You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


'tin can' bags bronze

EI, GUYS! this is tin can speaking. i just wanted to thank everyone who supported my pathetic love story with that young lady on stilettos. because of you, my story became a legend. haha! did i mention it placed 3rd out of 15 sad stories? great huh? by the way, the lady on heels never made it to her destination. i was informed that she slipped on a puddle of mud; fell facedown, hard on the highway and got ran down by a 10-wheeler truck. i was devastated of course but i’m still grateful, because without her my story would not win a bronze medal (invisible bronze medal. joke!).

i would like to personally thank dabo, joms, kris jasper, salingpusa, myk2ts, kuya roland, kuya loven, kuya onat, st. charles, redlan, lloyd, tinay, odin, alex, ice, denis, gwen, josh marie, aethen, eli, may, bryan, the source, yods, japol, ner, chico, chigo, and ronturon J my deepest gratitude goes to you guys for believing in my story and ron’s writing. you truly made blogging so much fun.

i wanted to thank haley, ron’s bestfriend (ever!) for conducting that text brigade, even only two responded (hehe!). she’s always been there to support him down to the weirdest things that comes into his crooked mind. you still think he’s sexy with that haircut, right?

to steph, who cried those three tears for me. take a bath. ron told me you smell like powdered milk lately. you don’t think he’s sexy in that haircut, do you?

thanks to caryl, who’s always been there for me. i really do hope you gained weight already. please always take care of yourself. you still owe me a date J

also, to crysh and clyde, ron’s high school friends. i never expected them to vote but still they took time to support me. life is just full of surprises i guess.

to ms. karmi and sir arvin, the couple who organized the contest. it was really great of you to come up with such brilliant idea that brought together emo bloggers out there. no prize for 3rd place, right? i kinda need some money right now. haha! kidding!)

and of course to the one who turned my crappy existence into a gripping story of hope and heartache---ron. i have never felt this humane before. hehe! i think you’re still sexy with or without that haircut! i suggest a really cool wig to hide the receding hairlines. you need to sleep, man. your eyebags are huge!

thanks to everyone, for believing that a withering tin can could be something that has value and that i could be anything but trash.

this achievement is dedicated to all the tin cans out there. we may be sometimes hollow, but i do hope that won’t keep us fr
om running that extra mile to find the love of our lives…


Aris said...

congratulations! keep on writing kasi magaling ka talaga! :)

Myk2ts said...

congratulations ron! este tin can, yeah ron, whoever. both of you deserve the best!

ibang klaseng parangal iyan. ito na ang simula! burger burger :)

REDLAN said...

Oh well, ang iksi ng post mo na to. mahaba yung pinasasalamatan mo in fairness. ha-ha. tin can deserved the award! bornze kasi tin nga. hehehe. congrats once again ang thanks sa special mention!

next time gold na yan. dapat early ang kampanya para tutulong kami sa pangangampanya. goodluck! go go go!

dabo said...


GreenMangoes said...

people's choice din yung tin can ah.

according to the tally score.


cheers! keep the stories flowing.

actually.. may idea ako but i can't put it into writing. perhaps you could do it? :)

chico said...

hongrats! keep up the goog writing!

Anonymous said...

congrats ron! :)

bagong header! cutie! ;)

Roland said...

bronze lang? ...ok lang yan, for me "tin can" is the the best story i red on blogosphere.

baka mag-ala-charice pempengco ka nyan... runners up lang but now she's popular in the US, asia and some parts of Europe.

Toni said...

ron congrats! na-announce na ung winners nung time na gusto kong mag vote! nyahahaha! palpak talaga pag late na...

anyway congrats! U deserve it! :)

haleyjames said...

...luke scott!Ü...

...galing galing talaga, I'm so proud of you! hehe, bronze...that's a hell of a kick-off! write more, inspire more, kulang na lang sa'yo eh eye-liner ni jen, hahaha!...

...sorry nung sunday ha, late na rin kame nakabalik sa laguna at ka-chat ko c mom nung gabi, babawi na lang ako dis weekend..ituloy na natin yang plan mo.=)...

...I have a lot to tell you, i miss you.=)...

...I like ur new header, by the way. talagang bidang bida ang tin can mu ha.Ü cnu kaya ang "peyton" mo in real life??...

...selos pa din ako, hehe... always,


acey said...

hey, congratulations!!! :D

Mugen said...


Chyng said...

i know you will make it!

congrats! (--,)

alex said...

congrats ron!!gtd

Lance said...

you deserve it mate.. congrats sau! =)
sayang nga lang hindi ako nakavote..paxenxa na..

Denis said...

kudos naman bro!

RONeiluke, RN said...

Aris: salamat sa congrats 

Mykt2s: salamat uli sa pagsuporta :) saka na yung burger mo. hehehe!

Redlan: sobrang ikli talaga! Hahah! Nakakatuwa ang dami kasing bumoto eh  sana next year gold naman kung meron ulet. Ahehe! Salamat sa suporta ulet  sabihan kita kung meron ulit para mapangampanya mo ako..hehe! thanks a lot 

Dabo: salamat ulit sa suporta, mate :) hope all is well with your life :)

Green mangoes: ahehehe! nakita ko nga eh. astig :)

thanks alot.

may story ka in mind? hmmm.. just take time to free your mind :) be inspired.

Chico: maraming samalat ulit sa suporta, mate  do you author a blog site ?

Josh marie: salamat ulit sa support :) dedicated ko kay 'tin can' yung header. walang magawa eh. hehehe!

Roland: ahaha! kakanta na lang ako you mean. hahaha!

weh? tlaga? naiiyak naman si 'tin
can' T_T

salamat, ulit, mate :)

toni: thanks, mate! sayang nga pero ok lang yun.

Haley: thanks! Hehehe! Hindi bagay sakin ang eyeliners! Tsaka may allergy ako baka mangati yung mga mata ko. Hehe!

Ok lang yun  bonding na lang tayo next time  magkikita ba kayo ni steph?

Ahehe! Bida talaga si tin can! Haha! Ayan ginawa ko nung isang madaling araw. Can’t sleep T_T…

I miss you too! Si peyton? Hmmm… baka si kendi! Hahaha! Wag ka na selos. Kaw lang bff ko forever!  Mwah!

Acey: thanks, ms. Acey

Mugen: thanks mate :) cheers

Chyng: thanks, chyng :)
Alex: thanks, alex for your support :)

Lance: ok lang yun, mate! salamat ng marami :)

Denis: thanks, mate :)

salingPUSA said...

all's well that ends well ika nga....congrats mates. basta samin kaw parin winner.....

GreenMangoes said...

off topic comment:

may bago na akong post, mate! hehe!


what happened? hmm.. tuloy pa rin ako. :) wala pang latest e. pero we're communicating. i'll remember what you said. haha! ihihirit ko sa kaniya yun kapag nagkausap na kami. hehehe! panalo!


sige. try ko siya gawing short story. but im not really someone who likes to tell stories e. but i do write songs. :) if you have multiply account, you can check it out here:


RonTuron said...

congrats katukayo! yaan mo san pa ba pupunta magna-number 1 din tayo! hehehe

galing mo!

FerBert said...

oi pareho tayong 3rd ah..

3rd humor blogger ako, 3rd emo blogger ka naman,.. magsama nga tayo minsan para balanse ang mundo.. lols

congrats ron.. deserving ka naman eh.. *palakpak*

~Kinesics said...

:) RON! Congrats!

Continue your writing and I will continue reading it! :)

so, i guess you gona treat US to lunch or what? sushi? dont eat seafood! :)



Hello Tin Can! I have a friend in here named Ms. Pon Can... is she your cousin?

How about Chaka Can?

Odette Can?

Anw, Congrats! 3/15... NOT BAD INDEED! And for sure (coz there's no other way but UP), it'll be the FIRST PLACE for you.

Reyn said...

Love the new header Ron. Sana magawan mo rin ako niyan. Tingnan mo naman yung header ko, header pa rin ng template ko yun! hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats ron! you deserve it. :)

Anonymous said...

hi ron,

congrats! keep it up

RJ said...

congratulations, Ron!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

not so sure if congratulations are in place... kasi naman abt sadness ito. pero congrats na rin



congrats ron. :P hands down!
hindi kb magpapa-burger? hahaha

the spool artist said...

dear tin can,

you're welcome. thank you po sa special mention din and kahit i still feel you deserved the gold and silver won by those two human storytellers (against a motionless tin can, nevertheless!), you still did a great job by voicing out how you felt...


RONeiluke, RN said...

Saling pusa: thanks, mate :) nakakaiyak naman! hehehe!

Green mangoes: that's good. at least you're communicating :) good luck with that grand gesture of love... run that extra mile and just leave it hang there :)

wow... it's good to know na songwriter ka pala! lupit! i write poetry pero hindi ako nagattempt na lapatan ng tono..heheh! hirap...i'll try to check it. wala kasi akong multiply eh.. hehehe!

Ronturon: salamat, mate :) salamat sa suporta. sana mag-number one nga tayo kung meron ganun ulit! hehehe! :)

Kinesics: thanks, a lot! keep writing too :) yeah i don't eat sushi. but i eat bacon! hehehe!

KJ: thanks, KJ! i have no idea who those are... hehehe!

Ferbert: magandang idea nga yun! hahaha! magsanib tayo ng umayos tong mundo..hehehe!

Reyn: Thanks! sige. Try kong gawan ka. Hehe! Kelangan ko lang inspiration to make one.

Anonymous: thanks, mate 

Rowjie: thanks, rowjie!

Rj: thanks, rj

Bryan: thanks, bryan... tapos sa yung contest kaya ok na magsaya! hahaha!

Prostetitute: thanks, mate  congats din 

Spoolartist: thanks, mate :) hahaha! oo nga no? tin can versus live human beings. hehehe! thanks! thanks! :)

onatdonuts said...

congrats ron...napahusay!

magaling! magaling! magaling!

eli said...

pareng ron,
congratz... and keep on writing. pa-burger ka naman!