You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


tag number two

YOU MAY BE WONDERING why i haven’t posted another entry yet and this is because i am currently running out of ideas. the right side of my brain is, as of now, on strike, perhaps due to excess caffeine it suffers at times when it needs to rest. i have a couple of drafts saved on my flash drive but i am not sure if it’s the right time to post them. so for the meantime, let me bore you with this love tag. yeah. very appropriate in my current situation eh? single, self supporting, a little bitter. but as lance said let’s spread the love. let it spread like cancer and eat those healthy cardiac muscles…

1. when was your first kiss and where?
first kiss? hmm… when i was in second year high school, i guess. i tried to forget the experience though. like all hopeless romantic people in the world, i wanted it to be freaking special (with fireworks if destiny permits), but in my case i was forced to do it. there came a time in my high school life when the guys and the girls in my circle of close friends became so close that it’s just normal for them to make out. no, i was exaggerating. hehe! i mean it’s ok for the girls to kiss the guys… on the lips. there came a time, when miss mary, close friend, asked me to give her a kiss. i refused, since my naïve principle back then says that the first kiss should be done with your first love. lame am i? she was hurt, of course. but just to keep the friendship, and stay in the inner circle, i kissed her, before she rode a jeepney home. speaking of peer pressure. how i wished i was brave enough to kiss glad, before i kissed ms. mary. thinking about it now, it was so…uhmm…high school!

2. when was your first real relationship and how long did it last? i’m really happy there’s the word ‘real’ before the ‘relationship’, because if that’s not there, i’ll just be thinking, mouth open, which of all the complicated relationships i’ll be writing about. i had my first real relationship when i was in 4th year college. go on people! boo me! hehe! i will not deny that i’m a late bloomer. hehe! the real one’s just recent. i spent three months of it lying on a bed of roses and the last 4 months eating the roses’ thorns. you do the math.

3. what age were you allowed to date?
oh my… i never expected that this is a tag exclusively for gals. hehe! i’m a guy and i can’t imagine myself asking my father’s or my mother’s permission to date someone i like. the thought of it makes me want to laugh. hahaha! let me just answer this with the question: what age did you start dating? (am i allowed for make my own question?) i guess when i was sixteen? crap. boo me again.

4. what's the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?
by craziest you mean the biggest gesture of love i have done so far for loving someone? hehe! glad was our class’ muse when we were in third year high school and she was our representative for the filipiniana fashion show, in line with the buwan ng wika. on the eve of the fashion show, our escort conveniently backed out. (are you still alive jm?) but gladlyn who couldn’t let our classmates down decided to continue with the show even there’ll be no one to escort her. i couldn’t see her walk on the stage alone. she needed someone whom she would share the pressure with. and it was me. i volunteered, with my classmates jeering, knowing i had feelings for her. i looked ridiculous with an extra large barong. i looked like a hanger. felt like i was about to be buried. did i mention i was skeleton-thin back in high school? i’ll show you my hideous pics sometime. hehe! but then again, the efforts were all worth it. i could still remember how we practiced, how i looked into her eyes as we walked and met at the center of the stage, with head held high revealing my enlarged thyroid and bulging windpipe, held her hand and walked in front savoring the moment with thunderous applause from our supporters. i have learned from the experience that it’s hard to fake a smile. imagine smiling for long five hours, pretending you’re the hottest guy on stage, with all the sweat wearing away your make-up (i hate make-ups!!! especially the lipstick. the taste is nauseating.) but then again i was able to stand all that for glad. i was on a fashion show. that’s crazy right?

5. how long is your longest relationship and what's the secret?
i thought you did the math already. seven months! now you can boo me again, people of the blogosphere! hehe! am i required to answer the latter part? what’s the secret? i have come to realize that this tag was made for girls who were successful with their relationships. well, if you consider seven months of relationship, with more than half of it based on lies, deceit, and betrayal, then i’ll tell you the secret --- pure foolishness.

6. how long did you date before you decided to settle down?
hmm… settle down? when i bump into a word 'settle down', marrying someone comes in mind. but if settle down meant to enter into a formal relationship then my answer is a month. huhuhu. is it really true? the faster you go into a relationship, the faster it crumbles down? crap.

7. how long did you know s/he was the one?
gosh. if i am in a relationship right now, perhaps i could answer this one and since i am not, then it’s pointless to answer this question. unless i could play desperate and pretend to have a girlfriend right now. hahaha!

8. now, at what age will you allow your kid(s) to date? (if and only if you end up having kids)
parenthood. i don’t usually ponder this far. the rules for my sons will be different from that of my daughters’. for my son’s, i’d say, they could date anytime they want. i just wish they tell me about it. as for my daughters, at least when they turn sixteen. communication is vital especially when it comes to my future sons and daughters finding their respective mates.

9. when it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?
i’d want to think that i will be a cool dad someday. i’d want my sons and daughters to be transparent with me and for us to have an open communication with each other. i wouldn’t want them to feel shackled or held by the necks. i remembered lindsay lohan’s line in freaky friday: “you’re ruining my life!” i would want them to feel comfortable with me so they could freely share with me every aspects of their lives. in that way, i could guide and reach them more easily. besides, it’s easy to maintain relationships with the people you are comfortable with.

10. what piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?
i’d tell them to be just themselves. no pretensions. let them express themselves freely. be cautious but not to the point that they’re making walls around them but build bridges instead, which is the heart and soul of dating, right? human connections and knowing yourself through other people.

. . .

there you go and hope that made the endorphins, serotonins, oxytonins, and dopamines, and other neurotransmitters overflow and made you feel in love.

i would like to tag my most recent blogger friends:

fjordz. i like the way he writes. very emo. hehe, and
redlan. i think he's really cool.

till then…

one love :)


Mugen said...

Bigla akong naging nostalgic dahil sa entry mo ah.

Roland said...

more more more... more tag for you! hehehe

its nice know you piece by piece... we are all getting there!

nice reading this entry.


"in life, people move in different speeds.
it's just frustrating to know that you move slower than the others.
the connection between the two might not be that apparent
but there really is a connection."

dabo said...

no comment lol :)

--- --

@joms: repa, you are always nostalgic, a hyper-breed of so called "emo" wahahhaha

dabo said...

now i get..katatapos ko lang basahin ron..hehehe..

.. joms, nostalgic kasi 50% of it is coming from the background music of the blog.. well the 50% could be disputed naman..

--- --

natawa ako sa self-supporting.. lol :) at lastly ung pag-sesettle down is talagang time-dependent, parang pag-pipiloto, hindi ka pwedeng magpiloto ng airbus kung kulang ka sa experience..

oo siguro sa love age doesn't matter..pero the intensity of feelings sometimes overrides reality kaya ayun, crash landing

date and date and date muna dapat..

salingPUSA said...

really surprised to know that you are a late bloomer RON. But many people are including me. And it's not a crime, not even a sin.....What is important is you do it in your own time when you think you are ready. Not because everybody is into it so you have to join the bandwagon......

salingPUSA said...

....but I find you very amusing with your conservative stance on kissing...kkk. Well, if it's not you, why force yourself ayt? We should be brave enough to challenge things and stand up to what we think is appropriate in relation to what we feel. Too bad though you also succumbed to peer pressure in that case. One way or another, I am sure you enjoyed it. kekeke

salingPUSA said...

and mate, we want to see the pictures now. bring em out....bring em on!!!!

dazedblu* said...

nice to hear tht XD

Bryan Anthony the First said...

mr. romance huh


redlan said...

may reason pala kung bakit nag error kanina kapag i-click ko yung comment. Balak ko kasi sagutin dito ang mga tanong. nagyon edited na ang post na to. nakatag kami dalawa ni fjordz. salamat!

1. when was your first kiss and where?- grabe pinikot ka para lang matikman ang first kiss mo. hehehe. hindi ko ma-imagine yung eksena.

2. when was your first real relationship and how long did it last? - booo! gusto mo kasi i-booo eh. joke. mas i-boo boo mu ako dahil mas late bloomer ako sau.

3. what age were you allowed to date? - sixteen. hmmmm. at least na feel mo talaga yung cloud nine nun.

4. what's the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?- am sure wala kang paki kung ano man ang physical appearance mo nong fashion show night dahil mas kinilig ka dun kay gladlyn. hehehe

5. how long is your longest relationship and what's the secret?- mas longer ka sa akin.

6. how long did you date before you decided to settle down?- good answer

7. how long did you know s/he was the one? - tama ka. mas masakit mag pretend. lol

8. now, at what age will you allow your kid(s) to date? (if and only if you end up having kids)- mas okay yung may open communication. I agree

9. when it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?- talagang marami ang gusto mong maging anak ha. cool dad!

10. what piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?- pang mr international ang sagot mo. tumpak!

once again, salamat sa pagtag. excited akong gawin to.


redlan said...

pahabol: this post is worth reading. no pretensions.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Aaaack! Buti na lang hindi mo ako ni-tag Ron, kasi wala rin akong maisasagot. I'm happily single kasi, haha! Oh well, I enjoyed reading this and know you better and the things that you'll do for love. Naging kayo ba nung Gladlyn ha?:)

Regarding the parenthood issue, sana lahat ng daddy maging kasing cool mo.;)

jeepneyJOYride said...

...hi luke!...

..sensya na at di ako nakakareply sa text.,sobrang di kc ako naglu-load. hays.,pati todo review na tlga.,good thing la na ko saturday class.,at cancelled na rin lahat ng nyt out ko!..

..hehe, di mu tlga makalimutan si mary ha, natatawa n lang sya pag binabanggit ko yun sa kanya! hays, it just shows; your decency is ultimately profound!..

..nga pala, i felt a bit nostalgic sa kwento mu 'bout that filipiniana, hehehe! muntik tayong mawala sa bayan ng sta. rosa nun (6 years ago?!), salamat kay barto at sa double date natin nila glad, hahahahah!.. peram ako tree hill, 1 - 5, hehehe, stress reliever lang, please.=).. po, ingat ka.. you!..

leviuqse said...

hanep sa pagdidibdib ng tags!

RONeiluke, RN said...

hahaha! oo nga eh... hindi ko nga alam kung alam ni miss mary na xa ang first kiss ko. haha! matatawa talaga yun. hehe...

ano ba yan...lahat na tayo nostalgic. hahaha! biruin mo yun kasama pala na natin si keiv nun? wawa ka nman pala ng mga panahong yun?! hahahaha! ang tagal na nga six years ago! whew! tapos sori ako ng sori kay gald kasi dapat di ko na isinama. buti na lang nandun si keiv. hahaha!

nako po hindi naisauli sakin yung 3 hill na yun. bili na lang tayo ng bago. hehe!

so stressed ka? nako wag maxado magpagod. at bawasan ang mga guilty pleasures, ayt?

miss you hales...

love you more :)

mrs.j said...

nalungkot nnman ako sa mga revelation mo! hay..

pa senti lang talaga ko..

onatdonuts: "Tirador ng Kaning Lamig" said...

wag kang mag-alala ok lang naman yun...ayos lang maging late bloomer..

ibig sabihin nun hindi ka nagmamadaling maranasan ang mga bagay bagay kapag hindi pa sa tamang oras..hahaha masyado naman ata akong seryoso. ;-)


RonTuron said...

hahaha.. naaliw ako sa first kiss a.. honga, what can u expect from a highschool studnt nga naman.... haha

Lance said...

ahahaha...ang galing ko talagang mag tag ng people kasi nag answer kaagad..hehehe
nakakatuwa naman lahat ng answers mu dude...
kaya pala di mu gustong makatuluyan ang first kiss mu..heheh napadissapoint mu pa xa..hehehe yung time na un, sila ung desperate sau, hindi ikaw..

naisip ko din na panggals ang tag na ito, but i just answered it anyway..boring naman ung answers ko dun.. but im happy kasi i get to know you guys more, like ikaw, si mykt2s and my other workmate.. thanks sa pagsagot nito..

yeah, one love is all we need..

Abou said...

kapag love ang pinag usapan puro mahahalay ang pumapasok sa isip ko. ewan ko.

Ely said...

this is one of the tags na medyo sineryoso ng lahat. hehe. Seryoso naman kasi mga tanong.

wanderingcommuter said...

escorting your classmate on the fashion show is indeed a sweet thing to do. kahit walang emotions or what have you ang involved. she's lucky to have you as a classmate at the very least...


7 months? you should follow what Ive written in my last post, mate.

Ice said...

ayaw ko ng balikan ang masalimoot kung kwento tungkol sa pag-ibig...


bakit kasi pina-uso pa ang Pag-ibig kung masasaktan lang pala tau

hehehehe emo- mode

live well
laugh often
enjoy life

boying said...


RONeiluke, RN said...

dabo: ganun? hahaha! kelangan ko na palang palitan yung background music. napapaemo si joms eh..hehehe! joke!

hays..kelangan ko na nga sigurong makipag-date..hehehe! and get out of this shell :)

thanks for dropping by :)

Aris said...

it's nice to know more about you through this post. :)

bena said...

this is soooo not applicable for me coz im a member of NBSB club! ewwww! hahaha! well, except for the first part though.. next entry please?.. hehehe.. nice post ron! sharing! =p

acey said...

uuuuyyy, love life tag!

fish said...

just thinking bout the question makes may heart ache...