You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


alcoholic thoughts

THERE WERE THREE THINGS i promised myself i will never ever do: one, i will not smoke. two, i will not be an adulterer. and three, i will not drink alcohol (i mean at all). my dad was the main reason i made this pact with myself many moons ago, when he was still a jack-ass of a father. there came a point in my life that i despised him so much that i became so determined not to become like him, especially his not so good attributes back then -- the three i just mentioned. but i’m not going to talk about my relationship with my father because i also promised myself to make this post a little happier this time due to insistent public demand. hehehe! let’s stir things a bit, shall we?

well, things are easier said than done. i broke one of the three. i became an adulterer! hahaha! did i mention i’m single? hehe! i was not able to fulfill the third one, actually. if you were able to read ‘tag number two’ you may already know that i was a late bloomer in terms of romantic relationships and same goes with my social drinking. believe it or not, my first taste of alcohol was when i was in 2nd year… college! hehe! crazy, right? well, call me na├»ve but my principle about drinking back then was so rock-solid as my heart for my father, not to mention that i have lived my young years with my conservative grand parents.

as much as i valued my promise, it was rather very hard to keep. whenever there were birthday parties or special occasions with friends, and i refuse to have a drink, i couldn’t help but feel a little like an out-cast. the phrase ‘kill joy’ rang in my ears many times, and i couldn’t help but ask myself if i was still being reasonable. however, i was able to talk myself out of the personal conflict by saying ‘peer pressure’ over and over in my head.

i remembered the first time i got drunk and how amused i was for being able to finally feel how it’s like to be possessed by the spirit of alcohol. it seemed like a right of passage and i did it, finally. being an alcohol celibate, i became more curious about being drunk especially because of the myths and legends that had been formed about it. drunk people deny that they’re drunk. drunkenness becomes an excuse to socially unacceptable acts. (girl: something happened to us last night! boy: really? i really can’t remember. i was drunk!). and some says, you are the real you when you’re drunk. i think i need a couple more drinks to master alcohol’s effects… :)

i have learned to drink, but only the hard ones. i couldn’t enumerate them all but most of them were amber-colored, and the clear vodka, of course. my stomach couldn’t tolerate beer or let’s just say the soft ones. i hate the taste and they make me want to vomit out of nausea. i just don’t know why.

since i started to drink i have been to a lot of ‘drinking sessions.’ but more importantly i have learned something really vital: terrible things happen when you lose control. it is very important to know your limits and be a responsible drinker. learned it the hard way though. haha! i got drunk one time and i flirted with someone, with of my ex right infron of me. hehe! there was one time when i lost control. i can’t give you the exact picture of the craziness that had transpired that night. besides, they are too ghastly to tell! hehe! but to those who had the same experience, there’s a chance it had also happened to you :)

but the point is, since then, i became more apprehensive of how much i drink. that night will never happen again, i told myself. the lesson i’ve learned was tested, again, one night when we were invited to a fiesta. booze and fatty foods were everywhere. there was a videoke machine (my eyes literally sparkle in the sight of these ingenious inventions). everything was so festive and there’s no point of holding back. hahaha!

i got drunk as usual, but this time, due to a desperate attempt to hang on my sanity, and determination to be hailed as the only one who did not ‘met the goal’ (vomited), i did some things (i have no idea why i’m telling you this) and they actually worked for me. you could follow them, if you’re totally mental like me! haha!:

  1. do push ups. (i can’t remember how many)
  2. do jumping jacks. (just imagine the scene. people drinking while a groggy idiot jumps up and down)
  3. punch a wall. (i still can’t help but laugh when i remember marky saying: ron, ‘wag ganyan. ilabas mo yan. alam mo ang selfish mo! i-share mo yang nararamdaman mo!) hahaha!
  4. sing your lungs out. (i ruined my reputation. i can’t remember destroying a song completely. haley was my witness! haha! my favorite song to sing in the videoke lately is ‘bitiw’ by sponge cola)
  5. isolate yourself. (i sat on an empty pedicab, but, being stationary made the ‘spinning’ worse so i decided to stand up against a lamppost. i think i was praying and singing a gospel song to drive out alcoholic spirits).
  6. water and coffee therapy. (i asked the host for two large mugs of strong black coffee and plenty of drinking water. i killed a lot of potted plants that night).
  7. take a shower. (i nearly got sick of seeing the toilet bowl already filled with semi-digested food my friends ate that night. happy fiesta! people lose manners when they’re drunk)
  8. massage someone. (as i wait for the alcohol lose control of my central nervous system, i busied myself by massaging haley’s back. she told me i was good. i am good in a lot of things, i told her. hahaha!)
  9. eat a lot. (food slows down the effect of alcohol. ate a plateful of chicken macaroni that night)
  10. don’t sleep immediately. (alcohol is a depressant so it’s natural to feel drowsy. however, in my experience, risk of vomiting increases when you sleep immediately).

i hate the feeling of having a hang-over. hays… but somehow i miss the feeling of being ‘possessed.’ perhaps because of how it helps me get rid of my inhibitions, eradicate all pretensions, break my walls, and build bridges…

long post again… hehe! sorry, guys! at least it’s a little cheery, right? hehe!


odin hood said...

waaaah! recently i got really drunk and did something really stupid!

i still feel really really bad about what happened! huhuhuhu

boying said...

the only thing i hate about drinking is the headache i get the day after.

leviuqse said...

i hate drinking too. i do social drinking but i never experienced being wasted, anong feeling?

RONeiluke, RN said...

odin: hala! ano namang ginawa mo? na-curious ako! hahaha! hayaan mo na... isipin mo na lang nalasing ka! hehe! :)

boying: im with you on that! i hate the headaches... not to mention the nuseated feeling and body weakness. hehehe!

leviuqse: talaga? di ka pa nalasing. nako umiikot ang paligid mo! at pag nasobrahan ka talaga--natural lang na masuka. aantukin ka at ihi ka ng ihi.. ayun... pero masarap yung feeling kasi parang ang lakas ng loob mo in some way :)

leviuqse said...

there's something in alcohol (i forgot the name) that makes our judgment poor, ang scary nun

salingPUSA said...

good thing you did not become an adulterer. And be thankful you are a late bloomer pagdatingsa mga babae o say relationships. marami nako narinig na nasira buhay because they can't wait. What's the hurry diba?
I've been in a relationship for 7 years, people keep pressuring us to settle and have babies, or say, we dami na nakauna samin. friends, relatives, even siblings. But what's the hurry? para silang nauubusan. and its not good.....

salingPUSA said...

with smoking and drinking. Very difficult feat. I am having my constant fight against smoking but to no avail. but wit drinking I am a bit weak kasi nagsususka ako. oaky naman paminsan-minsan RON......

Lance said...

take it from a registered Nurse! =)

I sure do have many stories to tell when it comes to alcohol influence.. and worst is, i usually transform to an english (trying hard) speaking idiot when I'm drunk.. but actually my english is good when i'm drunk..hahaha

wtf! you're an adulterer? serious? bro.. that's gross..haha joke...

hahaha..the experience you had on number 3 was really funny... nag emote yung friend mo??haha cguro drunk din yun..hahaha

i don't like it when i'm just tipsy..i'd rather be madly drunk than tipsy..nabibitin ako eh.. ayaw kong mabitin..hehehe

i'm your fan, ron...

Abaniko said...

I beat you at drinking beer late in life. I had my first taste of beer when I was 23. I had two bottles in Malate that time and I got very drunk. Hehe.

lloyd belleza said...

i was drunk before but i can really say that i am still able to manage myself although not really that normal. hahaha. it was fun but it made me sick the day after. :p

PS. This post is a bit funny because I can relate but still not very happy and light. :p

Abou said...

ayokong nalalasing ako. nagiging mapagbigay ako ha ha


Skron said...

I like drinking. I was only 13 when My grandfather opened my first beer. My mom went to stop him but he just said: "This is my house, and you're still my child". That was awesome.

Then when I didn't go to college, and pursued a career in music, I was a drunk for four years straight. I usually drink beer though. Especially when I want to talk or conceptualize. I like beer and I miss Red Horse. But when I really need to get drunk fast, Whiskey or Bourbon chased by Beer. When we don't have money, Gin and Sprite or Rhum and Coke.

I don't drink vodka though, and other hard stuff. I know they're strong but I always feel like a wuss when I drink them. Especially Tequila.

the spool artist said...

maybe you need to drink more often so you get a better tolerance for alcohol! hahaha. i grew up with friends who drink Red Horse like water and bosses who worship wine, so I had no choice but to be a social drinker myself. after a while, i had a better tolerance to any potent alcoholic drink... not that i'm encouraging it, but a glass a day keeps the doctor away! lol


_ice_ said...

ndi me nalalasing...

pero pag nakainom me.. gusto ko yong feeling kasi i have the guts to tell them how I feel, kung nasasaktan ako, masaya ba ako.. or nahihirapan ako..

the only time that i could express my feelings pag lasing me and trough here.. so inom tau.. hahaha

Ely said...

good thing, i know when to stop. pag alam ko lasing na ako, di na ako mapipilit tumagay. hehe... and i hate the hang-over too. i'd take a lot of mefenamics later to relieve the headache.

hex said...

ay. hindi ako maka-relate. kaya, eto, zipped muna ang bunganga ni hex.

i hate alcohol...amoy pa lang nalalasahan ko na! hehe.

Chyng said...

hi ron!

when i was young too, i told myself that i wont drink or smoke.

but when i grew older, i tired them too. well, it takes on to know one. those vices arnt that bad afterall! haha

Anonymous said...

i love to drink. drinking is an art for me <3 but no, i haven't been drunk. i may act drunk but i'm not. haha. when i'm drunk, i'm the most poised person you'd ever meet. and that has just happened once. :)

just don't be an adulterer. that's really bad. i mean everything is good in moderation. and sex could only be good in moderation if you only have one partner. :) (since there's STD and stuff)

tinay said...

i love being drunk because it brings me to a high state. people around tell me that i hug every person, i find all shoes beautiful and i say "oh nice shoes. oh nice color of your sneakers." haha.

oh and i write best when im wasted. really.

i like light posts like this from time to time. :) thanks.

Jake Tornado said...

ADULTERER!!! What a revelation, man.

During my single blessedness days, the only antidote I know to prevent me from being drunk and wasted is to flirt with anyone in the room hehehe. Boy, girl, doesn't matter.

Now that I'm committed to Doc M, the only thing that prevents me from being overly-drunk is the fear that Doc M would drag me from the bar all the way home by pinching my ear hehehe.

Takot sa asawa!

the menace said...

long post ba to? di naman... ahem,

ako i miss getting drunk. last tym was when alchemy family went to laiya. I was so drunk this one night and i texted someone dear to my heart and confessed. buti makaklimutin sya. ahaha

so bitiw pala ha, wlang bastusan ng kanta. hahah

Mugen said...

I throw up when nobody's looking. Other than that, I listen to upbeat music and do a headbang. Hayun mawawala ang tama ko nun.

redlan said...

Napa huh ako sa 2nd thing na panangako mong hindi gagawin.

things are easier said than done- i agree. mismo sa sarili ko hindi ko magawa.

i broke one of the three. i became an adulterer!- tsk tsk, temptation talaga. kahit sa isipan it's a big no, ayun ginagawa. action speaks louder than words. tayo lang tayo yan ang tandaan mo. hehehe

i was a late bloomer in terms of romantic relationships- mas okay yun keysa serious relationship tas naging basketbolista.

‘kill joy’ and ‘peer pressure’ - mahirap na situation. hindi matanggihan

drunk people deny that they’re drunk. drunkenness becomes an excuse to socially unacceptable acts.- to add, kapag lasing maganda lahat. lol. maganda ang pakiramdam, maganda ang paningin.

i have learned something really vital: terrible things happen when you lose control.- tawa ako sa mga friends kong nasobrahan ng inom. lol kaya i control myself to drink so much.

there was one time when i lost control.- oh well, si baron nga naghubad in public. pero okay lang yun basta walang trouble.

i am good in a lot of things, i told her. hahaha!)- lasing ka nga

ako kapag nilabas ko ang liquid sa katawan, nawawala ang pagkalasing ko. kaya ihi lang ng ihi.

i jot down my comment as i read your post para alam ko kung saan banda mag comment. hindi ko na kailangan bumabalik sa part na nabasa ko.

make it longer. joke!

uy malapit na ang october. maraming alak next month.

next month is your month.

Roland said...

social drinker ako... i dont also like the taste of beers and prefer only hard liquors. at gusto ko yung talagang inuman, walang iwanan!

when i was in spain, i met a group of yuppies... kakaiba ang drinking session nila... walang sukuan... pag mejo malagihay kana, they give u trash can.... for what? ...para pagnasusuka ka, ndi mo na kaylangan tumayo. haha, i like the idea.

moderate drinkers tend to live longer than those who either abstain or drink heavily.

RONeiluke, RN said...

hex: so hindi ka talaga umiinom... wow! kudo's to you man :) akala ko pa namanmahaba din ang commento mo sa post kong to! hahahaha!


RONeiluke, RN said...

saling pusa: gosh, ikaw lang yata nakakuha ng joke ko about being an adulterer. now people think i'm really one! hahaha! yeah. im really not in a hurry and conform with the society forces me to do...

and having kids is way far from my priorities at this time... hehehe!

hays... siguro smoking ang hindi ko talaga magagawa! hahahaha! ahhh... madali ka tamaan??? ok lang yun... minsan lang talaga ako uminom

peace out! :)

lance: wahahaha! pareho tayo! napansin ko din yun! OR mga englisero lang mga kainuman ko? hehehe! sosyal ka pala pag nalalasing..hehehe

NO! Im not an adulterer! and you're right. that's totaly gross! hahaha!

nako lasing nadin kasi yung si markee! akala niya nageemote ako. ayun-nagdrama ang loko! hahaha!

haha! nako masarap malasing... ayoko lang ng mga kababalaghan na ngyayari when i lose control! hehe!

thanks :)

thanks for commenting mate :)

grabe, mas may late bloomer pa pala sakin! hehehe! ano ba yung ininom mo at dalawang bote lang eh nalasing ka na? baka naman dalawang matador yun! hehehe!

peace out! :)

Lloyd: thanks for commenting, mate :) masarap at masaya talaga xa. kaya maraming naaadik sa alcohol! except for the headaches and hang-over, of course! hahaha!

ganun?! crap. medyo mellow pa rin pala... hays T_T

abou: thanks for commenting, mate:)

ganun? siguro ligayang ligaya ang mga girls kapag nakakainuman mo sila! hahaha! namimigay ka sigurong pera! hahaha!

Skron: thanks for commenting :)

i can't imagine my grandfather encouraging me to have a drink! hahaha!

so you didn't go to college pala... you're still into music until now? wheeeew! that's really COOL! tours, gigs and stuff. :) hays... my stomach just can't tolerate beer. i get nauseated. drinking is good when you need to have a good talk. anong mga instances ang kelangan mong malasing agad?

napakainformative. no doubt you LIKE drinking :)

peace out! :)

spoolartist: hindi pa ako nakakainom ng Red Horse. and wine??? ang mahal! hahaha! you're right... tolerance for alcohol requires alot of drinking..hehehe!

kelangan talaga sa work mo nainom ka :)

peace out! :)

ice: thanks for commenting, mate:)

that's one thing about drinking that i love. you could talk your heart out :) eradicate all inhibitions and just 'yourself':)

tara! inuman na! hahha!

Ely: thanks for commenting:) it's goo to know you're able to control yourself. certified resposible drinker ka pala! hehehe! analgesics and sleep definitely works. add mo na lang ang water therapy

peace out!

Chyng: thanks for visiting again, chyng :)

hays... as i've said--easier said that done. hehehe! ok lang yung alcohol basta moderated. kahit papano maganda xa sa katawan. ang smoking lang talaga ang parang di ko kayang gawin... hehehe!

Gwen: thanks for commenting, gwen napagaralan ko sa pysche na there’s that there are different effects of alcohol in different people… yung iba nagiging aggressive… yung iba kalmado, instead. so probably you’re the latter? o baka naman hindi ka pa talaga nalasing?! hahahaha!
i just want to clear that i’m not an adulterer… i was joking! hahaha! now everyone thinks i’m a slut or something! hehehe!
peace out!
good luck with your studies.. my younger brother failed his math subject.. hays…
tinay: thanks for the comment :) ang sweet mo nman kapag nalalasing.. hehehe! let's have a drink sometime. let's see if you'll praise my footwear! hahaha!

talaga? matry ko nga yun! drink and then write... :)

peace out!

Jake: thanks for your comment, mate:) sp flirting was the antidote... well flirting is the effect of being drunk for me! hahaha!

ang sweet naman ni Doc M!... ok lang na matakot ka. mahirap makahanap ng serious relationship nowadays..

peace out!

Menace: thanks for commenting, mate:) alam ko mahaba na namanxa! hahaha

talaga?! ano nagreply naman ba xa? :) naalala ko may tinext din ako nung lasing ako... ayun--ngalngal xa! hahaha!

oo bitiw! hahaha! i love sponge cola :) binaboy ko nga lang! hahaha!

peace out!

Mugen: thanks for commenting, mate:) ang sarap ng feeling after mong sumuka...pero during---hays. ugliest feeling ever! hehehe! i do the headbangs while singing... hehehe!

peace out, mate :)

redlan: nako... maedit na nga yun... akala ko magegets nyo yung joke. i'm not an adulterer. hehe! i'm single. hahaha!

ei, i'm not a drunkard, alright? occasional lang pero halos tinatamaan ako everytime. hehehe! :) October is nothing but a month of temptations! hahaha!

talagang kinakareer mo pagkocomment! thanks a lot, mate:)

hope is all well, especially with the conflict you mentioned in your previous post :)

blessed be:)

thanks for commenting :) wow... ibang level pla ang inuman dun sa spain! talagang mapapalaban ka! haha! social at moderate drinker lang din ako. tinatamaan nga lang everytime.. hehehe! good to know that... na mas mahaba ang life span ko! hahaha!

peace out! :)

levisque: thanks for commenting again :) well alcohol is alcohol. it makes us insane sometimes but when you get a hold on your sanity when you're in that familiar stupor... masarap din naman. hehehe!

TO ALL READERS: hindi ako adulterer..hehe! akala ko nagets niyo yung joke. Im very much single. Hehe! And I’m not a drunkard or alcoholic. Social and moderate drinker lang. hehehe! Peace out!

RonTuron said...

There came a point in my life that i despised him so much that i am determined not to become like him...

" i once told that to myself din ron... if you've read my posts ull know.. pero after everything na nangyari.. nawala din lahat... pareho kasi ata tayo ng naging buhay ng ama.. hehe

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays... pareho nga tayo! ang believe marami pang iba dyan. ibang klase talaga pag tatay ang pinagusapan... sabi nila pag naging tatay ka daw there's a great possibility na maging tulad ka ng tatay mo... i mean yung idea ng pagiging tatay sa kanya mo makukuha kaya ganun... pero i'm glad everything seems to be in place when it comes to my dad... pero xempre di na tulad ng dati...

peace out! :)

redlan said...

sorry hindi ko na gets masyado, naantig ang mga mata ko sa word na afulterer. lol

Skron said...

I didn't go to college right after high school. My mom was working on our immigration visa back then. So I knew that I wouldn't even finish college in the Philippines. That's why I didn't go to school.

But I'm done with college now. Hindi nga lang makakita ng trabaho dahil ma sikip na yung field.

Oh, I'm also done with drinking. The last time I got drunk was 2 years ago. Right after graduation.

lloyd belleza said...

it is not like adsense. there, u can express ur thoughts tpos ur earning pa, not only in terms of money but friends and insights too. :)

ok lang yan uie. atleast not too dark na. may light konti. :p

ika said...

masarap malasing. yung sakto lang. pag nasusuka ka, isuka mo lang. the next day ok ka na. never ko naman na-experience ang hang-over i don't know why no matter how heavy I try to drink.

I prefer beer over hard kasi mas madali matantya ung pagka-tipsy ko.

masarap din itulog habang umiikot ang mundo.

marami na kong nagawang kalokohan habang lasing. madali naman kalimutan kinabukasan.

Juz said...

lesson learned from drinking too much.. dont stay with a very horny person if you are drunk. hahaha you know whats next ryt.,.


kelan next inuman. gow! hehe

Ely said...

i guess, i'm a responsible drinker nga, siguro... hehe. saka bihira naman kasi ako uminom.


Im with A,

and currently obsessed with ____.

Am I an adulterer? or simply a slut?

FerBert said...

nawala virginity ko dahil sa alak.. hahahahaha ang loser eh no..

hard drinker ako. ayoko ng beer pero umiinom ako nun..

bena said...

omigosh ron.. medyo drama yung first part ha pero chika na.. hihihi.. hay naku ok lng uminom pero wag lng magpakalasing but the truth is when you get drunk your inhibitions in life just come out naturally.. sometimes pag-upset ka with someone na hindi2 mo masabi sa kanya and when time comes na nagkainuman kau.. wapak! ayaw na to! hihihi.. joke! but of chors, dapat control lng and drink moderately.. hihihi.. ya'knoww...

nyanya said... drinking buddies say that I'm always the "last woman standing". Eventually, I have a high tolerance on alcohol...hmm, on getting tipsy, yah, it's better not to sleep afterwards since you'll really feel the vertigo, and yes, singing your heart out helps to be sober!, tagay lang:p

RONeiluke, RN said...

Nyanya: thanks for visiting :)

malakas pala tolerance mo sa alcohol ha?! hehehe! ako tama lang... sinisigurado ko kasing may laman ang tiyan ko para hindi tamaan agad. i love drinking and then singing! naaabot ko yung high notes eh! hahahaha! nasusuka ako talaga kapag tinutulog agad. pero yung ibang kakilala ko hindi. tulog agad!

peace out :)

bena: anyway thanks for commenting :)

sinadya ko talagang maging light ang post ko ngayon kasi naman ang dami ng nagrereklamo! hahaha! pero ngayon lang yan.. maulan na naman parang mapapasenti na naman ako! hahaha!

ang sarap talaga uminom... nawawala yung mga inhibitions at lumalakas ang loob! hahaha... one time galit na galit ako sa bestfriend ko kasi pinagpalit niya ko sa bf niya... ayun... tinext ko xa ng masasakit na salita! hehehe! pero ok na kami!

inom tayo! haha!

Ferbert: thanks for commenting, mate! :) seryoso? sa inuman nawala ang virginity mo? hahaha! ayos ka ah! hahaha! siguro kainuman mo si maria ozawa nun noh? hahahaha!

KJ: it's good to know there's still a sweet side to your 'drugged-alien-like' personality! hahaha! seriously... you love A right? :) is she reading this site... so she knows about you and _______?

can you you just focus on A and stop obsessing about________. hahahaha!

i haven't made my mind yet. 50-50! hahaha!

Ely: good for you. at least hindi ka tulad ni ferbert! hahaha! (peace tayo ferbert!)... bihira lang din ako uminom :) pero laging may tama.

peace out :)

JUZ: thanks for commenting:) tama yun. wag uminom kapag may horny people. eh pano kapag ako mismo ang horny?! hahha! wag na lang uminom! hahaha! ganyan kapag certified responsible drinker. hehe!

Ika: thanks for dropping by btw:)

ahehe... yun na nga ang problema... ayokong masuka.. at pangit kasi ng pakiramdam kapag nasuka (nasusuka yata ako! haha)

talaga?! hindi ka pa ngkahang-over? ang pangit ng pakiramdam!

ayoko itulog kasi nasusuka ako T_T

good for you at nakakalimutan mo agad. ako kasi hindi. hehehe!

paece out, mate;)

Lloyd: wahehe! sige nga ma-try minsan! :) thanks for the info, mate :)

Skron: ahh... so you're in the US pala... after graduating, do you still plan to pursue your music career?

good for you, you're done with 'drinking'... :)

thanks for dropping by again, mate :)

redlan: ahehe… ok lang po… peace out!

Aethen said...

I don't have to promise never ever do those things - smoking, drinking alcohol, adultery because I never commit to do it. For try maybe. Socials maybe. but moderate. so maybe not "never" since i have experienced doing it. ano daw? ang gulo ko. Haha.


Maybe I'm 50% fool and 50% tool?

ha ha ha

Reyn said...

Ron, ako yung tipong hindi nalalasing. Kahit anong uri pa yan ng alak - beer, brandy, vodka, basi, tuba, muriatic, zonrox, etc, hindi ako nalalasing. Malakas resistensya ko eh, kahit magdamag mag-inuman OK sakin....

....joke lang :)

I remembered my Friendster blog post about sa "first time" malasing :)

Haha..hanapin mo na lang kung gusto mong basahin LOL

"Peace out!" haha...

RONeiluke, RN said...

reyn: ows talaga lang ha? hahaha! uu, nabasa ko yun :)

KJ: perhaps you're a little on the 'fool' side hehe. you're a blessed guy having A. you should make a decision, mate :)

Aethen: hahaha! ang gulo mo nga! you don't commit to such acts pero there's a possibility of trying them... hehe! xenxa naman ngayon lang ako nakapaglog-in eh. hehe! thanks for commenting :)

bulitas said...

but i've never been drunk.
i tried almost swimming in booze from 7pm-7am straight way back in college, but i never got drunk.

Myk2ts said...

tama na lahat ng iyan at inuman na! :) haha well at least kahit na hindi alak. basta wala lang away :p

RONeiluke, RN said...

bulitas: really? i mean seriously? baka naman tubig lang yung iniinom mo??!! hahaha! OR

natural na nage-excrete ang tiyan mo ng alcohol and your immuned. hehe!

peace out :) thanks for dropping by.

myk2ts: tara inuman na! hahaha! siguro naman tapos ka na sa pagpapalit ng template for your site.. hehe!

nice having you back again :)