You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


tag number one

thank you, odin, for tagging me. i am sorry if i posted this a little late because there a lot going on, here in the wizarding world. haha!


Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don't forget to change the answers to the questions with that of your own.

(A) four places i go over and over (besides my house, right?):

HALEY’S PLACE. i just love to crash into my bestfriend’s place. i virtually can do anything there, now that she’s living independently. no parents. no one to tell us no. it’s like my second home. i love her curtains. guess who chose the color? hehe! there are no dull moments whenever i visit her. whenever we’re together, it’s as if, there are lots of things to talk about. too bad there’s a curfew on the place up until 11 pm only. That means no sleeping overnight (crap!). i miss being a glutton over her box of assorted chocolates her mom brought home from saudi. (both her parents are nurses in saudi arabia. all of them are pursuing a medical profession. cool eh?).

PJ’S CRIB. one good thing about crashing to pj’s house is that he has his own computer—with internet connection! haha! i am free to download anything, and surf the net till my eyes pop out of their sockets. also, i can stay overnight. it’s really cool to sleep there. did i mention he has his own air conditioned room? haha! his room is on the 3rd floor of the house (wheew!) next to an asutea. his room has a really beautiful view of the town especially at night. we usually chat and watch videos from you tube with friends till we fall asleep.

NATIONAL BOOKSTORE. i am not fond of shopping, window shopping, or buying groceries. i don’t even shop for my own clothes. whenever i am in the mall, i usually go there just to eat. haha! so whenever i am with my family or friends and they decide to shop around or buy groceries, i usually sneak out and go national bookstore…or any bookstore. i just love books. i am fond of reading opened magazines and synopsis of novels. going in such place efficiently kills the time like when waiting for the start of my favorite movie on the cinemas (just in time for the trailers--one good thing about watching movies). i hate watching movies if I am not able to watch them from the beginning.

VIDEO CITY. Did I mention I am a cinephile? I could watch movies all day long. But nowadays, movies are rivaled by pirated American tv series. Hehe! I used to go to video city and rent 2-3 cd’s for homeviewing. I rent movies because I hate watching the pirated ones. Besides the poor visual and sound quality, people scurrying on the lower part of the screen (probably because of fully extended bladder) annoy me. I have my own formulated guidelines in watching movies. If it’s a blockbuster or something I’ve been waiting for, I’ll watch it on the big screen. If I failed to do so, I will wait for the original DVD or CD copy, or download it. Or else… I have no choice but go to a stinking market and buy a pirated one… Crap!

(B) four people who email me regularly:

FRIENDSTER. account updates, friends’ updates, birthdays, blog updates, announcements, etc… honestly it’s very hard for me to interact with people using friendster. i think i know why. i mean friendster seems very superficial. people view you because of how you look or how cute you are in your primary picture (hence increasing the number of account views, which to some people is one hell of a deal! i can’t sympathize with people who cry over their account with less than 100 views. mine was stuck at 40 and i am not complaining). at least here in the blogosphere, people will not view you not because of how you look but of how you think and articulate those things that reel in your head. am i seeing raised eyebrows? peace. hehe!

BLOGGER. I used to have comment subscriptions of all the sites in my blog roll. I have learned that it was not a good idea. They were like spammers. I emptied my inbox one time, just to see it full again the next day with 216 messages.


MULTIPLY. Invitations encouraging me to have a multiply account. No thanks! Haha!

(C) four of my favorite places to eat:

YELLOW CAB. i am addicted to pizza and pasta. although i still prefer jollibee’s spaghetti. i love being a glutton here because their pizzas are great! i usually order classic new york’s finest. hays… eating their pizza is like having a very intimate sex! serotonin and endorphins overflow! i could still remember how me and haley moaned on every bite, when we celebrated her birthday there. uhh.. ahh..uhh.. haha! happy birthday again, my haley. i’ll post ‘it’ as soon as i have the pictures and the letter.

MAX’S. this is our family’s favorite resto. if there’s a special occasion or a family reunion, max’s is the only option. i love their chicken soup. what makes eating here remarkable is how i always struggle to finish my food. there are lots of foods on the table, but sadly i have only one stomach. i wish i had four…

KFC. i usually order their wicked meal. my mouth is watering with just the thought of their hot mushroom soup and mashed potato. the breast is my favorite part of their chicken. i like them huge and spicy. hehe! i usually order the wicked meal with an extra rice. the brownie, if i still could manage to fit it in my stomach, i definitely eat it. i told you, my soul is burning in hell for eating like crazy. haha!

BURGER MACHINE. Burgers--one my weaknesses when i’m starving. i usually buy two of the largest size, with cheese and coleslaw. sometimes, when i am very hungry, i prefer an egg added onto it and extra cheese and coleslaw. On other occasions, i prefer the longganiza patty, or the spicy one. one of my favorite is the bacon mushroom melt! hays… i love the feeling of how it melts in my mouth. i wish i could still find burger machines here in laguna. they sort of changed it into ‘buy one, plus one burgers’ to rival minute burgers’ ‘buy one, take one’ promo. (crap!) eating minute burger is like eating live, wriggling salmonella. hays…

(D) four places i'd rather be:

BEIJING. it’s the olympics and i am a little bit obsessed about it. hehe! i told my mother i was leaving for beijing two days before the opening ceremonies and she bought it. i think i could be a good actor… haha! i was hoping to watch the volleyball matches. brazil, cuba, china, are currently my bet to win it big time. but over-all i wish china wins the medal tally over the united states. “give chance to others.” ring a bell?

LONDON. i have always fancied the place. the parliament building and big ben, the buckingham and the kinsengton palaces, the templar church, the westminster abbey, the millennium eye… hays… i could go on and on about it. also, i love the people’s accent! i also wish to see the harry potter cast especially hermione. i mean, she’s so beautiful, isn’t she. hays… the next olympic games will be hosted by this city, comes 2012. no pressure there. hehe!

PARIS. I am a hopeless romantic so no question as to why I chose this place. I would like to see the iconic eifel tower, the louvre museum, and the haunted opera house. I would like to drink on one of its the street-side caf├ęs savoring the moonlight (does the moonlight shine on paris?…hahaha! hell, yeah!). such a romantic place to be, especially with someone you love. T_T

TUSCANY. if am not mistaken, this is somewhere in italy. what i love about this place is the lush countryside, full of flowers, hills, and trees, under the azure blue sky. the lifestyle of the people there is very simple and yet very peaceful. i love the houses there. they’re really…uhmm…italian! haha! have you watched the movie, ‘under the tuscan sun’?

(E) Four people I think will respond:

REYN. he’s an elementary friend. he’s the one who encouraged me to start this blog site. i use to call him ton ton though…

EYPRILLE. there’s something about her that intrigues me.

KRIS JASPER. i am curious about his perception that he’s not human.

BEN-AYOT. she tagged me. a tag about shoes. i’m sorry i am not able to post it yet. my brother forgot to bring my digicam yet again. hays… but i promised right? you still have my word.

(F) four tv shows i could watch over and over:

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. “will you rather have sex with your pet dog than your husband?” let’s say the answer is yes. just answer the question truthfully and you win 500,000 dollars. cool eh?

PINOY DREAM ACADEMY. i’m still rooting for bugoy, liezel, and laarni to be in the finals.

AIR CRASH INVESTIGATION. a series from the national geographic channel. it’s like watching csi but this time investigating how a particular air crash had occurred. hays… this show never fails to blow me away… did you know that the airways are still the safest way to travel?

NAKED SCIENCE. another series from natgeo. it updates me to the latest scientific breakthroughs, discoveries, and possibilities. i just love the national geographic channel… one reason i couldn’t live without cable subscription. haha!

Well that’s it. Hehe! Hope that helped you to know me better. Haha! Ciao!


jericho said...

kumalat na nga ang tag na ito.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

ah, so elementary friends pala kayo ni reyn. hehe...

curious ako dun sa isang social networking site. hehe...

bulitas said...


i also frequent national bookstore when i was young.
then came powerbooks and a different bookstore.


dam-dam said...

grabe! gusto ko rin mag-london. ugh.

odin hood said...

Marami salamat at pinagbigyan mo ako sa tag na ito! I know how annoying tags can be pero still pinagbigyan mo ako! hehe tnx!

Actually kakagaling ko lang sa inuman habang binabasa ko to... you know how it is after ng inuman? ang sarap mag fud trip di ba... i was literally drooling while i was reading your 4 fave places to eat! hehehe

I also would love to go to london... my friend had just been there to study for 2 months... sobrang inggit ako sa mga kwento niya of the place at lalo na ang mga pics. grabe i wanna go there na!

i want VAN(he's got just enough singing talent plus sobrang hottie) or LIEZL(she really looks good when performing na n undeniably good at singing) to win PDA. hehehe

Lance said...

wow, this is a very elaborated tag post..hahaha
great job!
few comments..
*I don't read books. I have only read Harry potter and that's it.
*I don't like yellow cab. YC pizza is very oily and doens't even taste that good. and it's expensive. i'd rather go for a Da Vinci's Pizza or greenwich overload.. makamasa! hehehe
*i get many emails from friendster too, no matter how i try and try to turn off the email alert setting in there... crap!
*what's that other social account?
*and you really believed KJ is not human, eh????

spongebabe said...

"MULTIPLY. Invitations encouraging me to have a multiply account. No thanks! Haha!"

-- i agree; no thanks, too! i super hate multiply's interface. masyadong magulo.

yoshke said...

Air Crash Investigation, Naked Science tsaka Seconds from Disaster!!! Tsaka The Ultimate Weapon. Waaah. Lovem.

geeks. haha

the menace said...

woot woot PDA!

Juz said...

BM. Bookstore at videocity..

masaya nga kumain, bumili at tumambay sa Bookstore
at manood ng movies..

kelan movie marathon natin Nurse Ron?

Reyn said...

@rowjie - yes, we were..haha...

Ron, how's the oathtaking???


wow naman.. starring ako... lol.

KFC? same here.

PDA? well, anything from ABSCBN is church for me.

London? yeah, but you'll be disappointed.

Accent? call me. haha

Me not being human? Im still waiting for NASA to contact me. lol.

dabo said...

@jericho: sa akin, pag ako ang natag, dedo ang tag na not just so in it.. ewan ko kj yata ako eh..

--- --

this post is nerdy na icey cool!

wanderingcommuter said...

i wonder kung ano yung isang ocial networking... may m*toot!. biro lang.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

pwede ko bang i-tag ang sarili ko? hehe.

Mugen said...

Dahil sa Air Crash Investigation kaya lagi akong nagdadalawang isip sumakay ng eroplano kapag nai-invite ako elsewhere.

yoshke said...

ang ganda nung background music, btw. Kaiyak. Char.

Roland said...

natuwa naman akong fave mo yung burger machine... wala lang, nag work ako dun while studying... naalala ko tulog bigla yung mga talsik ng kumukulong mantika sa mga kamay ko.

onatdonuts: "Tirador ng Kaning Lamig" said...

very interesting post...

I am wondering what's the other social network? well, it's good to maintain some mystery, you have divulged enough interesting things about yourself. ;-)

I also love eating but in my case it's obvious that I really do. haha

keep on postin' I'm readin'

Lance said...

That's will be like my sister. She's also a RegNurse but has been working with CC for almost a year now to supply the expenses for her year old son.


After I read the HP series, I started reading short stories. I get bored easily. I'd rather sleep and just rock my ears with my walkman phone. hihihi These short stories are mostly about crimes.. ung parang Detective Conan. hehehe

Sarap na sarap ka talaga sa YC? hehe
I don't know if meron Da Vinci sa Laguna but try mu lang kong meron.. it's way better tlaga..

about the account, cge tell mu na.. msg mu nalng sa akin..hahahaha

even if he won't say it, it looks pretty much evident.. joke..hahaha
he's kinda cool...he's living it up..hehehe don't know what i'm saying.. so thank you nalng sa pagcomment.. auau!

Eyprille said...

haahaha...tawa nmn ako sa sinabi mo about me..haha! maybe the "fact" that I am a "hybrid" or "transformer" intrigued you. haha!

jounin said...

hello...sorry for this late response...thanks for the comment...however, i hope u wouldn't mind me asking you to add me as your contact in multiply...i don't get to update this site's uli

Anonymous said...

hello ronie luke, im bryan miseducated`s friend. saw your pic and i was...uhhgh !:) heto friendster ko, if im worth your attention that is hehe

salingPUSA said...

hahaba ng mga articles u ron. ganado ka masyado.nahihirapan ako basa. lalo pag dami ginadgawa. putol-putol.but I think you are good in playing with words and ideas.

caryn said...

hey ron! i used to ake tambay at national bookstore a lot when i was in manila too! and booksale for cheap reads ;-)

gosh, wala akong na-recognize na tv show sa mga na-mention mo! ahhaha!

bena-yot said...

heya ron! thanx for this tag! im gonna make this on my rd next week which falls wed&thur.. infairness, mahaba haba ang tag na itoh ha.. hihihi.. at ung tag ko sau on shoes, remember?.. wag kalimutan.. hihihi


the spool artist said...

hahaha, i got tagged with this too but until now, i havent done my part! guess i broke the chain! huhuhu.

oh yup, laking national bookstore din ako!