You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


shuttlecocks and balls

WAS WATCHING THE V-LEAGUE yesterday and i realized how much i miss playing my sports. i miss almost everything about it (except being in the loser’s end): the adrenaline rush, the sweat, the pressure, the trash-talking, and of course, the joys of ending triumphant in a competition. besides, my muscles need some toning and i got to lose the burgeoning fat, particu
larly in the middle.

i consider myself as a sport-minded person even though i don’t play a lot of contact sports like basketball. when i was young i used to be skeleton-thin (literally! i’ll show you some of my horrible photos one of these days) and could easily tire. i was just a little bit too soft for basketball that’s why i chose to play another sport, volleyball.

there are a lot of stereotypes with guys who play volleyball, but who cares? it’s a really fun and a competitive sport and i believe, less tiring than basketball. besides, there’s nothing that can beat the elation from hitting someone’s face with a ball (absolutely not if you’re on the defensive side! haha! i got hit by perfectly executed kills straight to my face three times already). it’s really fun to kick ass when a net and couple of paces separates you from your competitors.

i started playing the sport when i was in elementary school and eventually became a member of our varsity team (reyn was my captain ball. he’s the first one who taught me how volleyball tastes like). then, there was this sporting event and it turned out that i was over aged to qualify. my coach solved the problem by making me pretend to be someone else. he borrowed someone else’s birth certificate and voila! for a day, i became emmanuel. hehe! i was such an asset my coach couldn’t afford to have me disqualified! haha! when i started attending high school, i decided not to join the varsity since academics was my main priority at that time. instead i get to play during the intramural games. i play setter. i was a show-off when i played especially when i knew my crush was watching and cheering for me. it gave me that extra motivation to rip the ball down, hard on the opponent’s court.

it was also in high school when i discovered that i have some skills in playing badminton. i don’t know if it’s true but they say when you’re good in volleyball, you’re probably good in badminton. but, between the two sports, i am more passionate about the latter. i became a varsity and played doubles (the program sucked by the way. i could recall how rushed our trainings were. no wonder we ended up being losers). i just love the crispy sound of a brand-new shuttlecock against the racket. the sound matters because it tells you whether you hit the shuttle correctly or not. i used to play the sport with my college friends, some where volleyball players too. we would rent a court and play all day, till our bodies give out. there was this one time when i smashed a shuttle so hard and accidentally hit my opponent right in the balls! haha! it was so funny because he got mad! speaking of sportsmanship! hehe! how i wish i can play one of these days. the problem is i have no one to play it with. if i become desperate i’ll just play against a wall…like squash?

one of the sports that i love to watch and want to learn is tennis. there is somehow elegance, grace, and prestige in the game. i was so hooked about it i even finished the tournament of ‘virtua tennis’ in my psp (using roger federer, my favorite player) in just one sitting. my thumbs were screaming in agony the next day that i even found it hard to press the remote. hehe! i miss playing table tennis too. a friend taught me one time and since then, i got hooked!

so that’s it for now i guess. i just thought i’d write something far from emo this time…:P
How about you? What's your sports?

. .

off the record, please bear with me and watch the clip. hehe! (you might want to turn off the music on my sidebar first :))

i have a hunch that the ‘prince’ would surpass its predecessor. there were some stunning scenes, upon watching this trailer and scrutinizing each frame. some of these are the fiery cave scene, harry and dumbledore on the ‘outcrop of rock’ and the quidditch sequences of course! i’m glad they have decided to include it in the storyline and also ron who accidentally ate a cake with a love potion and fell in love (not with hermione though! haha!) i think the opening sequences will be about the destruction caused by the death eaters all over britain (the falling bridge and the black smokes gave it away). harry will have another kissing scene with ginny. big deal! i think i am a better kisser than harry anyway. haha! thanks to alex for the video. peace out!


RJ said...

Baseball for me, but I am a fan of the Philippine Basketball Asoosiation. Team? Alaska. o",) (Kahit dati akong SMC employee. Sorry.)

I guess On the Coffin Rock fans (ladies) will be dreaming about kissing Roneiluke after reading this post!

Fjordan Allego said...

athletics ka rin pala eh.. ayos yan! multitalented!!

dylan dimaubusan said...

hmm, i love sports! i love watching 'em. hehe.

well the only outdoor sport i have right now is a 3km run twice a week, and badminton, i would want to try hiking (if there's an opportunity) and sky diving and bunjee jumping (though I'm altophobic).

my games are almost indoors, chess, scrabble, UNO cards and some other, hehe..i consider that a sport.

but way back in my high school years I did got hooked in volleyball. very challenging.

Jandale said...

"i think i am a better kisser than harry anyway." *same here* lolz!

alex said...

pareho tayo lampayatot din ako nun, pero buti ka pa you've become sporty, ako hindi kasi me asthma rin ako... sobrang loser no hehe

anyways na excite ka uli sa harry potter ha

thanks for the shoutout

gentle said...

gotta have me one of those nice deltoids in the first pic... san nakakabili nyan? hehehe. :)

Anonymous said...

hey we have the same sports. I used to be a volleyball varsity player when i was in high school and part time badminton player. part time kasi ako lang yung pumapalit pag wala ng player or pagka-nagkasakit. hehehe pero i was trained. :)

ill watch the video later at home :)

Chyng said...

Maciadong strong magspike ang mga lalake when playing volleyball kaya di nakakaaliw panoorin! haha Opinion ko lang naman yun.

Swimming is my favorite! And acdg to uhm Bo Sanchez (yata) Handicapped are those who cant swim! Yun lang! wink*

the spool artist said...

i've always loved playing volleyball as well, but sadly, sports has been on the last of my list since moving here!

maybe you ought to give more thought on badminton ron! who knows, you might make it to the next olympics in london! hehehe

bulitas said...

i played volleyball back in highschool but i always hit the ball hard it always end up landing on the 3rd floor of the building or on the library's roof. and so, the team booted me out. LOL

Mugen said...

When people ask me if I have a sports, I'd ask them back if they consider weightlifting sports hehehe.

Seriously, I think my motor skills are not good. The only thing I'm good at is Swimming.

And that's for survival purposes only.

PUSANG-gala said...

I also love badminton and volleyball......

"there are a lot of stereotypes with guys who play volleyball, "

"but who cares? "

---same reaction here.
I will take it to the next level thought and I will surely anger a lot of Filipinos.


not in 100 year time will we excel on it. it will just give us frsutration after frustration in international competitions....

yoshke said...


i LOVE-LOVE tennis. Hahaha. Love playing it.

I love watching football but I suck at playing.

My sports are here:


Lemuel said...

hmmm, like this post.. somehow, you gave "sports" another facet to be viewed by people who do not really like sports.heheh..


keep blogging..

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

see you at the arena, ron.

go tigers. :-)

onatdonuts said...

gusto ko ng sports....kaya lang kailangan kong matulog, hehe at sabo mo nga sa last post ko, kailangan ko nang maligo. hahaha ,mahirap nang maging kraft cheesewhizzz hahaha

galing mo naman pala maglaro, naalala ko lang nuon. adik yung kapatid kong bAbae sa grandprix...kaya nakinuod na rin ako, ang ganda ni leila barros at saka ni pichinini (sana tama spelling) hahaha 1st year college palang ko nun. mantakin mo nga naman oh? antanda ko na.


sige hayaan mo maliligo na ako. haha oo nga toxic talaga trabaho namin ni josh...pero medyo may slight difference ang stress level ng isang segment producer sa isang researcher. :-)

FerBert said...

badminton player ako nung gradeschool.. Muntikan na akong makasali sa palarong pambansa. hehe

pero nung HS na naging loser ako.. hindi na ako masyadong nahilig sa sports..

may phobia ako sa Volleyball kase laging natatamaan yung ano ko ng bola.. hindi ko alam kung baket doon napupunta ang bola at talagang sinasadya talaga ng mga kalaban kong tamaan ako doon para mabaog..

pero ngayon pwede na akong maging varsity player ng loro roco sa psp.. hahaha

REDLAN said...

jackstone is my sport- it was according to my elementary friend(not me) lol. cool to be athletic no? gusto ko matutunan ang basketball, astig eh. masarap siguro na mag mga fans ka cheering up. how was the feeling ba? lahat ng sports maganda tingnan. what more kung nilalaro mo 'to.

harry potter again. hmmmm. malaki na siya. convincing.

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha... naku, hindi lahat ng naglalaro ng basketball... uhhhmmm... hindi rin naglalaro ng vball. hahaha.. gawin nating safe. hahaha. ayoko matawag na sexist.

favorite sports ko din ang vball, badminton, LAWN tennis at TABLE tennis... haaay, i miss my athletic self.

RONeiluke, RN said...

.RJ: wow… bigatin pala ang sports mo. hehe! Dati hooked ako sa panonood ng basketball—maka-san Miguel nga lang ako..hehe!

Fjords: nako hindi na nga ako nakakapaglaro eh…hehe!

Dylan: ang extreme naman ng mga gusto mong sports pero very challenging nga! Gusto ko yung bungee jumping! I’m not sure about the sky diving though. Marami kasi akong nababalitaan na namamatay dahil faulty yung mga parachutes. Hehe! I hiked one time with friends. Ang saya! First time i put my body to the limit… hehe!

Jandale: haha! apir tayo dyan! Haha!

Alex: ahhh…may stress asthma ka rin pala...hanggang ngayon? Try mo mag-swimming.

Gentle: meron akong binebenta ditto. 2000 persos lang isa. Hehe! Bili ka?

Bry: wow! Pareho pala tayo ng sports. Hehe! I hope I could play some again soon.

Chyng: ahh…kasi mabilis ang mga rally.. ma-offense kasi ang mga lalaki defense. Mas masarap nga panoorin ang mga girls kasi ang haba ng rally at exciting.

Nako buti na lang marunong ako kahit papano! Haha!

Kuya loven: nako ditto sa pinas hindi ako makaabot sa palarong pambansa, sa Olympics pa kaya! Hahaha! Mas gusto manood pagdating ng susunod ng Olympics! 

Bulitas: hahaha! Ang lakas mo palang pumalo! Tiyak galit na galit sayo yung librarian niyo. Ahehehe!

Mugen: siguro nga sports yun as long as you have a competitor. Hehehe! Hamunin mo si dabo or di kaya si ewik. Hehe!

Saling pusa: I totally agree. Dito lang yata sa pinas tayo magaling sa basketball. Hehe! Siguro dahil sa height disadvantage.

Yoshke: nakakapagod ang football! Hehe! Ang layo pa ng pagitan between the two goals. Ahehe! Gusto ko pinoy football. Yung parang baseball kaya lng sisipain mo yung bola! Haha!

I checked your post about your sports. So you play bowling? Kasama sa PE class naming yung bowling. Hehe! And I sucked at it. hehe!

Lemuel: so you don’t like sports that much? Hehe! Thanks for dropping by 

ruff: hehe! wala akong balak pumunta. ahehe... maka-SSC nga pala ako..hehe!

onat: haha! mali nga ang spelling mo. haha! piccinini yata? haha! namamagaling ako mali naman din yata.haha! inabangan ko din yung grandprix dati. vball din ang inaantabayanan ko sa olympics eh...sayang nga lang wala kaming solar channel. hehe...

sige keep up the good work dyan sa work niyo ni JM.. peace out!

red: hanep jackstone! haha! at least meron kang sport kanit papano..ahehe! masarap ang feeling. nakakamiss tuloy..ahehe!

ewik: oo may mga kilala din akong basket player na vplayer din...may team mates ako dat that played basketball too. kelangan kasi ng matangkad for blocking...hehe!



bena said...

im not into sports kaya ako masakitin.. hehehe.. but i played badminton before ng highschool.. in fact, sumali ako sa intramurals at wag ka! natalo ang lola mo! hahaha! =)

i think everyone should be a little sporty to stay fit somehow noh..


Now I know you also have a life... it is actually nice to read something(s) about you.

I tried learning tennis, but time is the issue (in the same way that I have that problem with my driving lessons, gym, work, sleep, murder, blog, and im hoping to add guitar lessons with those).
Been to Wimbledon. Not to play but to watch. lol.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

i play vb too, lagi ako best in uniform and accessories

do you wear em short shorts?

RONeiluke, RN said...

bena: playing sports is a cool way to stay fit. it's fun and develops one's attitude and mentality under pressure..ahehe!

KJ: you've been to wimbledon??? wow...sana makapunta ako dun palang araw and watch roger and serena play.

bryan: nako, im not comfortable wearing short shorts...balbon kasi ako..ahehehe...yung tama lang.

Jake Tornado said...

Great lives run parallel, dude. I was part of the Volleyball varsity team from elementary until I finished law. And now, I'm a sucker for badminton. I guess your theory is true after all.

lucas said...

woah! you're a varsity player till college??? wow...ang galing mo sigurong mag-manage ng time and all. law pa yung course mo...hehe! astig! let's play some time then. ahehe!

peace out!

istepf said...

i love sports, love watching them.. nglalaro din nman ako pero d gnun kgaling.. way back highschool days, player kya ako ng basketball, medyo shooter din to no, haha.. at nanalo din ako nung intrams nmin s table tennis,, namiss ko tuloy.. hay..

--OMG! super naexcite n nman ako ng vhonggang vhongga s clip ni harry! cat wait.. ;)

yoshke said...

"Gusto ko pinoy football. Yung parang baseball kaya lng sisipain mo yung bola! Haha!"

hmmm. hindi kaya futsal yan?

I like bowling! And I don't suck at it! :P

lucas said...

steph: buti ka pa astigin sa basketball! hehe!i miss playing table tennis too! hays...

nako superexcited na nga ako eh!!! hehe! nood din tayo ng twilight!!!

yoshke: hindi mo pa ba nalaro yung ganun??? ahehe...fave ko yun nung bata pako! hehe!

wow...good for you! i suck at it...BIG TIME!

istepf said...

cgecge nood tyo twilight! excited n din ako dun! lm mo b ngpreserved ako s national ng books ni meyer.. hehe..=)

nald d n din ako makakaalis ngayon,,=( tom nman celebrate nmin bday ni mama.. naisp ko n lng, after boards ko n lng cguro meet haley, kw b? kung tuloy k tom, ok lng..=)

mgbbday k n,, treat kita promise..♥

Reyn said...

You were a very good setter Ron :)

You pushed it closely just above the net! haha...

Kaso maliit ako kaya hindi ako maka-spike masyado..haha!

*super late comment*