf said...

ngtry ako mgdownload ng wall-e dito s net,, nkakaasar, tagal ko nghintay palpak nman, grrrrrrr..

hanp n lng ako ng pirata, swerte bka my kasama png madagascar! hehe..=)

RONeiluke, RN said...

steph: ay danun? baka corrupted yung file na nadownload mo. ahehe! mapirata ka na nga lang! ahahaha!

istepf said...

ganun n nga cguro.. ;) sbihan kita pg npanood ko n.. =)

istepf said...

lucas, hehe, napanood ko n din ang wall-e.. ang ganda nga.. love it! ;)

(bumili n lng ko dvd, ung my ksma madagascar! gusto ko din kc un, hahaha..♥)