You have not known what you are.
You have slumbered upon yourself all your life.
Your eyes have been as much as closed most of the time.
What you have done is already in mockeries.

The mockeries are not you.
Underneath them
And within them,
I see you lurk...

-Walt Whitman


the comet

THE LITTLE BOY SAW A COMET…and suddenly his life was whole.

when a night deepens, the boy would lie on an open field, his skin naked and cold against the blades of green grass, dancing with the soft gush of wind. he liked the way how he’s drenched in pitch black darkness and yet showered by every light the came from the stars and the moon high above him. the darkness emphasized every light like how the silence amplified every sound made by crickets and flowing water from a cascading river nearby.

as he laid there under the heavens, the sky seemed to draw closer to him. he would raise his hands and extend his arms to the air pretending to hold the stars, catch shooting stars, and play with the full moon. he would pinpoint to every star like how he points to letters of the alphabet he knew so well. he named each one his dark brown eyes could see and sometimes, he would make imaginary lines to connect them. he remembered the ‘connect-the-dots’ assignment her teacher gave him. he didn’t know he’s making his own version of the constellations. he had no idea that he was making his own version of the universe. he was full of hope and his mind was teeming with imaginative thoughts that he believed that he could change the world…

one night, he decided to lie on their house’s roof instead. he thought it made him closer to the heavens he had been dreaming to reach. he couldn’t explain how he felt every time he lays himself down and admire the expanse of space above him. you could say he’s happy by the width of his smile and his eyes sprinkled with stars. a moment hovered and it appeared. the most amazing heavenly body he had ever seen. the air seemed to leave his lungs as he slowly started to stand up, taking every moment in.

he didn’t know it was called a comet. years later, he would learn that it’s just a large piece of rock and ice, lost in space and burning against sunlight. but for now, it’s something greater than a piece of rock. he savored its every detail. it was like someone had turned on a flashlight high above the sky. it somehow looked like a light coming from a lighthouse, fixed at only one direction. he remembered her teacher talking about lighthouses that help those boats lost at sea to find their way to safe shores. to a safe haven. he wondered if someone is lost at sea that night. he wondered how many people were looking at the comet at the same time as he is. the thought excited him.

he stretched his arm once again and pointed at the patch of sky where the comet hovered. he traced its length starting from the head down to the tail. he then closed his eyes, and with the majestic image seared in his mind, he moved his fingers to feel it. the little boy tried to feel the comet that flew thousands miles from him... and he did feel it. he opened his eyes and lingered on the moment. he was being filled with hope and dreams and love. in that instant, his path was clear before him; the path towards the person he wanted to be. he jumped for joy that made banging sounds against the tin roof. for the first time, he knew he could reach the stars… that he was on the moon.

fifteen years had passed. he was still in the dark gazing at the darkness hovering above him. but there were no stars anymore. no moon. no comets. he didn’t even dare to stretch an arm nor reach. there’s nothing except for a darkened ceiling and cold walls pressing in on him, eager to leave him breathless. there were no stars reflected on his eyes, just salty tears he was trying to hold back but to no avail. as a tear fell and left a track on his face he remembered the comet and the track it had left against the sky that night, when his dreams were revealed to him. he remembered the tracks it had left in his life and how it gave him so much hope. he realized that they were now broken. swallowed by darkness, killed by misery, buried by regrets. he had lost all the hope. the dream. the love. he is lost. he is lost at sea with nothing to guide him in the dark. nothing to save him in the storm. he needed a solid ground. if he could only see a light from a lighthouse to lead him towards his safe haven. if he could only see the comet just one more time and find his way back…

he laid there drenched in darkness and absolute silence. waiting...

the little boy saw a comet…and suddenly his life was whole. and when the comet went away, he waited all his life for it to come back.

. . .

finding one’s purpose is an achievement of a lifetime. it’s a journey that one usually takes to find true happiness in this world of misery. a purpose makes up a fulfilled life. it’s a beacon towards something great; towards that something that could fill that empty void that lingers in one’s heart, which brings hope and happiness almost near to a happily-ever-after. but where to find it? it could be anywhere. we just have to look in the right places. some say, one could find it in the love of his life. and i believe them. i saw a comet once and to see one again would be truly the greatest miracle on earth…

"the boy saw a comet & suddenly his life had meaning. and when it went away he waited his entire life for it to come back to him. it was more than just a comet because of what it brought into his life. direction, beauty, meaning. there were many who couldn't understand, & sometimes he walked among them, but even in his darkest hours he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him & his world would be whole again, & his belief in god, & love, & art would be reawakened in his heart…"

– lucas scott, one tree hill

* the comet, original artwork created using pen and ink, dated 24 october, 2008.


Lance said...

very inspiring, ron.. thanks for sharing..

my comet is coming, see yah later.. ;)

REDLAN said...

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RONeiluke, RN said...

lance: thanks :) wow...good for you.

redlan: i? hehehe!'re going to give me 25 USD? ano yun?

i'm sorry i am new to these things...ahehe!how does this work? sinara ko na pati yung bank account ko. hahaha!

REDLAN said...

Pakulo. ayaw ko kasing tawagin pacontest. hindi naman actually contest yun dahil walang rules. binilang ko ang comments from sept 23 to oct. 24 tapos may kaunting premyo ang top commentator. ipo-post ko naman about it next week.

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REDLAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

will be back. :P at sana makapagbigay ng something malaman.

Lance said...

hidden message kasi yong masarap..hehe
actually simple lang naman yung mga tips nila.. helpful din kasi yung mag join sa communities like this.. i'm planning to create another site, ayaw ko kasi masyadong i monetize ang blog na ito kasi pang punk-EMO lang to..hehe I want to maintain yung pinagsimulan ko..
surprising talaga to know some bloggers who owned 10 or more blogs, at yun na ang source of income nila..


serious yun, inspired kasi ako ngayon..tsaka iba ang energy level kasi i'll on off again in the next 1hr and a half.. weeeehh!

galing naman.. try mu naruto na game sa eenjoy ka talaga..

hahahah... sobrang natatawa ako kasi hindi ko maalala. si Oprah pala yun. wahehehe


25USD means you're getting 25 US Dollars... wow! burger!3x!


nakakatawa ang word verification code ko ngayon sa comment na ito---



You really should publish these stories ron... anyway, I edited the end bit:

"the little boy saw a comet…and suddenly his life was whole. and when the comet went away, he shouted.... DARNA!"

WHat d'you think?



Myk2ts said...

hehe. im still waiting for my rocket/comet/star to come. :)

waiting and smiling....


sige, sama ka para masaya, text or e-mail nalang tayo about the details :)

burger! hehe :)

ingats ron.

Anonymous said...

HAY NAKU. Ewan sa'yo LUCAS! Nag-eemote ka na naman. Heheh! :) Salamat sa pagiging present lagi sa blog ko. :)I've noticed the "luke" in ur username. I dunno, if it's ur name talaga, pero palagay ko, u derived it from LUCAS SCOTT of one tree hill. Am i right or am i right? :)

Ang galeng-galeng mo talaga. Me pag-eemote din akong naisulat sa paper namin sa school tungkol sa comet.

bibigyan ulit kita ng isanlibo at isang "thumb's ups" for this compelling post.

meanwhile 10 points na may malaking check naman para sa sinabi mo na---"finding one’s purpose is an achievement of a lifetime." Isisingit ko dito ang isang quote from Mitch Albom's "Tuesdays With Morrie":

"SO MANY PEOPLE WALK AROUND WITH A MEANINGLESS LIFE. THEY SEEM HAL-ASLEEP EVEN WHEN THEY'RE BUSY DOING THINGS". ---parang nagdaan ako sa ganitong stage. and it was terrible. Much of the time i felt empty and unsatisfied. Buti na lang binatukan ako ni Lord, kaya ayun, nagising ako sa katotohanan. Hehe.

SANA makakita ka ulit ng comet. :)

REDLAN said...

Nakalimutan ko tuloy mag comment about comet kanina. lol. The story is really inspiring. Imaginative siya. Wish jo one night mahiga sa rooftop tapos magmasid sa kalangitan. Na-miss ko yun sa province. kapag sa city ka kasi hindi mo ma-appreciate ang nature lalo na pag gabi. Minsan lumalabas ako ng ala una maglibot-libot around the city. peaceful kasi kapag gabi.

Masarap mangarap. Like the boy in the story. Sarap balikan yung alaala.

Astig talga yang si KJ. Kakatuwa lol. Akala ko kapamilya yan. joke.

RJ said...

1. RON is the next Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The stories written in this blog has been very well-described!

2. RON could also be the next Paulo Coelho, he can give an equivalent message in every event in real life!

3. Very good artist as well! Nice illustration! [ilang oras bang ginawa yong comet, ROn?]

Skron said...

Congrats for bagging the 3rd place with your "Lamentations of a Withered Tin Can".

Archos is a great PMP. Suprisingly, not a lot of people know about it. Even the self-proclaimed "techies". Honestly, I'm not a techie either. I just follow gadget news a lot so I know what's new and what's good. I don't own a lot of gadgets either (I still use the map instead of GPS) and you won't see me lining up just to get the latest tech craze. Because technology is a bad investment.

GreenMangoes said...

about the last last paragraph.

ahh.. yan ba yung libro na sinulat ni luke sa one tree hill season 5?



The Comet:

great writing as always, man! keep on flowing! keep on inspiring! :) sooner or later, we will all have the comets we've all been waiting for.

Myk2ts said...

happy weekend :)

RONeiluke, RN said...

redlan: wow...sige, i'll e-mail you na lang if i have questions and for the infos. marami pong salamat talaga! ahahaha! ang saya! you just made my day... God Bless you :)


nako nakakamiss talaga ang province. taga pangasinan ako at laguna. hehehe! pero mas masarap sa pangasinan. sariwa ang hangin. let's dream on.. hehe!

prostetitute: sige balik ka lang :)

lance: goodluck sa bagong blog or blogs!!! hahaha! ilan ba plano mong gawin??? goodluck sayo sana hindi ka maxadong maging busy para mamaintain mo ng maigi :)
wow inspired! paburger ka naman! hahahaha!
naruto? wala ako nun. magpapadownload pa ako. mas gusto ko si ellen kesa kay oprah
astig nga eh. 1000+ din yun. pambibili ko ng mga xmas lights at decorations. hahaha!
langya pati yun napansin mo pa! hahaha! peace out!

KJ: loko loko ka talaga! hahaha! wala pa rin akong panama kay chunky cunth at dorky dick, is it? hahaha! thanks! :)

mykt2s: mukhang busy ka lately. nako gusto ko sana kaya lang malabo talaga sorry.

sana dumating na ang rocket, comet, spaceship mo...hehehe! happy weekend din :)

joshmarie: sure. nakakatuwa naman kasi yung site mo...

at tama ka! hahaha! derived nga yun sa pangalan ni lucas scott. nakakarelate kasi ako sa character niya at sa story ng OTH kaya bida sila sa mga likha ko. hehehe!

i-post dito yun kung meron kang copy :)

di ko pa nababasa yung 'tuesdays' sana may mahiraman ako at sana may bumatok na din sa akin. hahaha!

rj: wow nakakatuwa naman at naikumpara moko sa mga writers na yun. hehehe! thanks a lot :) uhmm...i think a little less than a hour??? hehehe!

skron: thanks alot sabi ni 'tin can'.. hehehe!

ahh i see. maya't maya na ang labas ng latest models ng kung ano-anong gadget kaya parang nalalaos na agad kahit bagong labas pa lang. it's cool na lagi kang updated sa mga bagong sana magkaron ka ng archos :) thanks, man.

greena mangoes: your're right, man. this post was inspired by that episode. sana totoo yung libro sa one tree hill. bibili ako nun tiyak.

thanks, man :)

JanZeE_tripper said...

very nice.....

pero para sa akin ayaw kong mag wait ng comet..

lalo na sa pag ibig..

kasi i dont to have his love comes from a wish...

love ur stories.. senxa na at di ako masyadong nakabisita sa blog mo nag satrt pa kasing akong lumandi hahahaha

wanderingcommuter said...

darn, i love your way of narrating it!!!

RONeiluke, RN said...

janzee: ok lang. kamusta naman ang paglalandi! lolz!

ewik: thanks. musta na? buhay ka pa ba? huling balita ko may pinadalang nuclear bomb sayo si dabo. lolz!

kalansaycollector said...

nakikita ko naman ang aking comet but as we all know umaalis din siya at naglalayag siya sa kadiliman ng kalawakan... at babalik din sa takdang panahon. ;)

hihintayin ko ang kaniyang pagbabalik...

kagaya rin niya, habang kami'y naghihintayan, parehas kaming nasa dilim pero sa kaniyang pagbabalik sasalubungin namin ang liwanag. ;)

RONeiluke, RN said...

anyway wala akong masabi sa comment mo sa post ko. THE BEST! hehe! sana ganun nga lahat ng kometa. bumabalik. unfortunately for some people they had grown weary waiting. and became lost still... lost like they're comets floating in space...swallowed by black holes... xenxa na nega ako...

buti na lang optimistic ka :)

Toilet Thoughts said...

I think I've found my comet. But stupid me, I stared too long. It moved slowly and now is bound to go a different course.

Comets do show up again right? After they've passed by? Pero after years ulit, next might be a different one na nga lang.

Hay. emo ka talaga ron. Nakakahawa ka. hehe. joke lang.

kalansaycollector said...

yeah im optimistic. well halley's comet? hindi ba bumabalik siya sa earth every 70 something years? well matagal pero alam mong bumabalik. hehe

anyway kakapost ko lang. ahaha

salingPUSA said...

I was an Octoberian graduate in the university. That mean't I had to stop and stay in my remote hometown for a few months before I could find a job related to my field. That meant a lot of nights of deating with the stars and the moon. I drafted my freams with them, yes, they made me feel better and I could say that they helped me a lot in planning the coarse of my next actions. I could totally relate to this. That's one reason I miss my hometown. The smoke and the noise of Manila could sometimes pollute our minds. In my case, a trip home and a date with the stars is one thing I always look for ward to coz it gives me a certain energy that is beyond my available vocabulary could explain.......

......but if there is one thing we should know. We should never stop dreaming and hoping but when reality sets in, the dreaming end and we should be awake enough to pursue them......

some people indeed dream of worthy accomplishments while others stay awake and accomplish them.....

salingPUSA said...

BTW Ron, Redlan mentioned xoom. any hepl with that one, I could help you. yun ang gamit ko sa mga private students ko.don sila nagpapadala ng money.keke

Pole Ong said...

Wow... it is my first time to read your blog... I ran over it with google and overclicking on some stuff then got routed to your coffin rock... Length is not a problem with your posts, admirable... Inspiring, more than meets the eye... Especially to an overly-procastinating like me, it's heaven... Keep it rocking...

FerBert said...

may paboritong kanta ako sa naruto.. nagareboshi ang title..

tungkol din ito sa taong mahilag magstar gaze at ang pangarap nyang magningning tulad ng mga tala sa langit..

one tree hill is teh heart..

-=May=- said...

siyeeet!! I love CHAD MURRAY!! feeling ko siya talaga yun destiny ko in the future e.. hehe.. ang galing nasulat mo yun line from sa book nya... thanks for that, masusulat ko na rin alongside the other oth quotes that i have collected.. :) alamo, dami natin parehong likes, natutuwa ako everytime I visit your blog and I love the way you write, so keep it up, ayt? :) OTH to the max na ito. hehehe :)

0h btw, congratz sa emo contest churva. I voted for you. I'm glad nanalo ka :)

-may signing off-

RONeiluke, RN said...

jepoy: yeah. some comets do come back like the halley's comet. every 70 years according to may...

there are thousands comets lost in space. i guess it's always our choice which one to chase and try to catch.

kalansay collector: oo nga pala. kasasabi ko plang kay jepoy yung info mo. matagal nga pero pag bumalik naman the wait is really worth it :) nabasa ko na yung post mo. creepy!!!

pole ong: wow... it's really that you got lost here in my rock. hehehe! thanks for the compliments. i write with length because i'm very particular with details. hehehe! visited you're site already. new blogger? :) peace out!

salingpusa: very well said mate espe. the last part. you're a cool teacher i assume :)

it's really interesting to know that you have an intimate relationship with the stars. and the moon. pareho tayong nature lover probably because we grew up in the rural areas...nakakamiss talaga ang province...hays...

btw, thanks, mate :) medyo nalilito nga ako eh. hehehe!

ferbert: ang gaganda nga ng mga kanta sa anime. very meaningful. paborito ko naruto yung michi ng aluto. may violin kasi! hehehe!

i'll check it out. sana meron sa imeem.

may: i love his character in one tree hill. nakakarelate kasi ako sa personality at mga pinagdadaanan niya... parang advertisement na nga ng OTH tong site ko. they should pay me. hehehe!

thank you so much for voting:)

kaya pala signing off kasi lilisan mo na ang blogosperyo. hays... i wish you would come back. God bless :)

Denis said...

nasan na kay ang comet ko? haha


i dont know wat happened eh, i was in tagaytay na over the weekend. and free yung tikets noh, di ko binebenta.=)

RONeiluke, RN said...

look outside your window tonight. hehehe!

ahh ganun ba? akala ko binibenta mo. it was so generous of you :)

Reyn said...

"I saw a comet once and to see one again would be truly the greatest miracle on earth…"

You were with me when I shared stories of the multitude comets which invaded my earth. hehe...

And now, you're still there. Thanks for always listening.

I believe you'll find your comet again. All of your other comets may have gone into ashes, but this time, you should embrace a massive, gigantic force sent to you from the heavens above.. :)

alex said...

nabura mo?? hehe i said the story is moving, i love it

plus you got superb description prowess! kilala mo si robert jordan? pareho mo ng style


aside: ayus sa profile pic! heartthrob!

Abaniko said...

Each of us has his own comet. Only some are still waiting for theirs to appear in the sky. Happy comet watching. :)

Anonymous said...

hello lucas!:)

may babatok din due time. hehe.

pwede kitang pahiramin ng tuesdays with morrie. hehe. :)

Chyng said...

ngayon ko lang napansin may picture kana. yey!

i prayed for my comet, ang hirap kasi ng walang direksyon ang buhay. hehe

~Kinesics said...

awww....Ron Ron Ron! This is truely inspiring! :) I loooooooove the way you narrate the stories you have here. :)

Keep it up! Ding dong! :)


Btw, I changed my blog address:

Please update your link...Thanks!


~Kinesics said...

Ron...:) sorry, but the correct BLOG address is

sorry! :)


tinay patadyong said...

if i were a guy, i want to own your EQ :D

RONeiluke, RN said...

Reyn: i hope the person you're with is 'the comet' of your life. i'll be just here. hehe! salamat sa comment. sana makita ko yung blue tooth device para mapakita ko hitsura ko ngayong kalbo nako! hahaha! ala wentworth miller ako ngayon! hahaha!

Alex: thanks :) robert jordan? hindi eh hehehe! ewan ko lang ngayon kasi nagpakalbo nako..hehe! semikal lang pala...peace out!

Abaniko: I couldn’t agree more  if you have found your comet already, then good. If not, watch with me. Hehe!

Joshmarie: wow..pahihiramin mo ko? talaga lang ha? haha! bigay mo na lang sakin! ahahaha! joke :)

Chyng: ahehe...naisipan ko lang na lagyan ng mukha ang blog ko. hehe!

mahirap nga yung ganun. tignan moko. pariwara. hahaha!

Kinesics: thanks! updated my link already .

Tinay: you don't want to have my EQ. trust me. hehehe!

eli said...

nice..ang galing! may we all find the 'real comet' of our lives.

p're..about sa suggestion mo. inilagay ko na..hehe.o2 watercolor nga yun.tnx

Roland said...

wow... na miss kong bigla mag-star gazing sa ibabaw ng bubong namin... madalas ko ginagawa yun nung bata pa ko... tapos sabihin ko, bukas luluhod ang mga tala! ...nyahahahaha, :P

indeed, an inspring story... i wish my life wud finally become whole. T_T

tamang emo tuloy ako.

RONeiluke, RN said...

eli: ui, eli salamat sa pagbisita. bsuy ka yata wala kang new post eh.

sabi ko na it's in watercolor. hehe! hirap ako sa medium na yan. kelangan precise kamay mo ryt? real artists see significance even in the simplest of things. sana nga makita na natin ang mga kometa natin. ang drama! haha!

roland: ginagawa ko din yun lalo na nung nandun pa ako sa QC. sa bubong ako nakatambay sa gabi para mas kita yung mga bituin.

we all wish the same thing.

babalik ka na? wow. astig!